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Position SEG EVOLVE Registered Mentor
When January 2020 - May 2020
Where Virtual with on-site opportunities
Reports to SEG EVOLVE Program Manager
Skills geosciences knowledge, software, workflows, project management, communication skills, copy writing, copy editing, organization, willingness to support students
Time commitment 4-8 hours a month
More info Apply online

The EVOLVE program offers students direct experience in conducting multidisciplinary subsurface integration projects using real-world seismic, wireline, core, production, and other data.

Using the iEnergy® Halliburton Landmark DecisionSpace Cloud Platform or locally-installed Petrel, Kingdom or DecisionSpace software, students utilize modern technology and through experiential learning recommend the “Best Investment Opportunity” in their assigned dataset.

Project management, teamwork skills, and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning, and production enhancement scenarios. The program also links experienced Mentors to student teams, empowering the participants to solve the types of realistic challenges the students will encounter when they start working. And mentors are an essential part of the SEG EVOLVE and a key for the program’s long-term success.

SEG seeks mentors to support the EVOLVE teams in a variety of ways, including:

  • Dataset expert
  • Subsurface Subject Matter Expert and Other Advisor (e.g., Economics, Operations)
  • Subsurface Workflow Specialist
  • Software Specialist
  • Local Advisor (case/case)
  • Communication Mentor (case/case)

For a review of EVOLVE and to learn more about the program, please read the cover story from December 2018’s The Leading Edge.

What does EVOLVE stand for?

E&P Value Creation using Online Collaboration and Leading-Edge Technologies for Virtual Internships with Extensive Mentoring

  • E&P
    • The focus of EVOLVE is oil and gas E&P.
  • Value Creation
    • We teach how to create new financial value in the E&P business.
  • Online Collaboration
    • We use the Cloud for technical integration of real-world multi-disciplinary datasets and collaboration between individuals and Teams.
  • Leading-Edge Technologies
    • We also use locally-deployed tools for technical analysis, volumetrics, risking and economics.
  • Virtual Internships
    • Participants learn as they would in a traditional internship, but participate virtually, while continuing their other activities.
  • Extensive Mentoring
    • Students interact with Mentors and fellow-students from around the world in weekly meetings over 6 months, while being able to get support anytime via online Q&A Boards monitored by experienced individuals with a wide range of technical backgrounds.

To learn more, please read the EVOLVE FAQ.

The goal of EVOLVE

EVOLVE prepares participants to launch and advance their careers in the rapidly developing and multidisciplinary geophysics profession by building their confidence and bringing them closer to the goal of becoming “fearless explorers.” The program incorporates the industry’s long established values by encouraging thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and stewardship of investors’ funds while maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity. EVOLVE establishes a noncompetitive team environment that fosters collaboration and global participation.

Benefits of being an SEG EVOLVE Registered Mentor

  1. Registered SEG EVOLVE Mentors would be listed in TLE on an annual basis.
  2. The SEG website would list all of the Registered Mentors and a link could lead to their biography and picture.
  3. Each Registered Mentor would be given a Registered Mentor number and receive a standard business card that includes their unique Mentor Number.
  4. Mentors would receive a Certificate and lapel pin documenting their relative experience level and the fact that they are registered.
  5. Mentors would receive credits for certain training materials from SEG and SEG EVOLVE partner.
  6. Mentors would have the opportunity to review the datasets being used by students using the software licenses available at the SEG EVOLVE office in Houston.
  7. Registered Mentors would be eligible to be selected by SEG EVOLVE Professional Partners (latter program is for oil/service companies’ employees with less than 10 years-experience)

Mentor categories

Dataset Expert

Knowledge of geology, plays, wells, seismic, business context, state of exploration in the current EVOLVE datasets. Does not require any specific software skills. Optional: On a case/case basis, a Mentor may be assigned to work with an EVOLVE team on a regular basis. The Mentor would work closely with the EVOLVE Technical Coordinator during the five-month program duration.

Subsurface Subject Matter Expert and Other Advisor (e.g., Economics, Operations)

Global expertise in their technical specialty with preferably some experience in the dataset area. Examples include basin modelling, seismic acquisition and processing, seismic interpretation, reservoir engineering and economics. Does not require any specific software skills, although familiarity with tools related to the discipline is a plus. Will be called upon as requested and could be called on to support several teams. Each interaction with a team will be based on specific questions and thus may be relatively short.

