Spanish translation volunteer: 8-14 April 2019

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Position Wiki Spanish translator
When 8-14 April 2019
Where Wherever you are
Reports to Spanish translation Team Leader; SEG Publications Outreach Manager
Skills fluent in English and Spanish, geoscience education (preferred), copy writing, copy editing, organization, willingness to learn to edit the wiki
Time commitment 2 hours
More info Apply online

The SEG Wiki Spanish translation project and the SEG seek volunteers to complete the translation of Robert Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 4th edition into Spanish. Join over 65 volunteers that have already contributed and help the SEG complete this important project during the week of 8-14 April.

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As of 3 March 2019, 6,228 words have been translated (92 percent complete), with over 45,500 edits. To reach 100%, we are bringing all past and current volunteers – as well as new volunteers – together during the week of 8-14 April to help us finish Sheriff’s book. Volunteers have been working on this project for two years, and we believe this translation project will benefit the Spanish-speaking and SEG communities for years to come. And we would be happy if you joined us to help us reach 100%!

See an example of the translation project!


From 8-14 April, volunteers will be:

  • Assigned a set of words with wiki links provided
    • Word assignments - Google Sheets
    • Please update the "Translated" column with "Yes" when you complete translation
  • Google Docs - common translation errors, resources, and additional volunteer options

There are around 600 words to translate. We also have advanced editing options for those that want an extra challenge or want to learn a new skill. This includes:

  • translating and adding figures to the wiki
  • translating and adding tables to the wiki

Orientation sessions

Along with the SEG Wiki Spanish Team Leaders, SEG hosted two online learning sessions the week of 25 March. We recorded these sessions and they can be viewed below. These sessions went over volunteer expectations and provided a live translation demo. Questions were also asked throughout the presentations.

Recording of the first Wiki Spanish Translation Orientation sessions (26 March). Session led by Raul Cova (Spanish Team Leader) and Andrew Geary (SEG). The live translation demo starts at 13:24.

Recording of the second Wiki Spanish Translation Orientation sessions (27 March). Session led by Brenda Monsalve, Reinaldo Michelena (Spanish Team Leaders) and Andrew Geary (SEG). This session included more questions from volunteers. If you would like to see a live translation demo, please watch the video from 26 March.

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Volunteer for two hours during the week of April 8-14 and/or complete your assigned words.
  • Volunteers can translate at any time. It does not have to be at a set time or all at once.
  • Ensure translation is clear, concise, and accurate.
  • Ask questions to the Spanish Team Leaders and the SEG. If volunteers cannot join open hours with Team Leaders, leave a note in the Discussion tab of this page.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently with SEG and the Team Leaders on your progress or with any questions.
  • See translation workflow for a written overview and videos of the translation process in the SEG Wiki
  • Watch this video for an overview of the translation process (updated 13 January 2017)

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