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Goal: Expand SEG Wiki biographies beyond contributors in North America

Idea: Expand bios by finding award winners from other respected geoscience organizations and book authors who have published with such an organization.

The simplest place to start may be to create a list of international geoscience organizations and determine if they award prizes and/or publish books. Then from this list begin working on expanding our biographies. Even looking internally at your own organization or university can be a good place to find worthy biographies.

Geoscience organizations

Possible biographies


Biography template

These pages represent a category, or collection, of biographies of well-known geophysicists or contributors to the field of geophysics. To add a page to this category, add the biography template at the beginning of an article.

{{Infobox biography
| surname = 
| image = [[File:INSERT FILE NAME|180px]]
| BSc =
| MSc =
| PhD =
| BSc university =
| MSc university =
| PhD university =
| Company =
| President year = 
| Membership = 
  • Add at bottom of page:
{{DEFAULTSORT:Last name, First name}}
  • See also biographies, the general overview page dedicated to biographical information.
  • We have begun to catalog the pioneers in this category by their local or regional society affiliations. The Geophysical Society of Houston is a great starting point. We need your help in building the GSH category and in launching other, regional society affiliations.
  • Women who have made substantial contributions to the geosciences should be included in the [[Category: Women in geoscience]].