Blaster Capacitor Shooter (OSIES)

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Item Blaster Capacitor Shooter (OSIES)
Item code
Description Digital Shooter
Manufacturer Orica
Circa 2001
Donor Ed Lengel
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG2119

(used to fire the shot) Is connected to the conventional seismic shooting system via the Oseis™ trigger cable. The Oseis™ Shooter is protected by a personalized identification number (PIN) to prevent use by unauthorized personnel. Oseis™ Detonators can only be programmed and fired by Oseis™ Shooters, which provide the required firing energy and digital information. The final firing command to the Oseis™ Detonator is given by the Oseis™ Shooter upon receipt of a dedicated trigger signal. The trigger signal is sent by the firing command from a conventional seismic shooting system. The time between receipt of the trigger signal to the detonator firing is a constant 20 ms +/– 0.075 ms.

GSH IMG2119.jpg