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The History of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a history of the people who created exploration geophysics and the technologies they created intertwined with global events. The SEG grew from a handful of members of a local society based in Houston into a great international organization.

Reach for the Future

2014 SEG Wiki expands

SEG's Annual Meeting drew drew 8,540 attendees, featuring a technical program with 993 papers presented—589 oral, 119 paper posters, and 285 e-posters.

2013 SEG's Annual Meeting drew 11,015 attendees, the largest registration since 1999.

The meeting featured a record technical program with 992 papers presented—624 oral, 176 paper posters, and 192 e-posters.

2012 SEG approves a new journal INTERPRETATION co-published with AAPG.

SEG opened a Middle East Office in Dubai and launched a new journal INTERPRETATION, which it will copublish with AAPG

2011 New SEG Bylaws approved.

New SEG Bylaws were approved through a vote of Active Members and call for a Board of Directors with at least 14 voting members serving multiple-year terms.

2010 Governance reform proposal narrowly defeated.

A governance-reform proposal that would have established an 18-member board of directors as SEG's primary governing body is narrowly defeated by the SEG Council. Steven H. Davis is selected as the Society's executive director, replacing Mary L. Fleming, who retired.

2009 Despite a worldwide recession, SEG's Annual Meeting in Houston drew strong attendance.

SEG's Annual Meeting in Houston drew more than 9,200 delegates and filled four exhibit halls with technical session posters and exhibits.===

2008 SEG opens its first office outside of the United States in Beijing, China.

SEG opened its first office outside the United States in Beijing, China, on 3 April. The SEG Foundation exceeded its US$15 million campaign goal, celebrating pledges totaling more than US$17 million during a celebration at the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, USA. At year's end, pledges totaled US$17 232.410. SEG membership exceeded 33,000.

The SEG Museum in Tulsa is mothballed.

2007 The SEG Foundation launches a major gifts campaign intended to attract young people into geophysics.

The SEG Foundation launched a US$15 million major-gifts campaign, "Advancing Geophysics Today, Inspiring Geoscientists for Tomorrow," aimed at accelerating the rate of geophysical innovation and knowledge transfer and attracting more young people to careers in the geosciences.

2006 SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans, one year after Hurricane Katrina

SEG held a highly successful Annual Meeting in New Orleans barely a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. Membership exceeded 27,000 late in the year.

2005 75th Anniversary of SEG

SEG marked its 75th anniversary with celebrations at section meetings throughout the world, a special publication, retrospective journal articles, a video about geophysics and the Society, an extra distinguished lecture, historical photos on the SEG Web site, and special exhibits at the Annual Meeting in Houston. Membership surpassed 25,000 late in the year.

2004 SEG adopts a three-tiered dues structure.

To address income disparity among geophysicists around the world, the Council approved a three-tiered dues structure that allows Active membership at all three levels. Membership approaches 23,000.

2003 The majority of members of SEG live outside the United States.

SEG membership exceeds 20,000 for the first time, and a majority of members lives outside the United States.

2002 A 4th edition of Sheriff's Dictionary published as Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics

The fourth edition of SEG's all-time best-selling book, retitled Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics to reflect the increasingly diverse employment of the membership, is published. Attendance at the Annual Meeting is disappointing, probably because of the out-of-the-mainstream venue (Salt Lake City) and the travel restrictions imposed after the terrorist attacks a year earlier. However, the meeting has one of the all-time magical moments of any SEG convention—the multimedia presentation of Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, which wows hundreds of junior high students and experienced geoscientists.

2001 SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio

The SEG Executive Committee authors a strategic vision of the future of geophysics and SEG's role in it. While SEG's Annual Meeting is under way in San Antonio, the terrorist attacks of September 11 take place. The meeting proceeds with only minor disruptions. Mary L. Fleming, director of programs at the American Statistical Association, is selected executive director in December.

2000 SEG Annual Meeting held in Calgary.

SEG Annual Meeting returns to Calgary for the first time since 1977. This is only the third time the meeting has been held outside the United States. Sally Zinke becomes the first woman to hold the office of SEG President. The increasing percentage of members residing outside the U.S. causes the International Affairs Committee to be radically restructured and renamed the Global Affairs Committee. Membership: 16,894.

1990-1999: International Society

1999 SEG Annual Meeting in Houston draws highest number of attendees since 1987

Despite a turbulent year in the petroleum industry, the Annual Meeting in Houston drew 11,103 attendees, and there were 1,276 booth sales—second-highest total ever. Also, paid membership grew to nearly 16,000, the highest total since 1987. A major redesign of the SEG Web site was completed, and an equipment donation from Sun Microsystems helped prepare SEG for a bold digital future.

1998 All-time record of booths sold for the Annual Meeting in New Orleans. SEG Museum reorganized.

An all-time record of 1,457 booths were sold for the Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The SEG Museum was reorganized by the addition of a Virtual Museum and Traveling Museum to the existing museum in Tulsa. The Distinguished Educator program was launched and Robert R. Stewart of the University of Calgary was chosen as the first honoree. A new logo was adopted by the Council to reflect the Society's increasingly international nature.

1997 The SEG Distinguished Instructor program inaugurated.

The Distinguished Instructor program was inaugurated, wherein a selected individual presents a short course in various sites around the globe. The first instructor is Ian Jack. A constitutional amendment was approved which increased the membership of the Nominations Committee from the historical three most recent past-presidents by four members to be selected by a prescribed method from the Sections and Associated Societies.

1996 SEG Online is moved internally to SEG headquarters.

The donation of a Sun Netra Webserver to SEG by Sun Microsystems allowed the Web site to be moved to the Business Office, enabling the entire Internet operations to be done in-house.

1995 Expanded Abstracts of the Annual Meeting offered on CD Rom.

A CD-ROM of the Expanded Abstracts of that meeting was offered at the Annual Meeting in Houston.

1994 SEG Membership numbers begin to recover. GEOROM includes TLE and Sheriff's Dictionary

A nine-year decline in membership was interrupted when gains were shown in each category of membership. GEOROM was expanded to include selected articles from The Leading Edge plus Sheriff's Dictionary, The Cumulative Index, and Expanded Abstracts from the Annual Meeting. An SEG Home Page, hosted by Stanford University and maintained by volunteers led by Brian Spies, was established.

1993 The SEG GEOROM containing GEOPHYSICS issues from 1936-1992 produced.

GEOROM, a set of CD-ROMs containing fifty-seven volumes of Geophysics – 1936-1992 – fully searchable, was produced. The mortgage on SEG's building, the Geophysical Resource Center, was retired.

1992 Midyear SEG Meeting held in Moscow

Successful midyear meeting held in Moscow. Record income of just under $7 million for the year.

1991 SEG Executive Committee approve annual mid-year meetings in venues outside of the United States.

Attendance at the 61st Annual Meeting in Houston was 10,670. The Executive Committee adopted a policy of holding a midyear meeting annually in a venue outside North America.

The SEG Foundation Trustee Associates (and spouses) held its first annual meeting at the Marriott Grand Hotel in Pointe Clear, Alabama on the east side of Mobile Bay. Efforts by Publications Committee Chairman Stan Ward beginning in 1989 resulted in publications sales in 1991 to total a staggering US$903 813. Increase of US$10 in membership dues as of 1/1/91. New publications in 1991: Investigations in Geophysics 3: Electromagnetic Methods in Applied Geophysics, Vol. 2: Applications, M. N. Nabighian, Editor; 5: Geotechnical and Environmental Geophysical, Vols I-III, Stan Ward, editor; 6: Multicomponent Seismology in Petroleum Exploration, R. H. Tatham M. D. McCormack; Proceedings of First Archie Conference; Geophysical Developments 2: Seismic Modeling of Geologic Structure, S. W. Fagin, editor; 3: Expert Systems in Exploration, F. Aminzadeh/M. Simaan, editors; Geophysical References 1: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics, 3rd edition, R. E. Sheriff; Geophysics Reprints 14: Slant Stack Processing, G. H. F. Gardner/L. Lu, Editors; Course Notes 3 and 4; Slide Sets 25-28. Student Section Academic Liaison Committee published an earth science poster targeted at high school students. March TLE cover story featured Maurice Ewing. Continuing Education Program now offers 35 courses. Martin C. Kelsey recieved SEG Gold Certificate and Martin C. Kelsey Jr. recieved SEG Silver Certificate, the only father-son duo so honored in the same year. Some 2.5% of membership returned questionnaire in April TLE on a survey on digital publications. Sustaining Membership in SEG was eliminated in light of new category Corporate Trustee Associates; Exxon Production Research initiated this area of support by donating US$20 000 to the SEG Foundation. Casper Geophysical Society inactive. Agreement completed between SEG and Assn of Exploration Geophysicists (India). Spring 1991 Distinguished Lecturer: Larry Lines; Fall Lecturer: Alistair Brown. Engineering/Groundwater Committee discussed becoming a section of SEG. 59 scholarships totaling US$76 560 awarded. Reduced fees allowed Student Members attending continuing education courses.

Meetings/Conferences/Symposia: 44th Annual SEG Midwest Exploration Meeting/Exposition, Tulsa, 611 attended ... 7th Annual SEG Gulf Coast Exploration/Development Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans; 608 registered ... 8th Annual SEG Summer Workshop, St. Louis (MO) ... 20th Annual Meeting, IAGC, Houston ... 66th Annual Meeting of SEG/AAPG/SEPM/SPWLA Pacific Sections, Bakersfield, CA ... 23rd OTC, Houston; attendance up 9% over 1990 to 34 242 ... 8th Conference/Exhibition of ASEG/Geological Society of Australia Exploration Symposium ... 6th Annual Meeting: Houston Geotech '91: Integration into the 90s (cosponsor, Geophysical Society of Houston) ... 61st Annual International SEG Meeting, Houston attracted 10 670; Hugh Hardy was general chairman; Fred Hilterman, Technical Program chairman renamed Poster Papers "Mini Workshops"; 339 exhibitors in 1171 booths ... Mini Geo Exposition 1991 sponsored by GSH Data Processing Group ... first SEG Development/Production Committee Forum drew 96 geoscience professionals ... second Archie Conference, Houston.

Companies/Universities/Organizations: All stock of Tensor Inc was acquired by Grant Norpac, Houston to form Grant Tensor Geophysical Corp. ... New Museum of Exploration Geophysics in Mexico City dedicated during 4th Geophysical Symposium of the Mexican Assn of Exploration Geophysicists (AMGE) ... GeoQuest Systems acquired North American maintenance ops of Seismograph Service and relocated SSC maintenance HQ from Tulsa to Houston ... ICF Resources acquired HouTex Seismic and subsidiary Professional Geophysics ... AGU added JGR Planets to series Journal of Geophysical Research ... Joint ventures: CGG and USSR Ministry of Geology thru subsidiary Neftegeofizika; Fairfield and Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Yakut; CGG/Robertson Group/NOPEC with Sevmorneftegeofizika of Murmansk and Dalmorneftegeofisika of Sakhalin; OYO Geospace with Geophyspribor in Ufa, Russia; Simon Geophysical with Vietsovpetro (Vietnamese-Soviet joint venture); Polar Pacific of Geophysics new joint venture of HGS/Dalmorneftegeofizika Trust; GEOID joint venture of Fairfield Industries/Sakhalingeology of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk; Nefte Seismograph Geofizica joint venture of Seismograph Service/Neftegeofizica established geophysical data center in Moscow; Bulgarian Geophysical Service joint venture of HGS and Enterprise for Geophysical Exploration/Geological Mapping (Geofizika) of Sofia ... CUBE moved HQ from Beaverton, OR to Belmont, CA and also opened petroleum technology center in Dallas ... De Regt Special Cable Ireland completed management buyout from N.V. Verto, Netherlands ... National Science Foundation grant of US$216 500 to Denver Earth Science Project at Colorado School of Mines ... ITA Inverse Theory & Application received gold trophy in small business category of Canada Awards for Business Excellence for 1990 ... GeoQuest Intl purchased Petroleum Information (PI), Denver based division of Dun & Bradstreet ... Seismograph Service, England purchased Seis Pro & Consultants; also added seismic vessel, Seisquest, to fleet ... SPE opened London office to coordinate programs/activities in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India ... Career Fair at Colorado School of Mines featured a careers in geosciences booth sponsored by SEG's Student Section/Academic Liaison Committee ... Western Geophysical ordered 4 seismic survey ships to add to its fleet of 30; Western Atlas Software new div ... GFS opened data processing center in Houston ... GECO Prakla new name of Schlumberger's marine/land seismic firm since its acquisition of Prakla-Seismos; GECO Geophysical bought Terra Marine Engineering ... SeisTex purchased by First Seismic ... Daniel Geophysical changed name to Geotrace Technologies ... Sierra Geophysics, div of HGS, opened new offices in Australia and China ... Geonics of Canada purchased by Swedish Geological AB (also owner of ABEM).

