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Creating your own profile

  • Add user page to the SEG Wiki
    • Companies and professional affiliations
    • Expertise, topics of interest
    • One question about the wiki
    • One new page idea for the wiki
    • A photo (if you'd like)
  • Copy source code from Andrew’s sandbox, and paste to your own user page
    • To access your user page, first make sure to login to SEG's single sign-on system (SSO) using your login credentials
    • Then, visit your user page
    • Add your own personal information under each category

For more wiki help

Biography examples

Training opportunities

Name Bio link
Adrienne White Milford R. Lee
Alicia Ruby Paul Fowler
Ashley Ash Sofia Davydycheva
Barbara Cartwright Mary L. Fleming
Becky Keith Klaas Koster
Bernadette Ward Samuel Gray
Cori Stallings Alan G. Green
Diane Pressel L. C. (Lee) Lawyer
Dylan Fehrle William N. Barkhouse
Elsa Velasco Cezar Iacob
Erin Nelson Beno Gutenberg
Heather Walke T. J. Moser
Jan Madole Michael C. Forrest
Jennifer Cobb Laurence Nicoletis
John Meade Tamas Nemeth
Johnna Yoder Miller Quarles Jr.
Julie Rhoden O. F. Ritzmann
Kellee Francis Arnold Romberg
Kristina Biggs Joshua (Shuki) Ronen
Laurie Whitesell Sabba S. Stefanescu
Linda Ford Gerard Thomas Schuster
Rhonda Jacobs Benjamin F. Rummerfield
Rhonda McFee Susan Mastoris Peebler
Rowena Mills Ilya Tsvankin
Sara Smith Gary G. Servos
Susan Stamm J. Edward Snyder

Helpful links

Content requested by geophysicists

  • Documenting open datasets - Open data
  • The basics of seismic interpretation
  • The basic equations of geophysics
  • Summaries of classic papers (e.g., most cited papers in Geophysics and TLE)
  • Microseismic (hot topic generally)
  • Borehole geophysics (same)

New wiki page ideas

  1. Writing for SEG - Jennifer Cobb - add a description of this page here
  2. Your idea here - Your name - short description of the page here

Other Biographies needing attention