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What is

GEOPHYSICS source-code archive

Follow this link to a collection of source codes that accompany articles in the journal GEOPHYSICS.

Public 2D datasets

Follow this link to a collection of public datasets of exploration-geophysical interest available for free download. The same datasets are also available from the SEG website, their original home, but that way of downloading them is less preferred now. Note, the datasets have legal disclaimers and requirements attached. Before downloading datasets, first download their associated README files and agree with the restrictions you find there.

List of MD5 checksums for selected files on this site.

External Links

A formal definition of open-source software.

For a bit of history, check out the 2006 and 2012 EAGE workshops on open-source software.

Other sources of free exploration-geophysical software

Listing here does not constitute endorsement by the SEG or by the maintainer of this web page.

  • Madagascar (A GPL software package with a separated header / data format very similar to classic SEPlib, but rewritten from scratch. Madagascar includes an environment for creating and testing reproducible software experiments.)
  • CWP/SU Seismic Un*x Home Page (A free seismic processing system that uses an expanded SEGY-like data format.)
  • OpendTect (A free open-source seismic interpretation system. The core of the system is available under a GPL license. It is extendable with plugins, some of which require a commercial license.)
  • qiWorkbench (A processing environment originally from BHP Billiton that includes the bhpViewer as one component.)
  • Software from the Stanford Exploration Project (SEPlib, a data-cube-based seismic processing system, along with other miscellaneous software.)
  • The GeoCraft home page (A ConocoPhillips-heritage processing system designed to be a lightweight framework for rapidly prototyping and deploying new geoscience algorithms.)
  • The FreeUSP home page (An Amoco/BP-heritage processing system that uses an expanded SEGY-like data format.)
  • The Data Dictionary System (DDS) home page (An Amoco/BP-heritage processing system supporting high-dimensional flexible-format data files.)
  • ARCO heritage source code (The Arco SPARC processing system, and some reflectivity modeling codes.)
  • Computers and Geosciences journal software archive

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