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These items have been cataloged and maintained by the Geophysical Society of Houston (GSH). Special thanks to Bill Gafford, Ed Lengel, and Karl Schleicher for making it possible to add these items to the SEG Wiki.

Many of the items listed can be viewed at the Geoscience Center and Museum in Houston, TX.

About the Geoscience Center & Museum

The GSH has established a Geoscience Center and Museum in West Houston. This facility is used to store, maintain and refurbish geophysical artifacts in the museum collection that are not presently on display at other locations. Additionally, the Center holds workshops for teachers and includes resources to create interactive displays, hands-on activities, educational materials for school career days, classroom presentations, scouting fairs, science fairs, or other opportunities for interaction with students. For more information or to serve on the GSH Museum committee, please contact Bill Gafford at [email protected] or at 281-620-6156.


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