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If you are unsure how best to name a page, because there are lots of ways to refer to something, then redirects can help.

When you have selected a name, follow the general style for article names: use the singular form, use sentence case, and so on.

To create pointers to this article, so that searches and links will automatically transfer the user, and so that people are less likely to inadvertently create the same content over again, simply create new articles with only the following content:

#REDIRECT [[Target article]]

The easiest way to create these articles is to edit the URL. you will be taken to an empty page and given the opportunity to create it.

There is no penalty for redirects. Create as many as you like — they will help the user. However, please don't add redirects for plurals and other very closely related words or misspellings. Unless the misspelling is very common or simply an alternative (colored inversion vs coloured inversion, for example).

Renaming articles

You can rename an article by moving it — use the arrow to the right of the View, Edit, History, Star tabs. This creates a redirect automatically, so does not break any links.

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