Personals: G. Thomas Wilkinson named president of Ashland Exploration ... M. E. (Shorty) Trostle retired from Fairfield Industries as CEO ... Jack L. Kerfoot transferred to Lafayette, LA by Conoco ... Juan Valhonrat appointed general manager of geophysical software development for Western Geophysical Jeannie A. Fisher joined Pogo Producing ... Melvyn E. Best named new director of the Pacific Geoscience Centre of the Geological Survey of Canada ... James D. Klein, ARCO Oil & Gas recieved ARCO's 1990 Outstanding Technical Achievement Award ... Sid Siddiqui joined Pennzoil E & P as Sr geophysicist in the US Offshore Div. Herbert D. Valliant named VP of ZLS Corp. ... Alfredo Gomez appointed Latin America ops manager for HGS and transferred from Bogota to Houston ... Tom LaFehr, founder of LCT, appointed president/CEO ... Jisoo V. Rxu took early retirement from Chevron and offers consulting services in geophysical exploration and new exploration technology ... Damir Skerl elected executive VP of Western Geophysical ... Colin Adlard appointed marketing manager for the SS (England) Ltd.'s Phoenix Vector ... Kenneth Shaw promoted to VP, scientific computing services of Unocal Canada Exploration, Calgary Jerry Dees appointed senior VP of ARCO Oil & Gas ... Hal Godwin recieved Univ of Calgary's Award for Excellence in Intl Business for 1991 ... Richard Burnett joined BHP Petroleum (Americas) ... S. Reddy Ravula new president of Alpha Geo (India) ... Orval Brannan named executive VP of Western Geophysical ... Walt Lynn joined Lynn Inc. ... Poh Hsi (Percy) Pan name director of geophysics for Flow Industries ... T. D. (Davy) Einarsson resigned from HGS after 35 years and established Einarsson Enterprises ... Rudy Prince Jr. elected chairman/board of IAGC ... Rhonda Boone named mgr of Western Atlas Intl's Corporate Communications Dept. ... W. S. (Bill) French, founder of Tensor Geophysical Service, elected president of Grant Tensor Geophysical ... Turk Timur, Chevron Corp., recieved SPE's 1st Formation Evaluation Award ... Claude P. De Roster new manager of Russian exploration ventures ... William Schneider named president of Fairfield Industries . . Sidney Kaufman retired from Cornell Univ. and as SEG representative to the U.S. Geodynamics Committee. Deaths: Founder, 36-37 Secy/Treasurer John Wilson, 91; Honorary Member Ken Burg, 86; SEG Founder J. P. Black, 87; Honorary Member/former Editor of Geophysics Aaron Seriff, 67. Membership: 14 611; Students: 537

1990 Oz Yílmaz's video short course on Seismic Data Processing, produced by Western Geophysical is offered to SEG to market

Membership dues were reduced by US$20 for both unemployed and retired members of the Society; 20% discount on publications given to SEG Student Members. Total worldwide geophysical expenditures increased 15% over 1989 to $2.195 billion. Ad rates in TLE were increased. 43rd Midwest Meeting held in Midland with 516 attending. Cray Research donated a CRAY 1/M supercomputer to the SEG Museum and CEJA Corp donated a complete seismic recording truck doghouse now restored and on display. 6th SEG/U.S. Navy Joint Technical Symposium on Deep Ocean Technology held in Bay St. Louis, MS. first Archie Conference held in Houston. Section membership declined 200 to only 8790 from the 1988 count. New student sections at Univ of New Orleans and Ecole Politechnique Geophysical Society in Montreal SEG was cosponsor of 35th Intl Geophysical Symposium in Varna, Bulgaria. The editor published a set of guidelines for Associate Editors in July TLE. Proposal to rejoin AGI declined. Continuing Education program cut back and efforts increased to make it break even, concentrating on offering courses at Annual Meetings; smaller list of courses, reducing tuition, etc. Joint SEG/SPG (Chinese Society of Petroleum Geophysicists) meeting held in Chengdu; theme, Exploration for Petroleum Carbonates. New Foundation Board of Directors program allows Corporate Trustee Associates for companies that wish to contribute. Reference requirements waived for members of AAPG, SPE, and SPWLA who apply for Associate Membership in SEG. Fee charged to sections for Continuing Education courses eliminated. 64 scholarships awarded for 1990 91, totaling US$80 450. 6th Gulf Coast Meeting drew 460 to New Orleans. Geopotential Fields Committee held its first workshop and decided to change name back to original Gravity and Magnetics Committee. Science Fair held in Tulsa; SEG prizes changed from trip to next Annual Meeting by Distinguished Achievement prize winner to US$500 cash award; Award of Merit winners each receive US$300. Research Committee presented the Summer Research Workshop on "Permeability, Fluid Pressure, and Pressure Seals in the Crust" in Denver and the 3rd Biennial Joint EAEG/SEG Workshop on "Estimation and Practical Use of Seismic Velocities" was held at Cambridge Univ. TLE Board is now pursuing contributions from Eastern Europe, Orient, and South America. SEG Member application forms revised by Membership Committee. Distinguished Lecturer in 1990: Roy Lindseth (Aaron Seriff Fall Lecture canceled because of ill health). Mining and Geothermal Geophysics Committee sponsored a symposium on "Borehole Geophysics" with the Univ of Arizona at Tucson and drew 230 delegates; a workshop on "Geophysics in Gold Exploration" with the Univ of Nevada at Reno drew 114; and held a Research Workshop on "Airborne Geophysics" at the Annual Meeting. 22nd OTC attendance (31 451) was up 18.9% over 1989; two sessions sponsored by SEG; our share in profits was US$73 500. 60th Annual Meeting held in San Francisco with Bay Area Geophysical Society as host; Charles Swift served as general chairman, 7553 attended, 906 booths, record number of papers presented: 497 in 68 technical sessions; new policy at convention allows nonmembers to use $60 of registration fee to join the Society and use as current year's membership dues; a breakfast meeting held again for Latin American delegates hoping to increase cooperation with geophysicists in Central and South America. Joint SEG/SOVG (Society of Venezuelan Geophysicists) Symposium on "Reservoir Characterization, Case Histories, and Techniques" held in Maracaibo; 206 participated. SEG participated in Archie Conference in Houston with AAPG, SPE, and SPWLA. New section in Geophysics: "Geophysical Studies"... limited number of graduate students (less than 10% total attendance) may have registration fees waived at SEG summer research workshops.

New publications in 1990: Seismic Data Processing Video Course of 15 cassettes by Oz Yilmaz; Cumulative Index 1936-88 (supplement to March Geophysics); Reflections of a Seismic Interpreter, Paul Tucker; Seismic Interpretation Series, v. 2; Geophysical References 4: Seismic Wavefield Sampling, G. J. O. Vermeer; Geophysics Reprints 12: Velocity Analysis on Multichannel Seismic Data, Bok Byun, editor; 13: Numerical Modeling of Seismic Wave Propagation, K. R. Kelly and K. J. Marfurt, editors; Investigations in Geophysics 4: Induced Polarization, J. B. Fink et al.., editors; 5: Geotechnical and Environmental Geophysics, Vol. I-III, Stanley H. Ward, editor; SEG Standards: Computer Program Converting SEG 2 Data to SEG Y, Brett Bennett; Seismic (Radar) Data Files in PC Environment; Slide Set series expanded from 19 to 24; Video Tape series expanded from 6 to 8.

Companies/Universities/Organizations: BHP of Australia and Sonatrach of Algeria signed exploration agreement ... Chicago based Pettibone Corp acquired ARDCO ... Western Atlas completed multimillion dollar upgrade of marine seismic exploration data processing center in Houston, is building new US$12 million data processing center in Singapore, and opened new facility in Buenos Aires and another in Port Harcourt ... Nigeria Canada's Sonics Exploration joined GECO Schlumberger group ... IBM/Colorado School of Mines have a joint program to establish Center for Exploration Geoscience Computing on university campus; W.M. Keck Foundation gave US$1 million as first installment on US$3 million grant for the center ... Grant Norpac acquired geophysics division of Computalog ... Joint venture: Wega D Geophysics of Calgary and Neftegeophysika of the USSR ... new CGG/Davis Great Guns Logging joint venture: Digital Logging ... Horizon Exploration renamed Simon Horizon ... Geophysical Surveys Systems Inc (GSSI) acquired by OYO Geospace ... USSR/PGI have joint venture for exploration in USSR ... GECO moved HQ from Oslo to Stavanger; also purchased Delft Geophysical ... Seismic processing center installed by Anadarko Algeria in Boumerdes; to be managed by Geophysical Development Corp. ... Yakut ASSR government authorized Lenaneftegasgeologia partnership with Fairfield Industries to offer joint oil/gas exploration opportunities in East Siberia SSL and Neftegeofizika agreement for joint venture for oil/gas exploration in Soviet Union ... Landmark Geophysical acquired Inverse Theory & Application (ITA) of Calgary and Zycor of Austin ... Vector Seismic moved into new HQ in Denver . . HGS opened new seismic data processing facility in Istanbul; HGS/Eotvos Lorand Geophysical Institute new joint venture company: Geophysical Services Europe ...

Personals: Richard Flury named Sr VP worldwide exploration for Amoco in Chicago ... Mohammed A. K. Siddiqui joined Zilkha Energy ... Bob Hardage named VP for Atlas Wireline Services ... chair at Univ of Nevada Reno named for Arthur A. Brant ... G. Thomas Wilkinson named Exec VP of Ashland Exploration ... SMU's Inst for Study of Earth and Man 1990 Hollis Hedberg Award in Energy to Cornell Univ professors Sidney Kaufman and Jack Oliver ... Czango Baag appointed prof of geophysics at Kangweon Natl Univ., Korea ... Jose (Pepe) Regueiro named tech mgr of Simon Bolivar Univ's seismic processing center in Cara as ... Craig Beasley named R&D mgr for Western Geophysical in Singapore ...Michel Halbouty is first foreigner to receive honorary D.Sc. from USSR Academy of Sciences ... Jeff Wynn completed three year USGS assignment as chief of advisory mission in Venezuela ... Neil Cramer recieved Haworth Distinguished Alumnus Award from Univ of Kansas ... Brian Biggs appointed managing director of GeoQuest System operations in Europe, Africa, and MidEast ... James Hornsby named VP of Western Atlas Intl ... A. M. (Red) Olander stepped down after serving nine years as SEG representative to OTC Board of Directors ... Rodney J. H. Smith retired on Halloween as a geophysical consultant with Mobil E&P US ... James D.Robertson appointed VP, exploration technology for ARCO International Edward Chiburis named chief geophysicist, R&D for ARAMCO in Dharan ... Former SEG presidents/honorary members who died this year were Sigmund Hammer and W. Harry Mayne; E. I. Galperin, renowned Soviet geophysicist became ill during SEG's convention in San Francisco and returned to Moscow where his condition worsened and he died less then a month later on October 20; he was author of the SEG volume, Vertical Seismic Profiling. Membership: 14,964; Student Members: 551

1980-1989: Back from the Edge

1989 Initiation of the SEG Foundation Trustee Associates.

The SEG Foundation was newly incorporated and reorganized; Trustee Associates established at US$5000 per contribution The Cumulative Index is now available to members for US$5 plus handling fee. Committees renamed: Public Relations (formerly public affairs) and Public Affairs (formerly governmental affairs). New committee: Fund Raising (Dick Baile, Chairman). Executive committee authorized production of videotape of Oz Yilmaz's best seller, Seismic Data Processing; also, selected annual meeting papers. Life Membership dues are now 10 times annual rate after five years of membership. New "Enterprise Award" for individuals established with Roy Lindseth as first recipient. An exposition was held during the SEG/UCEG meeting in Beijing this year; dates were changed from June to August because of "unrest" in the country. Subscriptions for Geophysics raised from US$160 to US$175. Utah Geophysical Society is now inactive; also the North American Gravity Anomaly Map Committee. The SAGEEP meeting (Symposium on Application of Geophysics in Engineering and Environmental Problems) received support (nonfinancial) from SEG. CSEG Journal will be included in the next Cumulative Index. Continuing Education course fees reduced 36% (without reducing speakers' fees) and even more for unemployed members; 43 courses now offered. Certain SEG publications donated to the Hungarian Geophysical Society. Registration fees at annual meetings reduced for Emeritus and/or unemployed members. New in TLE and Geophysics: Editor's feature, "This month in Geophysics". The 59th Annual Meeting held in Dallas drew the largest number of attendees in four years: 7909; 288 companies exhibited in 915 booths; 402 papers presented; Bob Graebner served as general chairman; theme: "Value of Geophysics in Exploration and Production." Computer Applications Committee sponsored one day symposium on the "Future of Desktop Computers" at the Midwest Meeting in Denver. Distinguished Lecturers in 1989: Spring, John W. C. Sherwood and Fall, Bill French. 63 scholarships totaling US$70 800 awarded for the 1989 90 term. 775 attended the 5th Gulf Coast Meeting in Houston; exhibitors had 42 booths. Status of the SEG Library at headquarters was changed from "working library" to "archival library" and automatic renewal of journal subscriptions discontinued. 42nd Midwest meeting held in Denver with 41 exhibitors' booths. Volume 1 of Electromagnetics has sold 1000+ copies to date, making it SEG's 2nd place best seller. Slide Set series expanded from 5 to 18. Special volume published: An Overview of Exploration in China 1988; also, Geophysics Reprints 10 Seismic and Acoustic Velocities in Reservoir Rocks, Vol. 1: Experimental Studies, edited by A. Nur and Z. Wang and 11 Vibroseis, edited by Robert L. Geyer; Geophysical Monograph 4 Analysis of Least Squares Velocity Inversion by F. Santosa and W. W. Symes; Harry Mayne's 50 Years of Geophysical Ideas; Seismic Interpretation Series, Vol. 1 (reprinted articles from TLE) and Video Tape Series 1-5 of papers presented in 1988 at Anaheim. Offshore Exploration and Oceanography Committee proposed a book on "case histories (field studies) on offshore Gulf of Mexico fields." Tennessee is the 15th state with registration laws affecting geophysicists. Summer Research Workshop in August covered "Recording and processing vector field data." SEG's proceeds from the 1989 OTC: us$58 671. New European Association of Petroleum Geoscientists held its 1st convention with EAEG in Berlin. For the first time, an SEG delegation of 11 attended the 33rd International Geophysical Symposium in Prague in 1989.

Companies/Universities/Organizations: Seismograph Service donated US$120 000 in Phoenix proprietary geophysical software to University of Oklahoma ... GeoQuest Systems opened a new office in Calgary ... Haselton 3D ApS (Danish geophysical consulting firm) and Petrobaltic (consortium of Poland, East Germany, and USSR) signed marketing agreement for seismic and well data from the Baltic Sea ... Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists changed name officially to SEPM ... Amoco Pakistan Exploration signed agreement with Oil and Gas Development for two exploration licenses onshore ... Professional Geophysics Inc signed agreements with officials in USSR and Bulgaria ... HGS began largest ever offshore survey in Namibian waters ... GeoQuest Systems and Digital Equipment signed contract worth US$12.6 million with China Natl Offshore Oil Co. and Chinese Ministry of Petroleum; Chinese Ministry of Petroleum also signed US$14.9 million contract with Applied Automation for seismic equipment ... Sierra Geophysics donated US$90 000 of licenses in software to Australia's Natl Centre for Petroleum Geology/Geophysics ... Landmark Graphics selected Stanford, Rice, Cambridge, CSM, and Univ of Calgary as recipients of one-year, US$1 million/year Univ Partnership Program grants ... Fairfield Technologies signed contracts with two PRC agencies: Ministry of Petroleum and Geophysical Co. of Bahai Oil Corp. Sonangol/Halliburton Geophysical Services extending seismic program offshore Angola ... Contract: Jebco Seismic Ltd and USSR Ministry of Geology ... Korea Petroleum Development Corp (PEDCO) awarded contract to ExploiTech, Houston, for offshore E&D field study.

