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Things to think about when creating a new article.

  • The name should be as generic as possible for the content
  • Use the singular form.
  • Don’t use The, A or An as the first word
  • Use the shortest meaningful title you can — like an encyclopedia entry, not a journal article.
  • Use sentence case: [[Spectral decomposition]], not [[Spectral Decomposition]]. Upper case letters carry meaning (they signify proper nouns).
  • The content should match the name — no surprises
  • Don't use all caps, or attempt to use italics or bold.
  • Avoid using Greek characters, symbols, and the following characters: /, &, %, #, @, !, $, ^, *, +, =. Hyphens and apostrophes are okay.
  • Avoid using parentheses, except for disambiguation.
  • If there are multiple names for something, then use #REDIRECT

When you create a new article, please ensure that some other pages link to it by adding double brackets, i.e., [[New article]]. Please also ensure that you add any useful redirects.

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