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SEG Student Chapters empower students to spearhead projects that address issues, challenges, and opportunities related to SEG’s mission of promoting the science of geophysics.

Add your Student Chapter to the SEG Wiki today! Basic information on active student chapters are listed in alphabetical order (not all Chapters are listed). For those Student Chapters listed in red, we need your help in building your Chapter's page. If you are a member, former member, or knowledgeable of any of the chapters listed, please update the information on your page.

Actively maintaining your Chapter’s SEG Wiki is a great way to track activities throughout the year in order to more easily complete the required Student Chapter Report and Best Student Chapter Application. By adding to this a little each month, the end of the year report will be easier to complete.

Quick tip: Add your Student Chapter — visit the Student Chapter help page to learn how to add your own Chapter. Check out the article template and these examples: SEG IIT Roorkee Student Chapter and Student Geoscientific Society Berlin & Potsdam.

Read below to answer frequently asked questions and explore the wiki's Student Chapter help section for step-by-step instructions and wiki guides. Contact wiki‐at‐ for personalized support.

SEG student resources

Apply to SEP & SLS

Applications for the 2018 SEP Program and 2018 SLS Program can be found on the SEG website. The application deadline is 30 March 2018.

Frequently asked questions - SEG Wiki

For the complete list, visit frequently asked questions

What is the SEG Wiki?

The SEG Wiki is publicly accessible and editable to all users registered with SEG (registration is free). The contents of the wiki are dedicated to applied geophysics and the people and technology that support it. The wiki is maintained by the SEG Wiki Committee, volunteers, and readers from all over the world.

What is the primary purpose or goal of the SEG Wiki?

The goal of the SEG Wiki is: to expand the world’s knowledge of applied geophysics, to provide further details of ("layer") the science itself, and to engage emerging professionals in the field. Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition and Oz Yilmaz's Seismic Data Analysis seeded the SEG Wiki with its initial content. We encourage you to read, edit, and enhance the SEG Wiki. Add your layer to the science of applied geophysics today.

What are the best pages to look at to get an idea of the content in the wiki?

Open data is one of the most popular pages. In the spirit of open data there are the geophysical tutorials, published every two months in The Leading Edge. Matt Hall, an SEG member and geophysics consultant, serves as the editor of these tutorials.

Biographies are another great way to learn more about the field. Some biographies to explore:

We have been developing a list of topics to help build a basics of geophysics section on the wiki. This page – called adopt a page – outlines articles we would like to add or improve on the wiki. Here are some additional articles to explore:

What is the process for adding content to the wiki?

The first step is to search for the content you are looking to add (top right corner). If a page or similar topic comes up in the search results, click on the page and explore where your content best fits. And then click the Edit button and add your knowledge to the wiki. If you do not see a page, you will see a red link that will allow you to create a new page. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to the edit window where you can begin to add your information. Even a few sentences to get the topic started is a big help in growing the wiki. Learn more about creating articles.

How do I upload a file to the wiki? Is it ok to upload pictures? Images? Are these helpful?

Yes, we encourage the addition of images in the SEG Wiki. It's an area where we are excited to grow. When uploading images, it is important to remember that content, including photos and images should align with the CC-BY-SA license referenced in the next question.

To add an image to the SEG Wiki, ensure you are logged in and select upload file link in the Toolbox window (on the left-hand side of the homepage above the Apache logo). Select choose file and add a summary and click upload file. Once the image is uploaded, you’ll then need to link to that image from the necessary page. Navigate to the page you’d like to add the photo to and enter the following text:[[File: Farley Wiki UserPhoto.JPG|right|150px]] Replace “Farley Wiki UserPhoto.JPG” with the name of your file. Using “right” here right aligns the image and the “150px” defines its size. I like both as a default. Learn more on the images help page.

What is the easiest way to start contributing to the wiki?

Review the Ten things you can do.

Where do I go for help in editing the wiki?

We have a dedicated help page on the wiki for this very question. In addition, email wiki‐at‐ anytime for personalized help. You can also message us on Twitter or Facebook.