Personals: J. E. (Ed) White inducted into National Academy of Engineering ... Cecil Green awarded the first foreign honorary membership by Chinese Geophysical Society ... Roy Lindseth awarded the Canadian SEG Medal ... Ken Larner and Dave Hale joined Norman Bleistein and J. Cohen as coleaders of the industry sponsored Center for Wave Phenomena research project at Colorado School of Mines ... Charles A. Brown joined Centerline Geophysics ... Vicki Cowart elected treasurer of the Assn for Women Geoscientists (she served as president, earlier) . . Ken Larner received the 1989 Conrad Schlumberger Award from EAEG ... Edward A. Flinn, 57, internationally known expert on earth sciences and chief of NASA's solid earth sciences program, died ; also world renowned M. King Hubbert ... Jerry Donalson joined GECO Geophysical ... Joe Saltamachia is new general manager for Western Atlas Intl operations in Europe, Africa, and MidEast ... Dolan McDaniel, president of GSI, resigned after 32 years ... Leonard S. Collett awarded the Canadian Geophysical Union's J. Tuzo Wilson Medal ... A. L. (Jerry) Warren, former president/CEO of Fairfield Industries named president/COO of Professional Geophysics Inc ... J. Frydecki joined Geoexplorers Intl and assigned to Port au Prince, Haiti ... Walter Fertl named president of Western Atlas Intl's Wireline Services Div . Javier Medina retired from Cia Geosource de Mexico after 33 years . . Jamie Robertson appointed VP, geoscience ops for ARCO Oil & Gas ... George deV. Klein awarded a senior Fulbright research fellowship at Amsterdam's Vrije Univ. Membership: 15 392; Student Members: 735

1988 An agreement with AAPG, SPE, and SPWLA led to the formation of an Intersocietal Coordinating Committee.

SEG's Development and Production Committee and the Los Alamos National Laboratories held a joint workshop on Interwell Seismic Surveying; 110 attended from 50 organizations. Papers were requested for two SEG proposed volumes on (1) environmental geophysics, Stan Ward, editor; and (2) seismic modeling of geologic structures, Stuart W. Fagin, editor. New publications in 1988: Digital Processing of Geophysical Data, Roy O. Lindseth; Geopressure, N. Dutta; Course notes 2, Introduction to Seismic Inversion Methods, Brian H. Russell; Reprint 9, Inversion of Geophysical Data, L. R. Lines, editor; Investigations in geophysics 2, Seismic Data Processing, O. Yilmaz; Electromagnetic Methods in Applied Geophysics, v. 1, Theory, M.N. Nabighian, editor; and Slide set 4, Tomographic Determination of Velocity, T.N. Bishop et al. SEG executive committee agreed to publish phone numbers in 1989 roster issue of The Leading Edge (May). Names of Society awards were changed as follows: "Outstanding presentation..." to "Best Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting;" "Outstanding papers..." to "Best Paper in Geophysics;" and "Outstanding OTC..." to "Best OTC Geophysical Paper" awards. 2nd Joint Research Workshop on "Reservoir Geophysics" held by SEG and EAEG in Dallas. New standards from Technical Standards Committee on (1) Digital seismic recorder specifications, (2) MT/EMAP data interchange, (3) Seismic subroutines, and (4) for Specifying marine seismic energy sources. An exchange of delegations of SEG with Czechoslovakia at the International Geophysical Symposium organized by Geofyzika Brno in Prague and SEG's 58th Annual Meeting in Anaheim; convention drew more than 6500 delegates from 47 countries in addition to the U.S. and Canada; Frank Levin received Maurice Ewing Award. SEG distinguished lecturers for 1988: Spring, Ken Larner of Western Geophysical; and Fall, Jamie Robertson, Arco Oil and Gas. SPE/SEG/AAPG established a joint ad hoc committee to organize sessions at each Society's conventions, demonstrating synergy of all three disciplines in oil field development. 66 students received scholarships totaling US$76 016 for the 1988 89 academic year. 134 geophysicists attended the SEG/AGU joint Chapman Conference on Seismic Anisotropy in the Earth's Crust at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in May. SEG and the China Petroleum Society held a joint meeting in September in Daqing, PRC on Seismic Methods Applied to Oil Field Development and Production. New Intersocietal Committee is made up of presidents elect and one additional member each from AAPG, SPE, SPWLA, and SEG. Executive committee approved proposed agreement of technical cooperation between SEG and Society of Petroleum Geophysicists of the Chinese Petroleum Society; and agreed to cosponsor a national symposium on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Denver in September. 4th Gulf Coast Annual Meeting in New Orleans attracted 391 registrants and the 41st Annual Midwest Meeting and Exposition held in Oklahoma City drew 523. Sales of SEG publications more than doubled in 1988 to US$477 476 compared with US$214 183 in 1987. Some 636 from 20 countries attended the ASEG/SEG '88 meeting, "Leave Nothing Unattended" in Adelaide. SEG member attendance at the OTC was up and SEG's share of profits increased to US$35 000 from US$18 000 in 1987; four geophysical sessions were offered plus a special panel discussion, "Seismic imaging of salt". The first EAEG-SEG joint research workshop under a new agreement to hold alternating workshops every other year and the first ASEG-SEG joint meeting were held.

Companies/Academia: Halliburton purchased 60% of GSI from Texas Instruments with a possibility of 100% ownership in a few years ... Grant Norpac acquired Seiscom Delta ... Horizon Seismic Australia (HSA) and Hosking Geophysical Australia merged operations with HSA acquiring Hoskings' assets and majority of staff ... After much worry by the Geosat Committee, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and Earth Observation Satellite Co. (EOSAT) agreed to continue the Landsat program into the 1990s ... Amoco donated 200 seismic group recorders to the Stanford University Geophysics Research Project Joint seismic exploration survey made by Statoil/Norsk Hydro/GECO in Barents Sea/Bear Island West area ... CogniSeis Development Inc. (formerly Computer Systems Div. of Digicon Geophysical) announced record profits during first year as an independent, privately held company ... Roberts Group (gravity/magnetic exploration) acquired Rebbek Hunter Ltd. (leading European firm for gravity/magnetics) ... Conoco donated electrical methods equipment to University of Arizona ... Swedish Geological Co. acquired all ABEM shares of Atlas Copco group .

Personals: Thomas R. Rafter retired from AGU after five years; he was formerly long time publications director at AGI ... Philip S. Schultz appointed manager of research/engineering for GECO UK Ltd. after serving as seismic department head of Schlumberger's reservoir modeling group in Tokyo ... Enders Robinson and Jon Claerbout elected to prestigious National Academy of Engineering ... Former SEG President Lewis L. Nettleton died at the age of 91 in Houston ... Bob A. Hardage, formerly of Phillips Petroleum, joined Western Atlas International in Houston as general manager of Downhole Seismic Services (DSS) ... Sergio Chavez Perez appointed research geophysicist with CIS (Center for Seismic Research) in Mexico City ... Daryl E. Birnie joined Mark Resources Inc./Precambrian Shield Research Ltd. in Calgary as president/CEO ... About 60 students, colleagues, and spouses attended a symposium at the University of California, Berkeley, "25 Years of Induction and Deduction," in honor of Stan H. Ward on the eve of his retirement from teaching at the University of Utah ... Harish C. Joshi promoted to staff geophysicist for Sirte Oil Co. in Tripoli ... Elizabeth A. E. Johnson received a Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Women Geoscientists ... Harold O. Seigel, president of Scintrex Ltd., received the A. O. Dufresne Award from the Canadian Institute for Mining and Metallurgy ... Dennis R. Mett retired as chief geophysicist for Unocal International Division ... Scott McKay and Alfonso Gonzales joined Western Geophysical as senior research geophysicists ... Alistair R. Brown is now a consulting reservoir geophysicist in Dallas ... Khaled A. Bagdadi resigned as assistant professor of geophysics at King Saud University and established a consulting firm in Seattle ... Gene Womack appointed manager of Geosource's Denver service center ... Steven M. Tobias joined BHP Petroleum as senior geophysicist ... Vicki Cowart, manager of seismic product development for Schlumberger Well Services in Denver, named Young Alumnus of the Year by Colorado School of Mines' Alumni Association ... George A. McMechan named Ida Green Professor of Geosciences at University of Texas at Dallas. Membership: 15 659 ; Student Members: 794

1987 Seismic Data Processing, by Özdogan Yílmaz published.

Worldwide expenditures on geophysical exploration were down 23.3% from 1986; petroleum exploration expenditures declined 24.7% while expenditures for petroleum development increased by 125.8% over 1986. University of Houston Geophysical Society has reactivated and elected a new faculty advisor, G.H.F. Gardner. Seismic Interpretation series of articles in TLE began with Part 1 in the March issue: "Seismic interpretation in salt controlled basins" by James Fox; a series on Basic Seismology started in July with "The wave equation" by Enders Robinson and Dean Clark; a third series, Geotechnical Applications, started in August with "Hazardous waste geophysics," by A.R. Foster, M.D. Veatch, and S.L. Baird. SEG's 4th Annual Summer Research workshop on Interpretation of Reflection Seismic Data was held in Austin. A joint meeting of SEG and the China Petroleum Society was held near Beijing with President R. J. Graebner leading SEG's delegation which presented 16 technical papers. Geophysical artifacts requested for the new museum at headquarters building in Tulsa. Executive committee approved mandatory page charges for nonmember authors. Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City offered another excellent continuing education seminar that netted US$2500 (plus US$1500 from other sources) for SEG's scholarship program. August TLE issue featured an article on the backbone of the society: volunteers from various committees who work at HQ; included were photos and information about J.Lamar Worzel and Allyn Vine of the Museum Committee, Whitey Morris of the Geophysical Activity Committee, etc. Francis Campbell died before a profile in September TLE appeared; after retiring from geophysics, he was elected auditor of the city of Tulsa and reelected eight times. The executive committee approved Biennial Joint Workshops with EAEG beginning in 1988. The SEG Foundation was restructured into a "not for profit" corporation with a modern charter and format in which operations are highly visible to membership; endowment campaign reached US $3 611 578 toward a goal of US$12.3 million . New Student sections at Georgia Tech and Memorial University of Newfoundland. New publications in 1987: A Practical Guide to Borehole Geophysics, by James A. Labo; Shear Wave Exploration, S. Danbom and S. N. Domenico, editors; Seismic Data Processing, Oz Yilmaz; and the Geopressure reprint edited by N. Dutta. Registration exceeded 7500 at the 57th Annual Meeting in New Orleans; 241 companies exhibited in 791 booths; poster sessions scheduled again and authors competed for the first Outstanding Poster Presentation Award. Distinguished lecturers: Spring, Albert W. Bally, Rice University; and J. Pat Lindsey, GeoQuest International in the fall. The SEG Foundation was reorganized.

Company Affairs: Landmark Graphics Corp. established a US$1 million/year University Partnership Program to provide computer aided exploration (CAEX) systems to institutions with geoscience departments ... SSC and Welex signed agreement to market jointly VSP and full wave sonic services/interpretation ... Houtex Seismic Inc. acquired Professional Geophysics Inc., making them one of the largest seismic data processing contractors in the world ... GEO Seismic Services Inc. acquired all assets including proprietary data base of StratSeis Inc.... Intera Technologies of Austin acquired Exploration Consultants Ltd., London ... OYO Corp USA acquired substantial assets of AMF Geo Space Corp ... Grant-Norpac and Seiscom Delta United now operating as one company, a full service geophysical contracting firm ... After two long years, the Seismograph Service Ltd. staff moved back into elegant Holwood House, company headquarters near London that suffered severe damage from fire ... Litton Industries Inc. and Dresser Industries Inc. formed new 50/50 firm: Western Atlas International established in Houston by Litton's Resources Group and Dresser's Atlas division with Howard Dingman as President/CEO ... Interpretation Consultants Inc. (ICI) is new firm made up of former Exxon employees who offer petroleum exploration/production expertise ... Recently formed CogniSeis Development acquired Computer Systems Div. of Digicon Inc.... Don B. Sheffield, president/CEO of Geosource Inc., reelected chairman of the board of IAGC ... Fairfield Industries Inc. and Golden Geophysical agreed to merge, with Golden operating as a division ... Geotech Ltd. acquired name and assets of McPhar Geophysics ... GeoQuest International merged with Richardson Seismic Services Inc.... Intergraph Corp. acquired Advanced Processor Div. of Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.

Personals: Michael A. Ballantyne promoted to senior geophysical advisor for Mobil Producing Texas and New Mexico Inc... Jorge D. Giordano joined Dresser Atlas Argentina ... W. L.(Bill) Field under contract with TGS Onshore ... Alan W. Trorey retired from Chevron after 32 years and plans an "unstructured existence in Carmel, CA" ... Former SEG President Kevin Barry received an Alumni Award of Merit from St. Louis University ... Jack E. Oliver, professor at Cornell University, elected president of GSA for 1988 ... Elmer Eisner retired from Texaco after 35 years and will explore life after Texaco, in particular stringed instrument design ... Jeffrey D. Rowe, geophysicist with CGG in France, transferred to Geoterrex Ltd. in Ottawa ... Alison Shapiro joined Western Geophysical ... William Frank named research associate of Rensselaer Center of Applied Geology, affiliated with Brooklyn College of City University of New York ... Remi Leflaive appointed senior consulting geophysicist for Total E&P in Paris ... P. D. (Denny) O'Brien appointed VP/general manager of Green Mountain Geophysics Inc.... Robert R. Unterberger retired after 18 years as professor of geophysics at Texas A&M University ... E. W. (Ted) Jones appointed President of Chevron Oil Field Research in La Habra ... Walter H. Fertl appointed executive VP of Dresser Atlas ... T. R. LaFehr appointed president of LaFehr and Chan Technologies Inc. (LCT) ... Jens R. Halverson now senior consulting geophysicist with Seismic Interpretation Inc., Amarillo ... Ben J. Derkink joined Western Data Systems GmbH as executive VP in Munich ... Albert P. Crary Professorship of Geophysics established at University of Wisconsin in honor of outstanding pioneer in polar geophysics and glaciology; Dr. Crary now retired and living in Bethesda, MD ... Neal Goins named manager of planning/technology evaluation for Mobil R&D in Princeton, N.J ... Jisoo V. Ryu promoted to senior research associate at Chevron Oil Field Research, Geophysics Div., La Habra ... J. C. (Jim) Dooley named a Member of the Order of Australia for services to geophysics ... Thomas L. Dobecki joined LCT as VP ... Edwin B. Neitzel retired from ARCO ... John W. Peirce, member of TLE's Editorial Board, took a leave of absence from Petro Canada to serve as cochief scientist for Leg 121 of the Ocean Drilling Program on a cruise aboard D/V Joides Resolution in the Indian Ocean ... inventive genius Sam P. Worden of gravimeter fame died April 9 in Houston ... Bijan J. Rafipour promoted to senior research geophysicist at Unocal's Science & Technology Division at Brea. Membership: 17 036; Student Members: 1000

1986 Shell Companies Foundation donated $100,000 for books and periodicals to the SEG Library in the Geophysical Resource Center, and the building was named the Cecil and Ida Green Tower.

