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{{#category_index:S|saturation}} 1. The limiting value of a nonlinear quantity. 2. The maximum magnetization as the magnetic field is increased. 3. Apparent nonlinear resistivity or IP behavior due to large contrasts in electrical properties and extreme values of resistivity contrast. These conditions make it difficult to evaluate the true resistivity and IP effects of a body but easier to find its depth. 4. In induced-polarization measurements, the IP response sometimes varies nonlinearly with charging current, probably due to exceeding the current-density limit of the polarizable body. 5. The extent to which hue (q.v.) is dominant in a color. The deviation of a color from the grey axis on a color chart; see Figure C-7a. 6. Percentage of the pore space filled with a particular fluid (e.g., water saturation, oil saturation, gas saturation). 7. The nature of the fluid predominately filling pore spaces, oil, gas, or water (brine).