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The following list contains the suggested keywords for indexing your SEG submission by subject. We need your help to add definitions to the keywords.

To develop each article further, click the link and begin building or editing the existing page. Wikipedia serves as a good starting place for many of these articles. Learn more how to use Wikipedia and other wikis to contribute to the SEG Wiki.

In addition, use SEG publications, the SEG Digital Library, or your own research and expertise to add to any of the keywords, referencing where appropriate. Click on a word and contribute today.

2D 3-C 3D 4-C
4D 5D reconstruction acceleration sensors acoustic
acquisition adaptive subtraction Africa air gun
airborne survey algorithm aliasing amplitude
anisotropy Antarctica apparent resistivity aquifer
archaeology arrays artificial intelligence Asia
attenuation attributes Australia autofocusing
AVO/AVA azimuth basement beam
bed thickness blind deconvolution borehole geophysics boundary conditions
broadband bulk modulus Canada carbonate
case history CSEM Central America chaos
chronostratigraphy clastic coal coherency
common angle common conversion point common midpoint common offset
common receiver common shot compressional compressional wave (P-wave)
conductivity conical wave continuation converted wave
correlation crosscorrelation crosswell crustal structure
datuming data reconstruction deblending decomposition
deconvolution deepwater density depositional system
depth conversion depth migration development and production diagenesis
diffraction dip moveout (DMO) dispersion displacement
distributed systems divergence diving wave DMO
downhole receivers downhole sources downward continuation earthquake
economics effective elastic electrical/resistivity
electromagnetic elimination (SRME) microseismic engineering environmental
estimation Europe extensional extrapolation
facies faults fiber-optic sensors filtering
finite difference finite element fluid fluvial-deltaic
Fourier fractals fractures fracture stimulation
frequency-domain full-waveform inversion gas gathers
geology geomatics geophone geothermal
GPR GPS gravimeter gravity
groundwater Gulf of Mexico head waves heat flow
heterogeneous high-resolution high-velocity layer horizontal wells
hydrates hydrology hydrophones illumination
imaging impedance incompressibility induced polarization
induced seismicity integration interferometry internal multiples
interpolation interpretation invasion inversion
isotropic Kirchhoff K-L transform land
layered least squares least-squares migration life-of-field seismic (LoFS)
linear lithology log analysis logging
low frequency magnetic susceptibility mass transport complex magnetics
magnetization magnetometer magnetotelluric mapping
marine mathematical transform maximum entropy maximum likelihood
measurement while drilling (MWD) media incompressibility Mexico microseismic
Middle East migration minimum entropy minimum likelihood
mining modeling monitoring moveout
multiazimuth multicomponent multilinear algebra multiparameter
multiples navigation near surface neural networks
NMO noise nonlinear North America
North Sea nuclear nuclear magnetic resonance numerical
OBC oceanography ocean-bottom node offset
one-way optimization overthrust P-wave
paleomagnetism parallel particle-velocity sensors passive
permafrost permeability permanent reservoir monitoring (prm) phase
polarization pore pressure porosity poststack
pressure sensors prestack processing production
profiling programming properties Q
radial transform radiometrics radiation Radon transform
random ray tracing reciprocity reconstruction
reduced-rank filtering reflection reflectivity refraction
remote sensing reservoir characterization resistivity resistivity log
resolution reverse time migration risk rock physics
salt salt dome sampling sandstone
saturation scattering seafloor sediment
sedimentology seismic attributes seismic geomorphology seismic impedance
seismic stratigraphy sensors separation sequence stratigraphy
sequestration shale shale gas shallow
shear modulus shear wave (S-wave) signal processing simultaneous sources
sonic sources South America sparse
spectral analysis SRME (surface-related multiple elimination) stacking standards
statics statistics steep dip Stoneley wave
stratal slice stratigraphy strike-slip subbasalt
subsalt surface consistent surface nuclear magnetic resonance surface wave
survey design tectonics tensor tensor algebra
tensor completion thermal conductivity time-domain time-lapse
time migration time slice tomography transmission
traveltime TTI tube wave turbidite
turning ray two-dimensional ultrasonic unconsolidated
unconventional vector processing velocity analysis vertical seismic profile (VSP)
vibroseis viscoelastic visualization volcanics
VTI water water table wave equation
wave propagation wavelet wells workstation
wide azimuth (WAZ)