February TLE was a special issue on the State of the Industry and September a special issue on Computers and Geophysics. 3rd Annual SEG summer research workshop on Near Surface Effects held July 7-11 in Hyannis, Cape Cod with M. Schoenberger serving as chairman. 95 attended the SEG/EAEG Joint Research workshop on Deconvolution and Inversion held September 3-5 in Rome. 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Meeting moved to New Orleans on April 20-22 with 700+ registering. Two new volumes in the SEG Reprint series appeared in 1986: no. 5, Magnetotelluric Methods, compiled by Keeva Vozoff; and no. 6, Coal Geophysics, D. J. Buchanan and L. J. Jackson, editors; other new publications include Remote Sensing, Ken Watson and Robert D. Regan, editors, and Seismic Traveltime Inversion by S.V. Golden. "Geophysical Activity Report for 1986" (published in August 1987 TLE) showed that worldwide expenditures on geophysical exploration were down 37% from 1985 (which, in turn, were down 12.9% from 1984), continuing the decline of the past five years. SEG's Museum Committee issued a "call for photographs" from early days of geophysics to add to the collection of memorabilia on permanent display in the Geophysical Research Center (GRC) Museum at Tulsa headquarters. Authors of technical papers in Geophysics now given opportunity to contribute voluntary page charges. Of the 48 Gold Certificates awarded SEG members in 1986, 20 are members of the Dallas Geophysical Society. 14 of that DGS group spent all or part of their careers with GSI. Attendance at SEG's 56th Annual Meeting in Houston was down from the previous year to 8722 registrants and 238 exhibits. The Society held a 1/2 day joint session with SPE during their October convention and a reciprocal one day workshop was held at SEG's Annual Meeting in November; SPWLA provided a session on well logging papers of general geophysical interest to SEG and a reciprocal session is planned at SPWLA's 1987 meeting. 673 attended the Midwest Meeting in Tulsa. SEG's budget for fiscal 1986 was cut 20% and the staff reduced by 16%. Shell Foundation donated US$100 000 to provide a core collection of books and journals for the new SEG Library established at headquarters. Ceremonies were held in October to honor naming the GRC building (SEG headquarters in Tulsa) the "Cecil and Ida Green Tower." Distinguished Lecturers for 1986 were Fred J. Hilterman in the spring and Norman S. Neidell in the fall. International Affairs Committee assisted in organization of two geophysical meetings in China with Roy O. Lindseth serving as SEG leader of delegations to both meetings. 5th Biennial Joint SEG/U.S. Navy symposium was held on High Resolution Geophysics. Women in Geophysics Committee disbanded. Subscription rates to TLE and Geophysics were increased to nonmembers. SEG rejoined the U.S. National Committee on Rock Mechanics. "Rental courses" were added to the SEG Continuing Education Program. The 1986 Cumulative Index of Geophysics and Geophysical Prospecting also contains selected papers from The Leading Edge. The Student Paper Competition became a regular part of the Technical Program at SEG Annual Meetings. OTC attendance in 1986: 27 681 (40,000 expected). W. Harry Mayne was awarded OTC's Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals for invention and development of the CMP (CRP) method. 97 students received scholarships totaling US$111 600. New Section: Amarillo Geophysical Society. Special issues in Geophysics: Engineering and Groundwater (February), P.R.Romig, editor; and Geophysics in Archaeology (March), J. C. Wynn, editor.

Companies/Universities/Organizations: Distinguished Achievement Award created for a company, institution, or other organization; 1986 Award to GSI/Texas Instruments ... Hosking Geophysics Corp. of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan purchased Hall Geophysics, Houston Scintrex acquired Urtec from Geosurvey International and moved the operation to Scintrex's head office near Toronto ... Geo Seismic Services Inc. acquired Globe Exploration S.p.A., a leading European geophysical services company ... Shell Foundation awarded $7,500 to Montana Tech's geophysics curriculum ... Conoco donated $10 000 to the Milton B. Dobrin Geophysical Library at the Allied Geophysical Labs, University of Houston ... Prakla-Seismos AG named its largest seismic survey vessel for founder Prof. Ludger Mintrop ... LaCoste & Romberg purchased by John D. Fett ... Atlas Copco ABEM of Sweden opened a new office in Austin ... Schlumberger purchased 50% of GECO ... Texas Instruments donated $772 500 to the new center for artificial intelligence in exploration at Colorado School of Mines ... Seiscom Delta United petitioned for Chapter ll. reorganization ... O'Connor/CiSi International joint venture renamed O.C. International Inc.Spectrum Geophysical Services formed by merger of Velpro Ltd. and Griffiths Geophysical Ltd.... Digital Equipment Corp. donated $2 million to Boston Museum of Science ... AMF's Logic Science Div. purchased by investors from the geophysical and general graphics industries, including some company officers.

Personals: John T. Kuo is first recipient of the Ewing/Worzel professorship at Columbia University ... Pierre Benichou named CEO of CGG American Services in Houston ... Bill G. Baugh elected president of SSC ... John C. Robinson joined the physics department at the University of Tulsa ... Carl H. Savit appointed to a two-year term on the OCS Policy Committee of the OCS Advisory Board ... Chris Tonish joined Advance Geophysical Corp. as manager of marketing ... Dale H. Reed elected to take early retirement after 32 years with ARCO Exploration and Technology ... George E. Parker named president of Teledyne Exploration ... L. C. (Lee) Lawyer appointed chief geophysicist of Chevron Corp.... George R. Jones now general manager of Downhole Seismic Service, a subsidiary of Western Geophysical ... Wulf Mussell is now a visiting professor at the Federal University of Bahia (PPPG UFBa) in Brazil ... H. L. (Bud) Grant named president of Grant Norpac ... Dave K. Agarwal appointed chief geophysicist for Newmont Oil in Houston ... Joel S. Watkins named first Earl F. Cook professor in geosciences at Texas A&M University ... Richard E. Esterling retired from ARCO Exploration in Denver and joined Britoil plc as senior geophysicist in Glasgow ... Frank Levin retired from Exxon Production Research after 37 years with Exxon and its predecessors William R. Sill appointed chairman of the department of physics/geophysical engineering at Montana Tech ... Ben B. Thigpen, VP of instrumentation and field services for Western Geophysical, retired after 36 years ... Raymond C. Farrell joined the Sierra Geophysics research staff in Seattle ... Ramesh P. Singh joined the faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology, Khanpur ... E. B. Claunch returned to the U.S. after five years in Jakarta as chief geophysicist for HudBay Oil (Malacca Strait) ... Koya Suto joined CRA Exploration Pty Ltd in Melbourne ... Dallas City Council named the city's downtown central library in honor of former mayor Erik Jonsson (this year a recipient of an SEG 50 year Gold Certificate) ... SEG President Marvin R. Hewitt retired from Amoco Production ... Rama S. Chavali joined Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. as a research specialist ... L. Richard Flury named VP of exploration, Africa/Middle East by Amoco Production ... J. Peter Johnson is new manager of Texaco's Bellaire geophysical center Joseph DeLerno named president/COO of Offshore Navigation Ind.... Hugh W. Hardy, former SEG secretary treasurer, opened an office as an exploration consultant in Houston. Membership: 18 189; Student Members: 1197

1985 50th Anniversary of GEOPHYSICS.

Two special issues were published to commemorate the fiftieth year of publication of GEOPHYSICS.The First Annual Gulf Coast Exploration and Development Meeting was held, and the first joint meeting of the China Petroleum Society and SEG took place in Beijing. SEG's membership of 19,559 was the highest total to that point, and would remain the record for 10 years.

On May 25th, SEG's new Tulsa business office, the Geophysical Resource Center, was formally dedicated to the founders of the society; ribbon cutting was performed by the society's most honored member, Cecil H. Green. The 50th Anniversary issue of Geophysics appeared in December at a whopping 706 pages! The November issue (almost as huge at 674 pages) included reprints of selected papers published during the past 25 years. SEG's first convention in Washington, D.C. attracted 9107 registrants and featured a Governmental Affairs Session on Monday morning with a panel of political and economic experts on energy from the Washington area. SEG's Research Committee sponsored a workshop on Seismic Field Techniques in August. New department in both TLE and Geophysics: International Scientific Advances, George J. Palacky, associate editor. The first Gulf Coast Exploration and Development Meeting was held in Houston; Sections participating include Houston, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Lafayette, and Jackson Geophysical Societies; 407 registered. The Safety Committee disbanded after transferring its activities to the IAGC Safety Committee. San Antonio Geophysical Society hosted the 38th Annual Midwest Meeting in March; 1153 attended. Canadian SEG published the book it commissioned: History of Exploration Geophysics in Canada. The China Petroleum Society and SEG held the 1st Biennial Joint Meeting in Beijing in April; Cochairmen were SEG President A.M. (Red) Olander and CPS president Hou Xiangling. SEG's new film, "Seeing the Unseen: Geophysics and the Search for Energy and Minerals," was completed. An Editorial Board was appointed for TLE with T. R. LaFehr as chairman. New student sections chartered at the University of Waterloo in Canada and Macquarie University in Australia. Coastal Bend Geophysical Society reactivated in Corpus Christi after 10 years. SEG/SIAM/SPE conference on Mathematical and Computational Methods in Seismic Exploration and Reservoir Modeling was held in Houston. New SEG award: Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies or Institutions. New SEG publications: Supplementary group of programs for the Manual of Geophysical Hand Calculator Programs; Reprint Series No. 4, Migration of Seismic Data, compiled by G. H. F. Gardner; and Utility of Regional Gravity and Magnetic Anomaly Maps, William J. Hinze, editor. Registration at the 17th OTC jumped nearly ten fold over 1984 to 56 700; SEG's share of profits amounted to US$71 488.

Company Affairs: PT GECO established in Jakarta ... Hosking Geophysical opened new facilities in Lafayette, LA and in Sydney, Australia ... ARMA Geophysical acquired Geophysical Computing Corp. and Bighorn Geophysical ... TI received award from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services for giving job opportunities to the handicapped ... EDCON acquired Airborne Systems Inc. and opened a branch office in Calgary ... GECO successfully carried out first 3D seismic survey combining two boats and twin streamer operations in the North Sea for Conoco ... Merlin Profilers consolidated UK interests following sale of its Norwegian interests to GECO A/S ... Chevron merged Gulf Corp.'s petroleum exploration and research groups with those of Chevron Oil Field Research ... USGS and British Institute of Oceanographic Sciences signed an agreement to explore 150 000 sqare miles of deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico using the GLORIA system ... John E. Chance & Associates purchased Lorac Service Corp., a subsidiary of SSC ... Wimpol opened a U.S. office in Lafayette.

Personals: Stanley B. Jones, formerly with Chevron in La Habra, joined SEG in Tulsa as associate director/Technical Services ... J. Ken Morrison opened a consulting firm in Calgary ... Brian Dent joined Digicon Geophysical as senior research geophysicist with ARAMCO special projects group in England ... Stanley H. Frost and Bruce E.Bowen were named VPs of Everest Geotech ... Don Steeples is new associate director for research at the Kansas Geological Survey ... Ben K. Sternberg joined Phoenix Geophysics Inc. in Denver ... Bijan J. Rafipour now research geophysicist in Union Oil's science/technology division ... Gerard J. Tango now a research geophysicist on the staff of NORDA ... H. L. (Bud) Grant named president/CEO of Seiscom Delta ... James A. Holliday now geophysical manager of Esso Exploration's Latin America division ... J. W. Grimes promoted to VP at AMF Geo Space ... Marc T. Pottorf joined El Paso Exploration Co. as senior geophysicist ... James C. Hasbrouck transferred to CGG's seismic data processing center in Denver ... Tad Bostick named operations supervisor for Downhole Seismic Services, Houston ... Michael Teague named president of AMF Logic Sciences ... Thomas E. Ewing new president and Linda Anne Son Ewing is secretary treasurer of Frontera Exploration Services in San Antonio ... Richard E. Schneider has taken early retirement from Conoco after 30 years and opened a consulting firm, Triple S, in Oklahoma City ... August Law joined Oxy Cities Service Oil & Gas as a research associate in Tulsa ... Nader C. Dutta joined ARCO Resources Technology in Plano ... Virgil Kauffman, former president of Aero Service Corp., died in April; he established SEG's Kauffman Gold Medal in 1965 with the first award presented in 1966 ... S. Reddy Ravula appointed president of Alpha Geo Inc ... Harold O. Seigel awarded the J. Tuzo Wilson Medal by the Canadian Geophysical Union Roy O. Lindseth appointed to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ... Aldo J. Vesnaver joined Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale in Trieste, Italy ... Bill G. Baugh new manager of SSC's operations in the Western Hemisphere. Membership: 19 559

1984 The Geophysical Resource Center was completed and occupied.

SEG's 54th Annual Meeting was held in Atlanta for the First time; with 400+ technical papers in 43 sessions, it was the largest technical program to date. Louis Mayrand, first winner of the new "Student Paper Competition," received a US$500 check at the Presidential Session. The Society of Petroleum Geophysicists of China/SEG joint seminar on Seismic Interpretation was held in Zhuoxian, PRC. The second edition of Robert E. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics was published; the completely revised and updated volume contains over 100 more pages and 25% new material. SEG/USN's 4th Biennial Technical Symposium on 3D Marine Data Collection, Processing, Interpretation, and Presentation was held in Bay St. Louis, Missouri. 123 attended SEG's Research Committee Workshop on Seismic Deconvolution in Vail in July. The prosperous Southeastern Geophysical Society in New Orleans donated US$3500 to the University of New Orleans in addition to a US$2500 scholarship to the SEG Foundation. The 20th edition of Index of Wells Shot for Velocity was published with 1023 velocity surveys not previously reported. Midland hosted the 37th Annual Midwest Meeting with the theme, "Technology of the 80s." Name of the Committee for Communications with China was changed to "International Affairs Committee." Australian SEG held a symposium on "Oil and Gas: The Exploration Story" in Melbourne. The 16th OTC, a technical conference only event, drew so few people (5995) from the industry that the OTC executive committee decreed an exhibition would always be included, beginning in 1985; a traditional luncheon by SEG during the OTC was established, drawing 60 hungry geophysicists.

Company/Academic affairs: Colorado School of Mines established a Center for Potential Fields Studies, sponsored by oil firms, geophysical contractors, and government agencies ... Geosource Inc. donated US$145 000 in research equipment to the geophysics program at the University of Kansas ... Seiscom Delta United opened a new data processing center in Bakersfield ... Amoco Foundation donated US$19 900 to support a doctoral fellowship in Cornell University's COCORP program ... Columbia University established the Maurice Ewing/J. Lamar Worzel professorship of geophysics through a new endowment of $1 million.

