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Contribution options

The Wiki Meetup connects those passionate about the science of applied geophysics with the tools necessary to make lasting contributions. The SEG Wiki Meetup is a form of hackathon, or an event focused on shared development through community-led collaboration, that began during the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting in Houston. During the meetup, contributors join to build SEG Wiki pages, meet colleagues and peers, and advance geophysics around the world.


  • Adding historical and current biographies of geophysics experts and major contributors to the field
  • New biographies include but not limited to SEG authors, award winners, and past presidents
  • Goal: reach 1,000 biographies (920 as of 22 September 2017)


Core geophysical topics


Chronicle the history of SEG

  • Help organize and structure the history of SEG through the decades, starting in 1930


Translation of Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary

  • Join the ongoing translation of Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary
  • Learn more about the Spanish and Mandarin translation teams working on Sheriff's Dictionary
  • Watch this video for an overview of the translation process


Create your own profile

  1. To access your user page, first make sure to login to SEG's single sign-on system (SSO) using your login credentials
  2. Copy the wiki text below to create the template for your own user page.
  3. After copying the text, click here to paste the text (click on Create on top right).
    1. Visit Andrew's user page for a completed example.
  4. Add your own personal information under each category

Information can include:

  • Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations
  • Expertise, topics of interest
  • One question about the wiki
  • A photo (if you'd like)
{{DISPLAYTITLE:My name here}}
Insert introduction - name, job title, school, contact information, etc.

== Volunteer role, companies or professional affiliations ==

== Skills and interests ==

== Subject expertise ==

== One question for the SEG Wiki ==

== Sandboxes ==

TIP: To add additional sandboxes, change the name of the pages (no need to delete the original Sandbox page). For example, [[/Test 2/]], [[/AVO test/]], and so forth.

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