2005-0001: Titest and Orthotest

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  • Download: 2005-0001.tar.gz (UNIX tar.gz format, 18734 bytes); 2005-0001.zip (Winzip format, 37147 bytes)
  • Description: Programs for finding the nearest VTI and Orthorhombic medium to an arbitrary set of 21 stiffness constants
  • Language and environment: ANSI C
  • Author(s): Joe Dellinger
  • Title: Computing the optimal TI approximation of a general elastic tensor
  • Citation: Joe Dellinger (2005). ”Computing the optimal transversely isotropic approximation of a general elastic tensor.” GEOPHYSICS, 70(5), I1-I10. http://dx.doi.org/10.1190/1.2073890