Reflectivity versus water saturation

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Problem 5.8

What shale velocities are consistent with the Figure 5.8a oil-sand data?


We determine velocities and reflectivities for two values of water saturation for each of the three depths, neglecting differences between sand and shale densities. Setting , equation (3.6a) becomes

Figure 5.8a.  Effect of water saturation on velocity (i) and reflectivity (ii) (after Domenico, 1974). Solid curves are for gaseous, dashed curves for liquid hydrocarbons.
Table 5.8a. Oil-sand data from Figure 5.8a.
Depth Water saturation
610 m 30% –0.08 1.7 km/s 2.0 km/s
70 –0.03 1.8 1.9
1830 30 –0.10 2.3 2.8
70 –0.07 2.4 2.8
3050 30 –0.10 2.7 3.3
70 –0.07 2.8 3.2

From Figures 5.8a(i,ii) we obtain the data in Table 5.8a for oil sands. These are plotted as triangles on Figure 5.6a.

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