Personals: James D. Yancey appointed senior geophysical advisor for ARCO Oil and Gas Co.'s exploration/research center in Dallas ... Seth I. Gutmans senior geophysicist and VP of marketing for Applied Geophysics Inc.... Les Hatton appointed managing director of Merlin Research ... Daniel S. Tudor new president of Chevron Geosciences ... Neal E. Wylie is chairman and CEO of newly merged Petrolane Inc./Norpac Exploration Services ... Gene Womack, president of Mountain Geophysical, elected chairman of the board of IAGC ... Jerry Lynn Manfrida among those lost at sea when the Global Marine Drilling ship on contract to ARCO, Glomar Java Sea, went down off the China coast in a typhoon ... Patrick J. Hooyman joined GECO Geophysical as VP/chief geophysicist ... Bruce A. Boyd, president of AMF Geo Space, and Donna Hogan, geophysicist with ARCO Exploration, were married October 20th in Houston ... Vicki Cowart, formerly with American Quasar Petroleum, joined ARCO as senior geophysicist ... Philip S. Schultz accepted a position with Nippon Schlumberger KK in Tokyo as seismic department head for reservoir modeling ... Neal P. Cramer elected president of Western Geophysical ... Manik Talwani, chief scientist of Gulf R&D's exploration division, was 1984 recipient of the George P. Woollard Award of the GSA ... Robert L. Geyer joined IHRDC in Boston as senior geophysics specialist ... Elizabeth A. E. Johnson, area geophysicist with Union Oil of California, elected president of the Association of Women Geoscientists. Membership: 19 538


A grand total of 10 917 registered at the 53rd Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, the first SEG convention in the "Entertainment Capital of the World"; General Chairman James R. Strawn and his steering committee managed a superb job in carrying out their duties by remote control from Denver. "Early bird" registration on Saturday before the meeting was a smashing success; more than 2770 registered that day. W. Harry Mayne was awarded the fifth Maurice Ewing Medal during the awards ceremonies. The Australian SEG sponsored a symposium on petroleum geophysics with the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia. Montana Geophysical Society changed its name to Billings Geophysical Society. The 36th Annual Midwest Meeting in Denver featured the largest exhibition in its history. Donations to the SEG Foundation Endowment Campaign reached US$3 138 861. Remote Sensing, SEG's Reprint Series no. 3, was published with Ken Watson and Robert D. Regan serving as editors. Geophysics Editor G.H.F. Gardner was selected by the National Academy of Sciences for the 1983 84 Distinguished Scholar Exchange Program with the PRC.

Personals: Hugh W. Hardy named president of GeoQuest International ... Patrick J. Keiran now chief geophysicist of Canterra Energy Ltd.... Fulton Koehler named senior VP of Seismic Research Corp.... Serge Melikian is executive VP of new CGG American Services Inc.... Charles M. Swift, Jr. promoted to chief geophysicist for Chevron Resources Co.... Sven Treitel elected a fellow by IEEE for distinguished service ... Gerrit T. Maureau joined Aberford Resources Ltd. as VP, exploration ... Gordon P. Eaton appointed provost and VP for academic affairs at Texas A&M ... Group of EDCON employees purchased the Denver based geophysical contracting and consulting firm and it is now 100% employee owned ... William R. Laws, president of Geosource also elected CEO ... Neal E. Wylie, executive VP of Digicon, elected chairman of the board of IAGC ... Gearhart Industries and CGG formed a development operating partnership with 50 years of experience in applied geophysics at CGG and nearly 30 years of well logging services at Gearhart ... Carl H. Savit received IAGC's first Award of Distinguished Achievement ... Vicki Cowart, president of the Association of Women Geoscientists, attended a briefing and luncheon at the White House in honor of American Business Women's Day ... Wayne A. Heitshusen elected VP of Seiscom Delta Inc. Membership: 18 702

1982 Geophysics, The Leading Edge of Exploration debuted in June.

A campaign was underway to raise US$12.3 million to endow the SEG Foundation with funds allocated for the Geophysical Resource Center building, expanded scholarship program, professorial grants, public information, and increased emphasis on publications and continuing education. A fat, 158 page Geophysics, The Leading Edge of Exploration (TLE), the Society's new monthly nontechnical publication, made a controversial debut in June. The premier issue included cover stories on Cecil Green and Gerald Westby, two of SEG's most distinguished members; a lavishly illustrated (color photographs, yet!) eight page article on the magnificent mansion of a former governor of Oklahoma; a piece on soccer; a crossword puzzle; and a cartoon or two. Other new publications in 1982: SQUID Applications to Geophysics, Harold Weinstock and William C. Overton, editors; SE Metric System of Units and SEG Tentative Metric Standard, by the SEG Metrication Subcommittee; Concepts and Techniques in Oil and Gas Exploration, Kamal Jain and Rui de Figuereido, Editors; and Pitfalls Revisited, by Paul M. Tucker. In addition, Careers n Geophysics was revised in a handsome four color brochure. The Council approved reapportionment to provide equal representation from 10 defined worldwide geographic 1 districts in addition to Sections. Highlight of the 52nd Annual Meeting in Dallas was an appearance by U.S. Vice-President George Bush. More than 1030 exhibit spaces were reserved at the meeting; six technical sessions were offered on Regional Gravity/Magnetic Maps. The requirement for expanded abstracts of papers resulted in a whopping 568 page volume. (One local cab driver wanted to order a copy of what he thought was "Dallas and SEX.") SEG received an incredible share of US$218 186 after 108 161 registered at the 14th OTC in Houston. The society cosponsored the third SEG/U.S. Navy Joint Symposium. A new student section was chartered at the University of Ife in Nigeria. SEG withdrew from the AGI. Sven Treitel served as the 1982 distinguished lecturer. 112 scholarships totaling US$130 800 were awarded for 1982-83, including the Brent D. Fuller and Milton B. Dobrin Memorial Scholarships; more than $1 million has been granted by the foundation since its inception. The SEG scholarship program passed the million-dollar mark with awards of $130,800. Expanded abstracts were required for all papers presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting.

Personals: Brian R. Spies now VP/chief geophysicist for Electro Magnetic Surveys Inc.... Hubert H. Hunt joined Walter Duncan Oil Properties Inc. as chief geophysicist ... James K. Grigsby elected president/CEO of STM Corp.... M. King Hubbert awarded both Columbia University's Vetlesen Prize (US$50 000 plus a gold medal) and the Franklin Institute's Elliott Cresson Medal ... James B. Coffman named president/CEO of Aminoil USA ... Raymond L. Sengbush now VP, geophysics of Integrated Energy Inc.... Thomas L. Dobecki new VP of technical marketing and development for Fracture Technology Inc.... Howard Dingman, president of Western Geophysical, elected corporate VP of Litton Industries ... Don B. Sheffield elected senior VP, service operations of Geosource ... Robert I. Westmacott joined May Petroleum Inc. as VP/exploration ... William H. Pelton transferred to Denver as president of Phoenix Geophysics Inc.... Enders A. Robinson accepted the distinguished chair in geophysics at the University of Tulsa ... Harold F. Murphree elected chairman of the board of IAGC ... Czango Baag joined Superior Oil's geoscience lab as supervisor of potential fields ... Fred Aminzadeh now associated with Union Oil of California ... James V. Taranik named dean of Mackay School of mines at University of Nevada Reno ... Aaron J. Seriff accepted an appointment as adjunct professor of geology at Rice University. Membership: 17 090; Student members: 1357

1981 A record $4 billion was spent on geophysical acquisition. More than 100,000 attendees of the OTC.

January Geophysics appeared in a new size (8 1/4 x 11 inches) much to the consternation of many readers. The seismic crew count reached an all time monthly high of 744. Six 50-year founding members received Gold Certificates and 150 received Silver Certificates for 25 years of continuous membership. SEG's Publications and Continuing Education departments outgrew the Headquarters building and moved down the street into new offices. A new business manager and communications manager were added to the staff. An ad hoc committee chaired by Bettye Athanasiou recommended SEG publish a "Newsletter." 43 continuing education courses were presented in 13 cities during 1981, including two held at the EAEG Annual Meeting in Vienna. Four new volumes were published by SEG: Seismic Wave Attenuation, M. N. Toksoz and D. H. Johnston, editors; Manuals of Hand Calculator Programs: Magnetotellurics in Oil Exploration in the U.S.S.R., translated by G. V. Keller; K. Vozoff, special editor; and Index of Wells Shot for Velocity, William J. Zwart, special editor. A delegation met with the China Geophysical Society in a week long meeting in the PRC. George R. Pickett served as 1981 distinguished lecturer. New student sections chartered at the University of Ohio and SUNY at Binghamton. 111 scholarships totaling US$110 700 awarded for 1981-82; six were sponsored by proceeds of the annual continuing education seminar of the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City. Following the Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, three research workshops were presented Thursday afternoon and another all day Friday. The uncrowded Icebreaker reception, held in the exhibits area on Sunday evening, was a howling success; 316 exhibitors proudly displayed their technological wonders in 906 booths. Council approved requirement for expanded abstracts for the 1982 Annual Meeting. The Society sponsored five technical sessions and 2 panel sessions at the 13th OTC where more than 100 000 registered. Worldwide spending for all geophysical methods reached a staggering $4 billion in booming 1981. A record $4 billion was spent on geophysical acquisition and processing in 1981. More than 100,000 attended the OTC that year.

Personals: Mike B. Scott accepted a position as exploration manager of Texas Gas Exploration (UK) in London ... E. O. Nestvold now chief geophysicist for the Royal Dutch/Shell Group in The Hague ... Jack M. Proffitt, former chairman of IAGC, was awarded their fifth life membership ... R. K. Bortfeld named director of the Geophysics Institute at Technical University Clausthal, West Germany ... Sally A Griffiths joined PanCanadian Petroleum Co. in Denver as senior geophysicist, northern region ... Robert D. Regan appointed VP/assistant to the president of Barringer Resources ... William R. Laws elected executive VP of Geosource ... M. Turhan Taner founded Seismic Research Corp..... James LeGate joined Professional Geophysics as manager of their new office in Salt Lake City ... James A. Kurfess named regional manager of Latin American exploration for Occidental Exploration and Production ... Frank Press elected president of the National Academy of Sciences for a 6 year term ... Former SEG President E. John Northwood appointed senior VP, exploration and production, for Transcontinental Oil Corp. in Shreveport ... Frank K. Levin received AIME's Robert Earll McConnell Award ... Paul Newman named director, technical services, for Horizon Exploration Ltd.... Thomas R. LaFehr appointed to the advisory subcommittee of geodynamics and geology of the NASA Advisory Council. Membership: 15 196

1980 50th Anniversary of the SEG

SEG celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a number of special activities. November Geophysics was a special issue featuring 50 Years of Progress, 1930-80; Daniel J. Silverman, S. Norman Domenico, and Mrs. David B. Darden served as special editors. The Society's largest convention (before or since) drew an unprecedented 12 319 registrants to Houston. A special feature at the meeting was a multimedia presentation on "Memories of Yesterday, Visions of Tomorrow," a four part chronicle of the history of SEG and the industry over the past five decades. It was narrated by former SEG presidents W. B. (Robby) Robinson and Carl H. Savit; former AAPG president M. Halbouty; and our own "Sweetheart of SEG," Bettye Athanasiou. Founders of the society (11 came for the ceremony) received special plaques and the first Gold Certificates. Special ribbons, badges, and lapel pins were also provided for founders, honorary members, and other major SEG award winners. New publications appearing during the year: Interval Velocities from Seismic Reflection Time Measurements, by Peter Hubral and Theodor Krey; Digital Tape Standards, by the Technical Standards Committee; and a monograph on the Generalized Reciprocal Method of Seismic Refraction, by Derecke Palmer, edited by K. B. S. Burke. SEG cosponsored the 1980 Pecora Conference with AAPG and the Geosat Committee. A one day colloquium on "Large Data Systems Oil and Gas Exploration" was sponsored by SEG during the IEEE symposium on circuits and systems. New student sections chartered: University of Houston and Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario. New Standing Committee: Public Affairs. Cumulative Index 1936-79 distributed as a supplement to December Geophysics.

Personals: Roy O. Lindseth elected president of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta ... John L. Hern joined Aladdin Petroleum ... David W. Zwart now with Anschutz Corp. in Denver ... Alex Becker appointed director of research for Questor Surveys Ltd.... Wulf Massell now director of R&D for Petty Ray Geophysical ... Kandia Balachandran promoted to senior research geophysicist with Union Oil of California in Brea ... Charles F. Earley named chief geophysicist for Getty Oil (Britain) Ltd., based in London ... Patents Editor W. J. Scherback retired from Mobil Oil Corp. after 24 years and is now a partner of Scherback, Jackson and Faulconer, a patent law firm in Dallas ... Isidore Zietz resigned from the USGS after 40 years and joined Phoenix Corp. Membership: 14 172

1970-1979: Boom or Bust?

1979 GEOPHYSICS began monthly publication, and fifteen Continuing Education courses were offered.

June Geophysics was a Memorial issue to John C. Karcher, the "father of the reflection seismograph." New student sections were chartered at the Universities of Saskatchewan, Calgary, Arizona, Kansas, California at Riverside, and New Mexico Tech. 80 students received SEG scholarships for 1979-80. The Sociedad Geofisica del Peru was reactivated. 961 delegates attended the 32nd Annual Midwest Meeting in Denver. According to SEG's monthly seismic crew survey, geophysical exploration reached its highest level in 20 years. Robert J. Weimer, professor at Colorado School of Mines, served as distinguished lecturer. Property was purchased for a new SEG headquarters building. John Hyden appointed executive director to succeed Howard Breck, who retired at the end of 1978. SEG's journal Geophysics became a monthly. 15 Continuing Education courses are now available and 10 more are planned. Wives of past presidents were honored at a luncheon during the Annual Meeting in New Orleans, a new tradition. The Technical Standards Subcommittee on Tape Formats approved a new family of tape formats (SEG-D), both multiplexed and demultiplexed and encompassing six different types of data words. 79 689 attended the 11th OTC in Houston and SEG's share of profits was a whopping US$135 152.