Subsurface Workflow Specialist

Ability to translate subsurface technical objectives into a series of technical steps that can be executed on most modern workstations. Experience with many different software packages is a plus, but not required to be an expert in any single software. Will be involved in initial stages of project workflows and could be called upon at various stages of the project to recommend additional workflows.

Software Specialist

Extensive experience and high level of familiarity with the "buttons" and workflows of a specific software package. The primary needs will be related to Landmark DecisionSpace, IHS Kingdom and Schlumberger Petrel software. Other software may be added if approved by the Technical Committee. Specialist would be involved in initial stages of project to test, execute or recommend workflows and would be called upon at various stages of the project to recommend additional software workflows.

Local Advisor (case/case)

The Advisor, located in the team's city, would a communication channel to the EVOLVE Technical Coordinator and would work with the team’s Faculty Advisor. Will be assigned to one team during the project duration (approximately 5 months) and will have regular and close interactions with that team. Companies in the vicinity of the team could be encouraged to provide an individual to play this role.

Communication Mentor (case/case)

Speaks the native language of the team and English fluently. Encourage and support development of English skills. Provide support for mid-project and final presentations. Would be assigned to one team during the project duration (approximately 5 months) and will have regular and close interactions with that team.

Note on data

We are using three datasets: Gulf of Mexico Shelf Vermilion, Dutch North Sea, and New Zealand 2D. Additional datasets may be added.


  • Technical knowledge in one or more of the following fields: geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, rock physics, petrophysics, workflows, software, communication
  • Self-motivated, possess good organizational skills, detail-oriented, ability to prioritize, and answer team questions in a timely manner
  • Action oriented - pursues work with energy; perseveres especially in the face of resistance or setbacks
  • Teamwork - encourages collaboration by fostering open dialogue; defines success in terms of the whole team; finds common ground and solves problems for the good of all areas of SEG; represents his/her own interests while exercising fairness to others; shares successes
  • Communication - provides timely information so that accurate decisions can be made; practices attentive and active listening; conveys information and ideas clearly and positively; both in oral and written communication
  • Problem solving and decision making - uses sound logic and methods to solve problems and develop effective solutions; looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answer; makes good decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment


A well-defined Mentor criterion will be beneficial for participants as a way to “give back” to their profession and some may wish to document on their CV’s.

Support the next generation of geoscientists
Work with teams utilizing real data on top-of-the-line, cloud software. Get a head start on the future of the industry.
Recommendation letters, networking opportunities
Recommendations provided to excellent volunteers (e.g., LinkedIn recommendations). Volunteers will also have the opportunity to network with SEG members, the SEG EVOLVE Technical Committee, and other volunteers.
Benefits for industry
  • A unique and modernized model for early asset-based learning
  • Modernized software, data platforms, and work practices
  • New and agile approaches to improve and enhance workflows
  • Accelerated contribution from early-career professionals and new hires
  • Focused, persistent collaboration between academia, associations, and industry
  • Access to a pool of trained individuals familiar with E&P practices
  • Recognition by industry and SEG
Eligibility to participate in SEG EVOLVE Professional
Once Mentors are Registered, they will be eligible to be selected as Mentors for the SEG EVOLVE Professional program. The list of Mentors will be routinely updated and circulated to the SEG EVOLVE Professional partners who will manage the program for oil/service company employees, generally with less than 10 years’ experience. There is no guarantee of participation in SEG EVOLVE Professional since needs may vary among partners, depending on their clients, and the location of the datasets that will be used for each. Companies considering participating in SEG EVOLVE Professional are expected to ask questions about the Mentors. These could be related to Technical background, Levels of Industry experience, and experience working in EVOLVE. It will be important to show such potential clients that we have an organized system to have high quality Mentors, train them in EVOLVE, and track their progress.

The approach described above will help establish credibility for EVOLVE Professional and increase the likelihood of companies choosing to participate.

SEG values all service and will work to ensure that volunteers receive a learning experience that fits career and learning goals.

Mentor Orientation and Selection

Prospective Mentors can be recommended by Technical Committee members, SEG staff, Registered Mentors and Guest Mentors. The SEG Manager, Andrew Geary, would present in person or via ZOOM an introductory PowerPoint that summarizes the program curriculum, timing, responsibilities, etc. This would allow individuals to decide whether this Program is of interest to them.

