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Pick any of the common editing tasks listed below, e.g., adding one reference to a biography would be one completed task.

Common editing tasks

  1. Add {{DEFAULTSORT:Last name, First name}} to bottom of biographies
  2. Remove references and links in section headings
  3. Adding information to the infobox
    1. Look for text regarding universities, degrees, membership information, and current company to add to the infobox.
    2. The infobox at the top of the page will list all fields.
  4. Turning text into lists - numbers or bullets - where appropriate
  5. Improve spacing due to conversion from book to wiki
  6. Add the == References == section and {{reflist}} template if missing.
  7. Add the == External links == section and the {{search}} template at end of article.
    1. The external links and search template allow users to discover content on a variety of different websites, including the SEG Digital Library and Google Scholar.


Just like technical papers, wikis need citations and references if they are to be useful and trusted. Frequently, references will appear in the articles without the proper citations. This is the full list of references that appear in the Dictionary. Use this page to locate the missing full citations in the Dictionary articles.

The Q article has been fixed. Here are two that need to be fixed: anisotropy and tomography.

Note: References are more difficult to find since there is not a category listing all of the pages that need references. Many of the articles, including Dictionary figures, will need to have references added.

Explore biographies

User profile

Add your user profile.


Fix any of the mathematical equations in Sheriff's Dictionary. Most of the equations in the Dictionary are poorly formatted. This is due to the initial conversion process from book to wiki.

If you know LaTeX, or are willing to learn, you can help us fix them. The site that will help you fix these equations is CodeCogs. CodeCogs is a visual website that allows you to create the math code you need.

This article provides numerous examples of the proper math code. Visit this page for a list of articles that need fixed.


Add an article to the wiki's recommendation list.

Knowledge tree

This page outlines the main articles in the geosciences field. Add a few sentences for each item listed on the page or click on any of the links to begin expanding the articles. If you see any major topics missing, please add under its relevant heading. Wikipedia serves as a good starting place for links in red or topics that do not have a summary. This article template will also help you develop articles.


Find images and upload to the wiki.


Add links to existing articles. Seismic Data Analysis' articles are a great starting point.

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