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Susan Mastoris Peebler
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Membership Life Member

Susan Mastoris Peebler is being awarded Life Membership for exceptional service to the Society in a succession of roles, all of which have had a major impact on SEG’s present and future financial structure. These include SEG Secretary-Treasurer (2004-05); Trustee Associate (since 2005); chairman, SEG Online Committee (2006-07); chairman, Finance and Audit Committee (2005-06); member, SEG Foundation Board of Directors (since 2006); and member, Publications Policy Board (2006-08).

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by Terry Young

A professional society gets its identity from the people it attracts as members. It gets things done through the voluntary efforts of those members. And a professional society is able to do great things when individual members voluntarily render extraordinary service. Some great things that SEG has accomplished recently are the result of extraordinary contributions by Susie Peebler. When SEG members are elected to the Executive Committee, most serve for a satisfying but fleeting term of one year. Those elected as Secretary-Treasurer are exceptions. During their year on the Executive Committee, they simultaneously serve on the Finance Committee and when that first year is over, they serve for two more years on the Finance Committee. For most this is a huge commitment on top of their “day job.” To take on more responsibilities is unthinkable.

Susie Peebler was elected Secretary-Treasurer for 2004-2005, at a time when corporations were pre-occupied with the increased fiscal due-diligence required to meet the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. Although the legislation was not aimed at nonprofit organizations, SEG was inclined to adopt similar best practices in the management of its finances. Therefore, Susie served on, and chaired, the Finance Committee during the period when it morphed into the Finance and Audit Committee, and she made a significant contribution to our financial governance.

While serving on the Executive Committee, Susie developed a vision for what the Society needed to offer on the Internet, and she became the leading advocate for transforming SEG’s identity and activities online. Susie realized that, in today’s global marketplace, what SEG did with its Web site would be a most important factor affecting its future. Development of great Web sites requires significant investment over a long period. At a time when Susie was wearing one hat as spokesperson for fiscal responsibility, she donned another to lead the charge for complete overhaul of SEG’s online activity. She advocated effectively for the sustained, large-scale expenditure required for SEG to have a high-impact presence on the Internet, in order to serve more effectively its global constituency. It is only half the battle to argue for a good cause and win the necessary financial commitment. The other half is to find someone with the willingness and talent to lead the effort.

On top of her other responsibilities, Susie agreed to chair SEG’s newly redefined Online Committee, so she could provide not only a sustained vision, but also the contagious, enthusiastic leadership needed to make SEG Online a successful venture.

An undertaking as large as SEG Online required a higher level of alignment and teamwork between the leadership of the Society and the leadership of the Society’s Foundation. One way to achieve that alignment was for leaders in the Society to serve on the SEG Foundation Board and for SEG Foundation Board members to work more closely with the SEG Executive Committee and the Finance and Audit Committee. In addition to everything else Susie was doing, she agreed to serve on the Foundation Board. She joined at a time when it was revving up its capital campaign. Since Susie doesn’t do things half way, she also joined the Campaign Cabinet to help lead the fundraising effort. Together with her husband, Bob, Susie was instrumental in acquiring large leadership gifts that set the stage for a successful campaign. Susie not only participated in efforts to solicit donations from other individuals and major corporations, she and her husband contributed financially to the campaign, designating their gift—you guessed it—to support SEG Online.

Susie’s life reflects a consistency where vision, passion, energy, and personal contributions are all aligned to make an important difference. SEG has benefited greatly from the fact that, on top of her full-time work at Touchstone Energy Ventures, Susie voluntarily rendered extraordinary service to the Society in several complementary roles—any one of which, by itself, was a significant commitment. Her unselfish contributions have propelled SEG toward achievement of greater things.

It is therefore both an honor and a pleasure for the Society to bestow special recognition in the form of Life Membership.

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