Personals: Ralph T. Ross retired after six years as SEG's representative to the OTC executive committee ... Charles H. Andrews formed Andrews Exploration ... Carl H. Savit appointed to the Energy Research Advisory Board of the U.S. Dept. of Energy ... Frank L. Jagodits joined Excalibur International Consultants Ltd. in Toronto ... John Paniszczyn accepted a position as exploration geophysicist with Enserch Exploration, based in Midland ... Douglas J. Guion and William C. Pearson established Guion & Pearson Inc. in Denver ... George M. Pavey, board chairman of Seismic Engineering, received the 1979 OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals ... Howard Dingman elected president of Western Geophysical. Membership: 12 730

1978 The SEG Maurice Ewing Medal Award was established as SEG's highest award.

SEG's highest honor, the Maurice Ewing Award, established and Cecil H. Green was the first recipient. SEG's Geophysics Reprint 1, Deconvolution, edited by Gerald M. Webster, was published. The society is now participating in the Copyright Clearance Center. Eight student sections were chartered: University of Iowa, Boise State University, University of Arkansas, Northern Illinois University, San Diego State University, University of Madrid (Spain) School of Mines, and the University of Wyoming. New Standing Committees: Advisory and Women in Geophysics; new ad hoc committees: Real Estate Committee to purchase land for a new headquarters building and Committee on Exchange Visits between Geophysicists from the U.S. and PRC. Silver Certificates awarded to 291 members. A campaign was started to expand the Continuing Education Program. SEG cosponsored with the U.S. Navy the first biennial two day symposium. SEG used a small (only six members) steering committee to make arrangements for the 48th Annual Meeting in San Francisco; the highly successful convention in the City by the Bay drew more than 5500 registrants.

Personals: Sheldon E. Elliott named chief geophysicist of Phillips Petroleum Co. Europe/Africa, based in London ... Francis G. (Bitts) Bryan joined C. H. Burt Inc. as manager of field operations ... Robert B. Rice retired as manager of Marathon Oil's Denver research center ... William L. Field joined Amarillo Oil in Houston ... Robert D. Regan appointed director of the earth sciences division of Phoenix Corp. ... Philip L. Work joined Tetra Tech as director of business development of the Texas energy management division ... Ben R. Howard accepted a position as division geophysicist with Williams Exploration in their Gulf Coast division ... Dallas R. (Dal) Davis retired from Indel Davis after 24 years with the company he helped found ... Richard L. Stites appointed chief geophysicist of the London office of Marathon International (GB) ... K. Helbig is now professor of exploration geophysics at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, Netherlands ... Tomas Ortiz, long time head of SSC's Mexican operations, retired after 32 years with the firm ... Fritz P. Kronberger appointed VP, corporate geophysical marketing, of Seiscom Delta ... James B. Lyon accepted a position with Pexcon International Inc. as senior VP of operations. Membership: 11 728


Michigan Society of Exploration Geophysicists chartered but three sections requested inactive status: Ark La Tex, Coastal Bend, and Forth Worth Geophysical Societies. Student sections established at the University of Texas, El Paso; State University of New York at Fredonia; Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London; and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. A new cover was designed for Geophysics. The SEG Medal Award was renamed the Reginald Fessenden Award. Nearly 5200 attended the 47th Annual Meeting in Calgary. More than 330 SEG members registered for the "All Star" geophysical session at the 9th OTC; a total of 65,611 attended the conference and SEG's share in the proceeds was US$89 100. The Radio Facilities Committee was dissolved and two representatives were appointed to the API Committee on Radio Communications. A liaison representative to IAGC was appointed. A special issue on Remote Sensing, R. D. Regan and Ken Watson, special editors, was published in April Geophysics. Oceanography Committee name was changed to "Offshore Exploration and Oceanography Committee."

Personals: John L. Hern elected VP/director of G.J. Long & Associates ... Stanley W. Hall joined Fairfield Industries as group VP ... Charles H. Andrews appointed VP/marketing for Houston Processors ... Ralph A. Wiggins now principal geophysicist for Del Mar Technical Associates ... Sven Treitel named research consultant to Amoco's geophysical research division ... William G. Clement joined the Cities Service exploration/production research lab ... Thomas L. Dobecki now with Sandia Labs' instrumentation systems division ... Steven H. Voss joined Tomlinson Interests as division geophysicist ... C. Wayne Carrier appointed chief geophysicist for Amarex Inc., in Oklahoma City ... Guy L. Burge, Jr. now division geologist for Buttes Resources in Bakersfield ... Patricial L. Kist joined Houston Processors as production manager for seismic processing ... Michael A. Clevenger named president of United Geophysical Co. Membership: 10 762; Student Members: 1053


New student sections were chartered at the University of Adelaide (Australia), University Texas at Dallas, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, University of Washington (Seattle), North Carolina State University (Raleigh), and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City. The AAPG/AAPL/SEG/SPE Committee on Media Symposia held its first seminar in Boston; the group was established to give the press background information on fundamentals of exploration and production of oil and natural gas. SEG's crest was registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Proceeds from the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City's continuing education seminar provided US$1500 for SEG Foundation scholarships. An increase in seismic exploration activity was reported in May after a 10 month decline. Frank Levin served as 1976 Distinguished Lecturer. SEG President R.B. Rice submitted to the U.S. Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs a statement protesting certain provisions of S1864 (Energy Information Act). An additional officer (2nd vice president) was added to the executive committee. Society accepted an invitation from the USGS to collaborate in the publication of joint USGS/SEG gravity and magnetic maps. Since the first scholarship awards in 1956-57, SEG Foundation Scholarship donations from companies, sections, and individuals have provided more than US$500 000 to students. Records again were broken at the 46th Annual Meeting in Houston: more than 6000 delegates, spouses, students, and exhibitors attended the convention; for the first time, one day registration was available. A luncheon honoring past presidents was held during the meeting and a special session honored L. L. Nettleton. An electromagnetics supplement, S. H. Ward, editor, was published in December Geophysics.

Personals: Ray E. Faudry, President of Geophysical Society of Houston, named exploration manager of Skelly's Houston district ... Robert Dyk appointed an honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II of England in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the development of th UK offshore oil industry ... A. A. (Hunt) Hunzicker, 46-year veteran of the industry, retired as executive VP of IAGC ... David A. Hastings joined the Geological Survey of Ghana as senior geophysicist ... Two distinguished SEG past presidents, E. V. McCollum and W. B. Robinson, are teaching courses in geophysics at the University of Oklahoma. Membership: 9968


Silver Certificates awarded to 149 individuals who completed 25 years of continuous membership. New student sections (making a total of 28) established at Penn State, University of Western Ontario, Bowling Green State University, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and Stanford University. Dan Skelton, president of SEG and president elect of AGI, spoke on "Geophysics Good News/Bad News" at an AGI sponsored White House Conference on the Earth Sciences. The SEG Foundation, in its 20th year, awarded 60 scholarships for 1975-76. Former SEG President Samuel J. Allen served as distinguished lecturer. For the first time, the Index of Wells for 1975 listed offshore separate from land wells. Sharon E. Macha appointed SEG's representative to the AGI Women in Geoscience Committee. SEG pins presented to former annual meeting chairmen during the Kickoff Luncheon at the 45th Annual Meeting in Denver. "SEG" and "Geophysics" trademarks were officially registered with the U.S. Patent Office. New Committee: Ad Hoc Committee on Exchange Visits between U.S. and Mainland China Geophysicists, Stanley B. Jones, chairman. A Speakers Club was initiated to provide talks to groups outside North America by speakers traveling on company business.

Personals: Robert L. Zieve named VP, exploration for Inexco Oil ... Charles H. (Chuck) Burt is VP of marketing for Geocom ... Myron Goldstein transferred from Esso Australia to Esso Standard in Johannesburg, South Africa ... Alex Becker named managing director of Mineral Exploration Research Institute in Montreal ... Basil C. Pantin new president of GTS de Venezuela C.A. in Cara as ... Robert E. Sheriff accepted a position with Seiscom Delta as senior VP ... Lawrence C. Wood named consulting geophysicist in Amoco Production's exploration department in Houston ... D. G. (Gene) Westover named chief geophysicist for Tenneco Oil Co. ... G. Clark Davenport transferred to Madrid as manager of geophysics for the Eastern Hemisphere for Dames and Moore ... Milo M. Backus joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin as the first Wallace E. Pratt professor of geophysics ... C. G. Dahm now chief geophysicist for Texas Pacific Oil International ... E. (Woody) Hardman named VP for Trend Exploration Ltd. in Denver. Membership: 9192


A petition to change the constitution to allow for a president elect was voted down by the Council. SEG sponsored the first Academic/Industry Seminar for geophysics professors and geophysicists from industry to discuss each other's needs; Robert E. Sheriff chaired the meeting funded by 13 oil companies and 4 geophysical contractors. Frank Rollins served as general chairman of the 44th Annual Meeting in Dallas; theme was "Geophysics Exploration's Leading Edge." Ed Stewart, Ray Krum, and Larry Mandot received the well-deserved "Honorary Doodlebugger Award" for their service "above and beyond the call of duty" for their contributions to the success of the 1973 Annual Meeting in Mexico City. Raymond A. Peterson's short course, "Through the Kaleidoscope: A Doodlebugger in Wonderland," is now available to SEG sections. In response to an invitation to members by SEG President Kidder to serve on SEG committees, a new "Committee to Cherish, Promote, and Defend Doodlebuggers," was suggested by the irrepressible Bettye Athanasiou. A new SEG career guidance film, "The Energy Seekers," was completed and previewed at the Dallas convention. Expansion of SEG headquarters was completed with the addition of a second story to the building. Charters were received by the following new student sections: Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Akita (Japan) University, University of Texas, Michigan Tech, Oklahoma University, Cornell University, and the University of Tulsa. E. I. Gal'perin's Vertical Seismic Profiling was published; A. J. Hermont served as translator, and J. Ed White was special editor. A monthly seismic crew survey of U.S. land crews and marine vessels was authorized to be taken for the Federal Energy Administration. The Society's Employment Referral Service was offered for the first time at the Dallas convention. A brochure, "Opportunities in Exploration Geophysics," was prepared for distribution to high school students. 32 600+ registered at the 6th OTC in Houston, netting a share for SEG of US$43 784.

Personals: W. Maurice Ewing died May 4 just three days before he was scheduled to receive the 1974 Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals at the OTC in Houston ... Tsvi Meidav founded Geonomics Inc. ... Frank Levin promoted to senior research scientist at Esso Production Research ... Awards: to M. King Hubbert the GSA Penrose Medal; Frank Press, NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal; and Charles C. Bates, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Silver Medal ... Nabil A. Morgan transferred to England as GSI's area geophysicist for the Middle East ... Melvin J. Hill named president of Gulf Oil's new division, GLOBEX ... Zeljko Zagorac now lecturer of applied geophysics and chief of the Institute for Mining Surveying and Applied Geophysics at the University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia ... GeoQuest International Ltd. founded by Norman S. Neidell, J. Pat Lindsey, and E. F. Zagst with offices in Houston ... Emile Guerin, Jr. named VP of GUS Exploration Inc. ... John A. McDonald joined the exploration division of Gulf R&D as a research geophysicist ... Jack D. Wallner promoted to director of systems for Tenneco Oil Co. ... Kenneth L. Larner named supervisor of geotechnical research for Western Geophysical ... Richard L. Fentem new chief geologist U.S. for Amerada Hess, based in Tulsa. William S. French now associate professor of geophysics at Oregon State University's school of oceanography ... Graham C. Alvey joined Occidental of Libya Inc. as chief geophysicist in Tripoli. Membership: 8465

1973 Robert E. Sheriff publishes Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics.

Three new sections of the Society were chartered: Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society (KEGS) of Toronto, Geophysical Society of Peru (Lima), and Potomac Geophysical Society in Washington, D.C. Dues remitted for life for Craig Ferris and Frank Searcy for their long time service. New student sections chartered at the following universities: Arizona, Hawaii, Northern Arizona, Tasmania (Australia), Wright State, and Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas). The name of the Best Paper Award changed to Outstanding Paper in Geophysics. New SEG publications this year: Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration Geophysics, by Robert E. Sheriff; and Geophysical Monograph No. 2: Pitfalls in Seismic Interpretation, by Paul M. Tucker and Howard J. Yorston. All previous attendance records were shattered at the 43rd Annual Meeting in Mexico City; 3800 delegates, exhibitors, spouses, and students had registered by the end of the meeting. Cumulative Index 1936-72 was published as a supplement to October Geophysics, William J. Zwart special editor. New committees established: Geothermal, Academic Liaison, and Revision of SEG Film (ad hoc). Members of the former South Texas Geophysical Society, inactive since 1966, donated US$1230 remaining in their treasury to the SEG Foundation.

Personals: Roy O. Lindseth elected president of the Canadian Geoscience Council ... Richard E. Schneider transferred to Continental Oil's exploration office in Oklahoma City ... C. F. Wendenburg named executive VP/general manager of Rogers Explorations ... P. G. Mathieu promoted to director of Gulf R&D's exploration division in Pittsburgh ... J. Ken Morrison joined Ashland Oil Canada in Calgary ... David A. Emilia joined the staff of the Geophysical Observatory at Haile Sellassie I University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Membership: 8159

1972 First book published by SEG jointly with the AAPG.

Stratigraphic Oil and Gas Fields Classification, Exploration Methods, and Case Histories, Robert E. King special editor, was published jointly with AAPG. The Mining Committee was expanded to become the Mining, Engineering, and Groundwater Geophysics Committee. The Texas A&M University Geophysical Society was chartered but the Geophysical Society of Edmonton disbanded due to a series of transfers of members. Richard Legault, professor at the University of Michigan's Willow Run Lab, served as SEG's Distinguished Lecturer. Walter English elected to Life Membership in the Society. A total of 2259 registered at the 42nd Annual Meeting in Anaheim, November 26-30; 81 companies exhibited in 138 booths; Douglas D. Barman served as general chairman and Stanley B. Jones was Technical Program chairman. A first for SEG, the Tucker brothers, Paul and Lewis, were awarded Best Presentation plaques for their (different) papers at the 1971 convention. The executive committee approved "establishment of a communications channel" with IAGC. The Employment Referral Service now available to members from headquarters in Tulsa. The SEG Council adopted an official "Certification and Registration Policy." SEG Vice President George R. Rogers died in the Fiji Islands while on assignment for his company, Phelps Dodge.

Personals: Norman Morrissey promoted to executive VP of GeoData Corp. ... Michael A. Clevenger now VP/director of international operations of United Geophysical ... William L. Baker transferred from Chevron Overseas Petroleum in San Francisco to West Australian Petroleum Ltd. in Perth ... Walt Conley joined Esso Eastern Inc. in Houston as geophysical advisor with responsibilities for Australia and Indonesia ... Norman E. Goldstein appointed project geophysicist, project development division for Cities Service's international operations in the New York office ... R. L. Sengbush and Norris R. Harris formed Petroleum Exploration Consultants Worldwide Inc. (PEXCON) in Dallas ... J. Fred Bucy elected executive VP of Texas Instruments ... Harry J. McGrew named director of geophysics of Gulf Oil Co.'s Latin American exploration and production department ... J. Lester Heath appointed president of Vector Cable Co. . . . Hugh M. Thralls, former SEG president, retired as chairman and CEO of United Geophysical. Membership: 7799

1971 50th anniversary of J. Clarence Karcher's first exploration reflection seismic experiment.

