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  • Create a user profile
  • Identify definitions in need of references and figures – Add the necessary category tag to these definitions.
  • Add the dictionary template and external links search function to Sheriff’s Dictionary definitions.
  • Develop articles in the knowledge tree, a page designed to introduce the basics of geoscience.
  • Use the index, search bar, or knowledge tree article to update terms and articles.
  • Use the missing figures and missing references categories to add this missing information in Sheriff’s Dictionary.
  • Use the biographies listed below to improve formatting, grammar, references, and other key information.
  • Users discover and connect with content through internal cross-linking of terms. We need those familiar with the science to add '''[[double brackets]]''' around terms that are either:
    • currently absent from the wiki
    • are present and need to be cross-linked to other articles.

Creating your own profile

  • Add user page to the SEG Wiki
    • Companies and professional affiliations
    • Expertise, topics of interest
    • Definitions for Sheriff's
    • Question for SEG staff
    • Upload a photo (use images from Wikimedia Commons if you do not have a photo)
  • Copy text within box below and paste to your user page by clicking here. Click Create located on right of toolbar to enter the editing window.
{{DISPLAYTITLE:My name here}}
Insert introduction - name, job title, contact information.

==Companies and professional affiliations==

==Expertise I can offer==

==3 definitions that need updated in Sheriff's ''Dictionary''==

==One question for the SEG Wiki staff==

==Testing ground==

Improving Sheriff's Dictionary

Categories and sections

Add the following categories for missing references and missing figures.

[[Category:Missing references]]
[[Category:Missing figures]]

Add the following section when adding references.


Dictionary and search template

Copy the content below to add the Dictionary template to pages corresponding to Robert Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary. You will not need to change the pre-filled items in the template. Copy in its entirety.

{{Infobox dictionary 
 | title   = '''Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics'''
 | image   = [[File:SheriffsDictionary.jpg|frameless|180px]]
 | series  = [ Geophysical Reference Series]
 | author  = [[Robert E. Sheriff]]
 | doi     = 10.1190/1.9781560802969
 | pdf     = 
 | store   =
 | isbn    = 978-1-56080-118-4

Add the following section if missing from the article:

==External links==

Dictionary figures and references

Tips: This is the full list of references that appear in the Dictionary. Use this page to locate the missing full citations in the Dictionary articles.

Most of the figures do not appear in their entirely on the article. All of the figures for Sheriff’s Dictionary have captions. We will retain the captions when adding the figures to the Dictionary entries. It is possible that these figures will have the same issues as the dictionary entries: improper math and no references. I encourage you to address these issues in the figures as you see them.

Dictionary equations

Most of the equations in the Dictionary are poorly formatted. This is due to the initial conversion process from book to wiki. Use CodeCogs, a visual website that allows you to create the math code you need, to help with fixing or preparing equations.

Visit the category page, unformatted equations for a list of all articles that need fixed.

Tip: This article provides numerous examples of the proper math code.

Improving biographies

Biography examples

Biographies needing attention

Missing infobox information

These articles have infoboxes that lack any information, e.g., no degree or university information. Please contribute content by clicking on any article below and clicking "Edit." The infobox will appear at the top of the window. Start with the article's content for information you can add.