Andrew Geary

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I am the SEG Publications Outreach and EVOLVE Program Manager. I am working with SEG staff, members, and volunteers to help enrich and improve the SEG Wiki content.

If you would like to learn how you can start contributing, please email me ageary‐at‐ or get started today.

Companies and professional affiliations

  • SEG
  • Wiki Committee
  • GWB

Expertise I can offer

  • Wikitext, general wiki questions
  • Volunteers, community building
  • Mediawiki software, extensions for Mediawiki

Wiki shopping list

  • Article for deletion/suggest for deletion template -
  • Create a minimum standard of article quality
  • Future list of extensions/upgrades
  • Wiki awards
    • What is in it for students? Building writing skills, grad school/careers, education; links to other things, broader world of WP
    • Clarify the criteria, at least explain why the criteria is vague
  • Students
    • Use SC posters created by SLS to input content pages
    • Segment of contest, small schools vs. large schools
  • How can we incorporate IRIS into the wiki?
  • Adding employees to wiki?
  • Good list of wiki pages, common editing tasks, and other help pages to explore