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This article outlines all you need to start contributing to the SEG Wiki. If you would like one-on-one help, please contact us.

Ten things you can do

Insider tip: SEG Wiki cheatsheet: all the most used wiki markups on one sheet.

  1. Read it — search for a topic that interests you (top right of your screen), and start exploring the content.[1]
  2. Share it — like most of the web, wikis need to be shared to survive. When you find something useful, share it and tag us @SEGWiki.
  3. Add a profile — after becoming a registered user of SEG, add your own page on the wiki to connect with others.
  4. Add a sandbox — add [[/Sandbox/]] or name it anything you like (e.g. [[/Andrew's test page/]]) to your user page (see #4), save page and then click on the red link that appears. Try some editing - you can do anything you like here and it does not impact the content on the main wiki.
  5. Copy edit biographies — check out these common editing tasks to get used to editing the wiki
  6. Reproduce research — explore the geophysical tutorials and reproduce the findings, and build on the research.
  7. Add a biography — know a major geoscientist missing from the wiki? Add it! Research and add biographies of geophysics experts and major contributors to the field.
  8. Add an image — add your own geoscience-related images to the wiki. Learn how to add your images.
  9. Add your Student Chapter — visit the Student Chapter help page to learn how to add your own Chapter. Check out the article template and these examples: SEG IIT Roorkee Student Chapter and Student Geoscientific Society Berlin & Potsdam.
  10. Volunteer - explore current volunteer opportunities with the SEG Wiki and join a growing community spreading knowledge to the world.

Note: We have recently updated the SEG Wiki and the look of the new site does not match the videos. All of the information is still relevant; however, instead of using the "Edit" tab, click on the "Edit source" tab.

General wiki help

  • The wiki help video series aims to provide you with the skills necessary to start contributing. Help videos on launching your own user page, growing articles in our biographies section, and advanced tutorials on improving Sheriff's Dictionary now available. Future videos are planned, so bookmark the playlist!
  • The Wikipedia Adventure: an interactive tutorial that walks you through all the basics - learn by doing!
  • Frequently asked questions: All the most asked wiki questions answered.
  • Using Wikipedia to add content to the SEG Wiki


  1. Ten ways to make a difference. Matt Hall. Agile* Geoscience. This list originated from the Agile* blog.

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Personalized support

  • Email the SEG Wiki team at wiki‐at‐ with your questions and comments or to set up a personalized chat session.
  • Connect with us on Twitter @SEGWiki and Facebook