Boat Model Casey Chouest

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Item Boat Model Casey Chouest
Item code
Description Single Streamer
Manufacturer Chouest
Donor Chouest
Location Bureau of Economic Geology - The University of Texas at Austin
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH699

In the early morning of 31 January 1996, Casey Chouest, an offshore research vessel engaged in seismic survey operations, was in the prospect area known as Snark 3D, close to Thevenard Island in Western Australia. At about 0700, the fire alarm panel in the wheelhouse indicated a fire in the seismic compressor room space and smoke could be seen coming from the vents. The crew and seismic staff mustered and closed down the space, starving the fire of oxygen and applying boundary cooling; eventually extinguishing the fire in the space. However, heat from the fire was conducted through the uninsulated steel bulkhead igniting combustible material stored against the common bulkhead in an adjacent space. The burning fuel in the bilge flowed to the starboard aft corner of the seismic machinery room, against the space in the reel-room where large numbers of oil filter elements were stored in cardboard cartons. These stores were ignited by heat conducted through the uninsulated steel bulkhead. The fire was extinguished at about 1045, approximately 3 hours after the first alarm.