3776 registered at the 41st Annual Meeting in Houston; the 125 paper technical program included six mining sessions. J. Dan Skelton presided as the third General Chairman; he succeeded James E. Harrison (who transferred to Tulsa in May) and the original chairman, Ben R. Howard, who earlier accepted a transfer to Ecuador. Nine founders of SEG who were still members of the society were honored during the Kickoff Luncheon; eight others were unable to attend. 1971 marked the 50th anniversary of the reflection seismograph; a commemorative monument was unveiled by SEG President W. B. Robinson in Oklahoma City during the 24th meeting of the Midwest Sections. Registration versus certification was the big issue in 1971; no policy was set by the society, however. Glossary of Terms Used in Well Logging, by Robert E. Sheriff, was translated into Spanish by COMGEOFIS and offered by them for purchase. The third annual OTC attracted 10 800 delegates. A proposal by the Houston Geophysical Society to move SEG headquarters to Houston was turned down by the Council. Seismograph Service Corp. donated a complete analog seismic replay center to the University of Tulsa's earth sciences department. February Geophysics was a special issue on electromagnetic scattering, edited by Stanley H. Ward. The Columbia University Geophysical Society (SEG's 10th student section) was chartered. 1971 publications included Seismic Filtering, translated by Nathan Rothenberg, R. Van Nostrand, editor; and SEG Monograph No. 1: Gravity and Magnetics for Geologists and Seismologists, by L. L. Nettleton. The Engineering, Groundwater, and Construction Geophysics Committee was formed and the Digital Recording Standards Committee was reactivated. Membership Certificates were designed and offered for purchase from the business office.

Personals: Charles C. Perry, Jr. accepted the position of operations manager for Cia. Mexicana de Exploraciones S.A., with offices in Mexico City ... J. M. Proffitt named manager of U.S. operations of GSI ... Peter R. Vail promoted to senior research associate in Esso Production Research's stratigraphic geology division ... Walter W. Hays named technical director of Environmental Research Corp. Frank Jagodits appointed chief geophysicist with Barringer Research Ltd. ... T. A. Russell elected assistant VP of SSC ... R. L. Makin transferred from London to Signal Oil & Gas's head office in Los Angeles ... Ralph A. Wiggins now an assistant professor at the University of Toronto ... A. A. Hunzicker named executive VP of newly formed International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) with headquarters in Houston ... Charles H. Andrews appointed staff geophysicist for Geocom ... Rear Admiral O. D. Waters retired as oceanographer of the Navy ... Luis Del Castillo G. named head of exploration geophysics at the Geophysics Institute in Mexico City ... John R. Bailey formed Senturion Sciences Inc. in Tulsa ... Laurie Reed joined Selco Exploration Co. in Toronto ... Emil J. Mateker appointed VP of R&D for Western Geophysical ... Frank Press, head of the department of earth and planetary sciences at MIT, awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in London ... David W. Strangway appointed chief of the geophysics branch of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston ... Former SEG President John C. Hollister retired as professor of geophysics and head of the geophysics department at Colorado School of Mines. Membership: 7507; Student Members: 439

1970 Emeritus Membership was established.

SEG Foundation awarded US$33 900 to 50 students for 1970-71 academic year. The Geophysical Society of Alaska and the Australian SEG received charters; and the Four Corners Geophysical Society (Farmington, New Mexico/Durango, Colorado) disbanded. Emeritus status for members aged 65 who have been members for 30 continuous years was approved by the Council. "A Cumulative Index of Geophysics 1936-69," W. J. Zwart special editor, was published as a supplement to June Geophysics. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Geophysical Society was formed as a student section. New standing committees: Planning Advisory, Oceanography, Academic Liaison, and Professional Affairs. The Joint Cooperative AAPG/SEG Committee was "inactivated." Preregistration was offered for the first time at the 40th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, which attracted a total of 2553 registrants. Francis Hale appointed SEG representative to the new Instituto Panamericano de Geografia a Historia, headquartered in La Paz, Bolivia; an organizing meeting of the Committee on Geophysics (COMGEOFIS) of the instituto was held in Mexico City.

Personals: Dolan McDaniel appointed manager of northern Latin American operations for GSI ... I. A. Mamantov assumed position of assistant professor of Russian at SMU ... Carl H. Savit joined the staff of the Office of Science and Technology in Washington as assistant to President Nixon's science advisor for earth, marine, and atmospheric sciences ... W. M. Dolan is now chief geophysicist for Amax Exploration Inc., based in Toronto ... Norman E. Goldstein joined International Oil Corp. in Denver as chief geophysicist of the minerals division ... Charles G. Heil promoted to division exploration manager for Continental Oil in Oklahoma City ... B. G. Baugh and S. W. Schoellhorn named VPs of SSC ... Tom Nicol promoted to VP of Petty Geophysical Engineering's data processing division ... Francis Campbell, retired Amerada Geophysicist, was elected city auditor of Tulsa in a recent election. (Campbell was reelected eight times and died in office in 1987) ... John L. DeVault joined GTS Corp. as data bank manager in Houston. Membership: 7306

1960-1969: International Flavor

1969 Pre-cursor of Sheriff's Dictionary published.

Attendance records broken again at the 39th convention held September 14-18 in Calgary; three more delegates were registered than at Houston in 1966. SEG was a co-sponsor of the first annual OTC in Houston; a total of 3500 delegates attended. A 14-page addendum to R. E. Sheriff's glossary appeared in April Geophysics. A new Public Relations Committee was formed and Corporate Membership in the Society was created. Atlantic Richfield party #23 was presented a 20-year safety award certificate by Safety Committee Chairman Frank Searcy. Two new courses added to the Continuing Education Program, making a total of 19 now available. Dan Silverman is new Patents Editor of Geophysics. Humble Oil & Refining donated US$30 000 to AAPG.

Personals: Sam L. Evans resigned from GSI and joined Seiscom Delta in Houston ... H. A. Winkler, U.N. project manager of an aerial geophysical survey of the Solomon Islands, assigned to U.N. Headquarters in New York ... William B. Heroy, Jr. elected president of AGI ... J. Tuzo Wilson and Frederick J. Vine received gold medals from AGI at their annual meeting in Mexico City ... Afif H. Saad is assistant professor of geophysics at the University of Missouri Rolla ... Hal W. Godwin now president of Seismotech 64 ... H. E. Stommel named president of Chevron Oil's geophysics division ... Teodoro Gadea Acosta now a consulting geologist in Lima, Peru ... Kindel McNeill promoted to VP of Geocom Inc. ... John W. C. Sherwood joined Digicon as a senior scientist ... Roy O. Lindseth and Sigmund Hammer presented their Continuing Education Short Courses to the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo in Mexico City .... J. Ed White resigned from Marathon Oil to become VP of Globe Universal Sciences in Midland .... Dennis R. Mett is new chief geophysicist of Union Oil of California's oil and gas division ... Richard C. Anderson promoted to manager of Europe/Africa/Middle East operations for GSI ... S. Parker Gay joined Mineral Surveys Inc. as general manager of their new offices in Salt Lake City ... James K. Grigsby joined Olympic Geophysical ... Jean Ferrand elected executive VP of Aquitaine Oil Corp., Paris. Membership: 7110

1968 SEG co-sponsors the Offshore Technology Conference.

Ten new continuing education short courses sponsored by SEG were presented to sections and/or companies during the year. The society affiliated with SEG Japan. Virgil Kauffman and Admiral O. D. Waters were elected to Active Membership and their dues remitted for life. The student section at Montana Tech was chartered. June Geophysics was a special Memorial Issue to Lawrence Y. Faust. The society accepted an invitation from SPE to become a cosponsor of an annual "oceanographic conference" (OTC). The Mexican Exploration Geophysicists Association (AMGE) invited SEG to hold its 43rd Annual International Meeting in Mexico City in 1973 and the Council approved. SEG's representative to the US. National Committee on Geology, former president Robert Kendall, attended the 1968 meeting of the International Union of Geologic Sciences in Prague, Czechoslovakia in August. (His fascinating report of the Russian invasion during the meeting appears in February Geophysics, p. 133.) "Glossary of Terms Used in Geophysical Exploration," by Robert E. Sheriff, was also published in the February issue, which included the journal's very first four color ad!

Personals: Sigmund Hammer joined the University of Wisconsin as professor of geophysics ... Alexis Stoupnitzky, CGG, has transferred from Paris to Houston ... Robert B. McEuen now a staff geoscientist with Rucker Co. ... G. L. Scott joined North American Exploration Co. as VP of geophysics ... Allan Spector now senior scientist with Huntec Ltd., Toronto ... Charles C. Bates named science advisor to the U.S. Coast Guard ... C. Machnich appointed seismic operations supervisor of Petrobras for all Brazil ... Theodor H. Braun elected president of Applied Computer Technology ... Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel of Lamont Geological Observatory were appointed cochief scientists on the first leg of the Deep Sea Drilling Project ... Charles B. Smith, Jr. named president of Georex, an affiliate of CGG ... A. A. Hunzicker now VP/manager of geophysical operations of Mandrel's Ray Geophysical Division. Membership: 6785


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Geophysical Analysis Group (MIT GAG) Report was published as a special issue in June Geophysics; it was edited by E. A. Flinn, E. A. Robinson, and Sven Treitel. Also published in 1967 were Seismic Refraction Prospecting, Albert W. Musgrave, special editor; and Mining Geophysics, Volume II. The Continuing Education Committee was formed and offered 14 short courses. SEG affiliated with the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain. Silver Certificates were presented to 42 members of the Society. Regina Geophysical Society disbanded due to transfers of members from the area. W. B. (Robby) Robinson served as general chairman of the 37th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City where 100 technical papers were presented. 34 students received a total of US$22 375 in SEG scholarships for the academic year. Plaques awarded to the following companies sponsoring SEG scholarships for 10 years: Dresser SIE, Gardner Denver, Petty Geophysical Engineering, Teledyne Exploration, Texas Gulf Sulfur Co., Texas Instruments, and Westinghouse Air Brakes (G.E. Failing Co.). The Digital Standards Committee, having completed its objectives, published a report in October Geophysics and was dissolved. A Student Section was chartered at the University of California, Berkeley with Brent D. Fuller as first president.

Personals: H.F. Morrison appointed professor of geophysical engineering at UC Berkeley ... Robert C. Kendall of BPM in The Hague has been assigned to Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd. ... J. Roger Heggblom, formerly with Bolivian Gulf Oil, named manager of Ecuadorian Gulf Oil in Quito ... H. W. Beauchamp new manager of domestic operations for Rogers Exploration ... Hollis A. Scoggin joined Southland Royalty Co. in Fort Worth as geophysicist ... Ronald Green new head of geophysics department at University of New England in Armidale, Australia ... H. L. (Bud) Grant named VP of Western Geophysical ... H. M. Rackets joined United Geophysical as VP of Western Hemisphere operations ... Scott Petty Jr. elected president of Petty Geophysical Engineering ... Don A. Hansen appointed chief geophysicist for Vanguard Exploration ... Terry W. Spencer chairman of new department of geophysics at Texas A&M University ... J. Erik Jonsson retired as chairman of the board of Texas Instruments; he is currently serving as mayor of Dallas ... Andris Viksne accepted a position as scientist with Raytheon ... Hans A. Meinardus joined department of geophysics at University of Chile in Santiago ... Gerald B. Rupert new director of Western Geophysical's digital processing center in Milano, Italy ... T. N. Crook is manager of the basics geophysics division and Frank Levin is research scientist for Esso Production Research, a subsidiary of Humble Oil & Refining Co. in Houston. Membership: 6522


Student Sections chartered at the University of California, Berkeley and Michigan State University. Mining Geophysics, Volume 1, compiled and edited by the Mining Geophysics Volume Editorial Committee, was published. Editors were S.H. Ward, J. S. Sumner, W. E. Heinrichs, Don A. Hansen, G. R. Rogers, and R. E. MacDougall. SEG's 36th Annual Meeting, held at Houston's Shamrock Hotel with Chester Sappington serving as general chairman, broke all previous records for attendance: Total registration of 3124 was an increase of 34% over the record set in Dallas the previous year. A new award, the Kauffman Gold Medal, founded by Virgil Kauffman, president of Aero Service Corp., was presented to Cecil H. Green at the convention. The KWIC Index, compiled by the Data Processing Committee under William J. Zwart, was published during the year; it covered Geophysics (1936-65) and Geophysical Prospecting (1953-66). Silver certificates awarded to 50 SEG Members who completed 25 years of continuous SEG membership. The first International Science Fair Awards Committee appointed and SEG and the U. S. Naval Oceanographic Office jointly sponsored two awards at the 17th fair in Dallas. SEG s new headquarters building was formally dedicated on January 15 with ceremonies in Tulsa. The South Texas Geophysical Society in San Antonio now inactive.

Personals: Dean Kleinkopf joined the USGS Branch of Regional Geophysics in Denver ... Peter I. Bediz, executive VP of Century Geophysical, transferred from Calgary to the home office in Tulsa ... James D. Kallina appointed VP for Petty Geophysical Engineering in San Antonio ... F. O. Ritzmann, Patents editor since 1939 (!), retired from Gulf Oil Co. and his duties as an Associate Editor of Geophysics ... Julian K. Pawley joined Independent Exploration Co. as senior research geophysicist ... Eugene F. Florian is president of new firm, Mark Products Inc. ... Richard E. Schneider promoted to geophysicist in charge of gravity/magnetic exploration for Continental Oil in Ponca City ... T. R. LaFehr and R. Jerry Brod are new partners of GAI GMX ... James Kurfess now assistant to manager of foreign operations, United Geophysical ... Louis R. Slichter awarded AGU's William Bowie Medal ... James O. Banks promoted to VP of Louisiana Land and Exploration ... G. H. Westby elected chairman of the board of Seismograph Service ... William C. Kellogg named chief geophysicist for Lockwood, Kessler & Bartlett ... Sam L. Evans is supervisor of GSI's new office in Oklahoma City ... Michel T. Halbouty elected president of AAPG for 1966 ... D. G. Howell served as General Chairman of the Permian Basin Geophysical Society's 13th Annual Exploration Meeting in Midland. Membership: 6356; Student Members: 203

1965 SEG staff move into the Society's new building in June.

SEG headquarters building in Tulsa was completed and the nine staff members moved in on June 25. Three executive committees were involved in planning the new offices; the respective presidents were John C. Hollister, 1962-63; Norman J. Christie, 1963-64; and Hugh M. Thralls, 1964-65. SEG became a charter member of the InterSociety Committee for Rock Mechanics. "Magnetic Methods II," James Affleck, editor, appeared as a special issue in October Geophysics; a special issue for the Field Geophysicist was published in December; and a "Style Guide for Geophysics" by Milton B. Dobrin, with "Addendum and Revisions" by R. B. Rice and F. A. Van Melle appeared in February. J.E. White and S.T. Algermissen served as distinguished lecturers. The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain was formed with Robert Dyk elected first president. Seven Russian geophysicists attended the SEG convention in Dallas; V. V. Fedynskiy of the Ministry of Geology headed the delegation.

