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  • Pictures are good. Add pictures.
  • Don’t use figure reference numbers.
  • Add images right before the paragraph in which you reference them
  • The tidiest way to add any image is as a thumbnail: [[File:Deepwater_seismic_facies.png|thumb|My awesome picture explains everything!]]
  • If necessary, control size by adding |400px (pipe, with width in pixels)
  • If necessary, float left by adding |left (pipe left)
  • Use PNG formats; avoid BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG
  • Use sensible file names with underscores

Tutorial video

Image formatting

In most cases, the best way to add an image is as a thumbnail, using a line like this:

[[File:Example_image.png|thumb|The caption goes here. It can include links and references.]]

If the image is not already in the wiki, you will see a red link. Clicking on the link takes you to the Upload page, where you can upload the image.

This will make a small version of the image on the right-hand side of the page. In general, this line should go immediately before the mention of the image, so that it floats to the right of the mention.

By default the thumbnail will be 220 pixels wide. You can change how wide thumbnails appear for you in Special:Preferences. As a last resort, you can change the width of your thumbnail by adding a size:

[[File:Example_image.png|thumb|400px|The caption goes here. It can include links and references.]]

For tall, skinny images, it's a good idea to add 'upright', so that the image can be reduced in width, helping the page layout:

[[File:Example_image.png|thumb|upright|The caption goes here. It can include links and references.]]

Find images

The SEG Wiki needs help expanding its photos. Please use your own photos or use the following sites to find Creative Commons photos. Make sure the photo is allowed to be reused, pursuant to our wiki's CC-BY-SA license.

If attribution is required, add the appropriate information to the Summary when you upload the photo. Also in the Summary section, add a brief list of relevant articles where the picture could be added. Email wiki‐at‐ if you have any questions.

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