Assuming a candidate wishes to proceed, he/she would meet with one or more of the following to discuss the technical aspects of the role: Allen Bertagne, Jenny Thompson, Dean Mento or Mike Forrest. This could be done in person or virtually. Individuals who live in Houston would be encouraged to visit the SEG EVOLVE office to get more familiar with the software licenses, the data, past teams, etc.

If the prospective candidate wishes to continue, the “SEG representative” that met with them would make a recommendation for the person to be accepted and propose a category for the Mentor (see below) The SEG Manager will inform and train the new Mentor about SEG Basecamp which is extensively used in communications with SEG EVOLVE leadership, the Mentors and the students.

Upon acceptance, a Mentor would be added to the Master Mentor Spreadsheet that is used by the Program Manager, Technical Committee, Technical Coordinator and others.

Starting the Mentoring

After orientations and acceptance, the new Mentors can attend any of the following:

  • Kick off Meetings (KOM)
  • Global Team Meetings (GTM)
  • Mid Project Presentation (MPP)
  • Final Project Presentations (FPP)
  • Annual Meeting Events
  • Basecamp discussion Board


Mentors will become registered when they have done the following for two consecutive years of SEG EVOLVE (can be accelerated on a case/case basis) and approved by the Technical Committee.

  • Attended at least 2 KOMS (approx. 4 hours, total)
  • Attended at least 2 Global Team Meetings (approx. 4 hours, total)
  • Attended at least 4 Mid Projects Presentations (approx. 8 hours total)
  • Attended at least 4 Final Project Presentations (approx. 8 hours total)
  • Participation in the Annual Meeting events is an optional “replacement” for one of the lines above
  • Taken at least 4 hours of online training offered by SEG & Partners (4 hours total)

Mentor Level

Since experience is critical in our industry, we should recognize different “Levels” of Mentors based on their career length:

  • Level 1: 1 – 10 years
  • Level 2: 10 – 20 years
  • Level 3: 20 – 30 years
  • Level 4: 30 + years

The Mentor Level will be incorporated on each individual’s unique SEG EVOLVE Mentor number and stated on their Mentor Business Card and updated for each future EVOLVE participating year.


  • The SEG EVOLVE program has broken all stereotypes of what well-rounded explorationist training should look like. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for future oil and gas professionals. It is a first of its kind in the degree of professionalism, technical challenge, real-life situations, noncompetitive learning environment, and peer and mentor support that it offers. I believe that EVOLVE is a rising star among diverse SEG programs. It brings value to both students and employers alike. By offering unique skill-building and recruitment opportunities, EVOLVE has helped give back to the oil and gas community. Simply put, EVOLVE is yet another reason to be involved with SEG. Olga Nedorub, Geophysicist at Apache Corporation, SEG EVOLVE Technical Committee chair
  • The value of EVOLVE to participating students is immense. They gain exposure to real-world data, top-class mentors, industry-leading software, and critique and direction that no other industry/academia consortium can provide. There is no pressure or competition between teams to worry about, just learning and collaboration with team members and experienced industry consultants just a phone call or email away. This phenomenal learning experience is unmatched in any earth sciences industry program. Dean Mento, P.G. Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, IHRDC

How to apply

To become a volunteer for the SEG EVOLVE program, apply at the Volunteer Opportunities page. Once there follow these steps:

  1. Select “SEG EVOLVE Registered Mentor"
  2. Scroll through the opportunities and select “Apply Now” to the job you wish to be considered for.
  3. Complete the required fields and submit your application.

NOTE: If you are not logged in to the system, you will be prompted to login prior to applying.

Important information

SEG core values

Culture is the heart and soul of an organization’s identity. Who they are, what they aspire to become, how they want to be perceived. These represent how we should treat each other as well as how we execute here at SEG. We would request our volunteers aspire to these core values.

  1. Integrity – acting with honesty and purpose. We hold each other accountable, act with conviction, and speak truthfully.
  2. Service – working to help others. Whether working with others inside or outside the organization, we are a service organization and will get the job done.
  3. Respect – treating everyone with dignity. Regardless of our job description, department, or company, everyone here is on the same mission and should be treated with respect and dignity.
  4. Teamwork – collaborating for shared success. If we don’t work together, we won’t see success. Success requires teamwork! We don’t assign blame, but work to solve the problem and help prevent it from reoccurring.
  5. Communication – clear, consistent, and credible to everyone who is involved. What we communicate and to whom is equally as important.