Personals: Enders A. Robinson and Keeva Vozoff appointed VPs of Geoscience Inc. ... S. Parker Gay returned from Peru and joined American Smelting & Refining's geophysical division ... Richard C. Anderson new manager of GSI's Europe Africa Middle East land operations, based in London ... Walter Fillippone now senior research associate for Union Oil's research center in Brea ... Judd H. Oualline transferred to Tulsa from Houston as exploration department manager for Skelly Oil ... Robert I. Westmacott named district geophysicist at Lubbock for Pan American Petroleum ... Booth B. Strange elected president of Western Geophysical ... Daniel Silverman named research consultant to Pan American Petroleum's Research Center ... Charles C. Bates named scientific and technical director of the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office ... Norman J. Christie awarded Colorado School of Mines' Distinguished Achievement Medal. Membership: 5837


Oregon State University Geophysical Society received a charter as a Student Section. SEG rejoined AGI as a society member. Mutual association with AMGE was established with W. E. Franks serving as our representative. B. W. Beebe, consultant, was distinguished lecturer. An agreement signed with Elliott Sweet to write History of Exploration Geophysics would be underwritten by SEG. John Hyden, SEG publication manager, resigned and was succeeded by assistant David Yowell. Milton B. Dobrin served as general chairman of the 34th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, November 15-19; it attracted a total of 1412 registrants and 54 companies exhibited in 76 booths. A lot near 51st and Harvard Streets in Tulsa was purchased for SEG headquarters and an architect was selected by Building Committee Chairman Paul L. Lyons. The executive committee stipulated "the building be attractive and beautiful ... a monument to the art of geophysics." The Society accepted a KWIC Index of Geophysics and Geophysical Prospecting, compiled and donated by Standard Oil Co. of California. Special issues in 1964 Geophysics: "Vela Uniform I (April), "Vela Uniform II" (October), and "Magnetic Methods I," James Affleck, editor (August). The 17th Annual Midwest Meeting held April 26 28 in Midland.

Personals: Lou Castelli appointed chief geophysicist of Socony Mobil of Canada, succeeding H. J. Kidder who transferred to Dallas ... Paul Kintzinger joined Sinclair Research in Tulsa ... Jack M. Proffitt now manager of West Coast operations for GSI ... Roy L. Lay former SEG President (1953-54), was elected chairman of the board of Amoseas ... M. King Hubbert retired from Shell Development Co. and promptly assumed dual employment: with the USGS and as professor of geology/geophysics at Stanford University ... F. Burke Calhoon joined Woodham Consulting Co. in Houston ... Anthony F. Gangi named associate professor of geophysics at M.I.T. ... John M. Crawford promoted to research fellow in Conoco's R&D department ... Robert C. Kendall transferred to Shell Oil's New Orleans area office ... Charles L. Elliot joined Bear Creek Mining Co. ... John C. Behrendt, formerly on the staff of the University of Wisconsin's Geophysical and Polar Research Center, joined the USGS in Denver. Membership: 5728


International Gravity Measurements, by G. P. Woollard and J. C. Rose, was published; plus the Cumulative Index 1931-61, Kenneth L. Cook, special editor. In addition, the Index of Wells Shot for Velocity, previously printed as a supplement to Geophysics, was published separately and will be updated annually by SEG's Data Processing Committee, William J. Zwart, chairman. A new plaque for Distinguished Lecturers was designed and the first were presented to the 1963 lecturers, J. M. Bruckshaw of Imperial College, London, and John C. Crawford of Continental Oil. The Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AMGE) extended an invitation to SEG members to attend AMGE's 2nd convention, November 21-23 in Tampico. The Pacific Coast Section SEG/AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting held April 25-26 at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel; registration fee: US$3.50, students $0.50. Second issue of Papers for the Field Geophysicist appeared in October.

Personals: Ralph D. Wyckoff, 1943 44 SEG President, retired as director of Gulf R&D's instrument division ... Tomas Leighton promoted to party chief for Empresa Nacional del Petroleo in Magallanes, Chile ... Lucius C. Geer named division geophysicist for Union Oil of California's Pacific Coast division ... SEG President John C. Hollister awarded a Distinguished Achievement Medal by Colorado School of Mines ... Jack Desmond named manager of Western Geophysical's Rocky Mountain division, with headquarters in Denver ... Robert Sarmiento, Jersey Production Research, elected president of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) ... Paul R. LeTourneau, chief geophysicist for Mobil Oil Libya, transferred to Mobil's Geophysical Services in Dallas ... Adrian Becker promoted to division geophysicist of Continental Oil's Jackson division ... John H. Earl appointed manager of public relations for Petty Geophysical in Australia ... Charles C. Perry Jr. joined Colombian Petroleum Co. in Bogota ... Vance Lynch now with Sidney Schafer & Associates ... George W. Sales rejoined Hall Sears/Geo Space Corp. as sales engineer. Membership: 5566


SEG career guidance film The Earthquake Makers completed early in the year. April Geophysics was a special issue on Engineering Geophysics with Charles L. Drake, Special Editor. Two new Standing Committees: Public Relations and the AAPG/SEG Joint Cooperative Committee. A new Society periodical, Papers for the Field Geophysicist, published as a supplement to December Geophysics through the efforts of Robert B. Rice, editor. The Canadian SEG used the following slogan to publicize SEG's 32nd Annual Meeting:

Calgary for Annual Meeting SEG 1962 Looks mighty Good to us And we really look forward to seeing You!

The convention, held September 16-20, attracted 1455 registrants. New business manager Howard Breck was appointed to coordinate the administrative affairs of the society. New Section: Bay Area Geophysical Society in San Francisco; two Sections disbanded: the Asociacion Venezolana de Geofisica in Caracas and Cochabamba (Bolivia) Geophysical Society.

Personals: T. A. Halbrook joined GeoData Corp. as seismologist ... Jerome D. Novotny now district exploration superintendent for Pan American Petroleum's Corpus Christi district ... Robert E. Sheriff transferred to West Australia Petroleum in Perth where P. B. McGrath has been appointed managing director ... Wallace L. Matjasic, formerly with Honolulu Oil Corp., now a geophysicist with Tidewater Oil in Bakersfield ... Robert L. Sims joined Sunray DX as a geophysicist in the Tulsa office ... Milo M. Backus named director of research for Texas Instruments' science services division. Membership: 5639

1961 The SEG Medal Award (later renamed in honor of Reginald Fessenden) was created.

SEG Medal Award (renamed the Reginald Fessenden Award in 1977) created. Recipients for 1961 were Beno Gutenberg (posthumously) and Raoul Vajk. University of British Columbia Student Geophysical Society chartered. SEG's 31st Annual Meeting in Denver attracted a total of 1543 registrants; technical program under chairman J. Ed White offered 61 papers and 45 companies exhibited in 55 booths. Annual award was approved for presentation by Safety Committee to companies and field crews with the best safety records in geophysical exploration. J. A. Jacobs, University of British Columbia, was 1961 Distinguished Lecturer. SEG's Instrumentation Subcommittee of Cooperation with Governmental Agencies Committee worked with Geotech Corp. to establish requisite instrumentation/procedures for Project Gnome nuclear explosion in New Mexico. Dues remitted for life for Elisabeth Stiles, charter member and former secretary treasurer of the Society. Abstracts of papers from U.S.S.R. Bulletin Izvestiya began publication in February Geophysics. Victor Vacquier awarded the John Price Wetherill Medal by Franklin Institute for his development of the first practical airborne magnetometer.

Personals: W. E. Dickson, supervisor for GSI (Bahamas) Ltd., moved from London to Madrid ... U.S. President John F. Kennedy appointed Frank Press to a four year term on the President's Science Advisory Committee ... Paul E. Madeley elected president of Electrodynamic Instrument Corp. ... Lane Howell now employed by Superior Oil as a geophysicist in Oklahoma City district office ... Edwin B. Neitzel appointed chief research engineer for GSI ... M. B. Dobrin, formerly with Triad Oil Co., now chief geophysicist for United Geophysical ... J. R. Heggblum, former exploration coordinator for Bolivian Gulf Oil Co., joined Caribbean Gulf Oil as general manager in San Jose, Costa Rica ... Albert W. Musgrave awarded the prestigious Van Diest Gold Medal for 1961 by Colorado School of Mines ... S. Norman Domenico named division geophysicist for Pan American's Gulf Coast area and transferred from Calgary to Houston ... L. A. Martin elected president of United Geophysical ... Sudhir Jain received the Assam Oil Co. scholarship for research in geophysics at the University of Liverpool ... Hubert B. Hunt joined Sinclair Oil & Gas in Oklahoma City ... Michael S. Reford named chief geophysicist for Aero Service ... Harry J. McGrew new geophysicist for Gulf R&D. Membership: 5662

1960 Silver anniversary issue of GEOPHYSICS published listing "classic" papers of the first twenty-five years of the journal.

A Special Silver Anniversary issue of Geophysics published in February, L. Y. Faust, editor; 46 classic papers appearing in the first 24 volumes of the journal were selected by a panel of judges. In addition, photos of all officers (1930-1960) are included. During the 30th Annual Meeting in Galveston, a total of 62 papers were presented. SEG Foundation awarded US$17 000 in scholarships to 23 students for 1959-1960 academic year. The Subcommittee on Russian Translations published its first (and only) list of references of Soviet books and papers of interest to geophysicists in February Geophysics. The SEG Business Office moved from the AAPG building to the Shell building in Tulsa. SEG withdrew membership from AGI. Geophysics became a bimonthly and authorization was given for the annual publication of a Yearbook to contain nontechnical information including the membership roster. John Hyden joined the SEG staff as editorial assistant and was appointed publication manager later in the year. August Geophysics was a special issue on logging, with G. E. Archie serving as special editor. The Council declined an invitation from AAPG to meet jointly at the national level. A. A. Brant served as Distinguished Lecturer. New Standing Committee: Cooperation with Governmental Agencies.

Personals: Maurice Ewing awarded the first Vetlesen Prize, consisting of a gold medal and US$25 000 ... Richard L. Fentem, Amerada Petroleum Corp., is now on loan to Oasis Oil Co. of Libya, stationed in Tripoli ... William B. Heroy, Jr. elected executive VP of Geotechnical Corp. ... The Eugene McDermotts presented MIT with a gift of 6000 shares of Texas In struments stock (US$1 250 000 market value) for scholarships for earth science students from the southwest U.S. ... David W. Strangway completed requirements for the PhD at the University of Toronto and is employed by Bear Creek Mining Co. in Denver ... Enders A. Robinson, University of Wisconsin, is spending the 1960-1961 academic year at the University of Uppsala, Sweden ... J. C. DeBremaecker is now assistant professor of geology and geophysics at Rice Institute. Membership: 5724; Student Members: 215

1950-1959: SEG On the Rise


A memorial volume, Lessons in Seismic Computing, by (and to) M. M. Slotnick was published with Richard A. Geyer, editor. A 2nd Vice President was added to the SEG Executive Committee. New Sections chartered: Coastal Bend (Corpus Christi), Regina (Edmonton), Cochabamba (Bolivia), and Cara as (Venezuela). SEG's 29th Annual Meeting was held November 9-12 at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles; total registration: 1411 (including 6 students); 79 papers presented; and 59 exhibit booths displayed the latest in new products and services to the industry. SEG Editor Lawrence Y. Faust was presented bound volumes of issues of Geophysics that he edited during his term. Empire Geophysical Co. of Fort Worth became SEG's first Sustaining Member. The Society contributed US$5000 to the SEG Foundation to be used for scholarships in universities outside the U.S. The 12th Annual Midwest Meeting held in E1 Paso with the Permian Basin Geophysical Society as host.

Personals: Peter B. Bike, formerly of Seaboard Oil Co., joined the staff of the Oil and Gas Journal in Tulsa ... M. R. Hewitt, district geophysicist with Pan American Petroleum, transferred from Edmonton to Midland ... Norman H. Ricker retired from Jersey Production Research and was appointed professor of physics at the University of Oklahoma ... Flint H. Agee appointed manger of North American operations for United Geophysical ... Richard A. Geyer named manager of GSI's gravity department ... Theodore R. Madden now an assistant professor at MIT ... J. Frank Rollins elected president of Rayflex Explorations ... J. E. Hawkins assumed additional duties as VP/manager of SSC's new division, Seiscor manufacturing ... Robert H. Geyer new research associate at Pan American's research center in Tulsa ... Fred J. Agnich now VP of Texas Instruments' new geosciences and instrumentation division. Membership: 5657


Trustees of the SEG Foundation established January 1 were Cecil H. Green, Frank Goldstone, and Hugh M. Thralls. W. Harry Mayne, President of the Geophysical Society of South Texas, welcomed 1473 delegates to the 28th Annual Meeting, October 13-16 in San Antonio. Canadian SEG prepared three lectures on geophysics for students in Calgary's junior and senior high schools. Plaques were presented to all past presidents in recognition of their services to the Society. A report in April Geophysics (p. 363 372) gives results of a questionnaire mailed to 5083 members of SEG in 1955. 75% responded (3810) to inquiries about their professional and technical interests. One table showed the three schools that most members had attended as Colorado School of Mines (294 SEG members attended), University of Texas (287), and University of Oklahoma (280). The 11th Annual Midwest Exploration Meeting held in Tulsa on April 17 and 18; W. M. Erdahl served as general chairman and Paul Lyons as Technical Program chairman. Albert P. Crary led a group of seven IGY scientists and naval men from Little America on a 1500 mile Antarctic traverse, the first of several to be undertaken during the worldwide International Geophysical Year. Four Corners Geophysical Society was chartered by the executive committee. Careers in Geophysics revised and 10 000 copies printed.

Personals: Robert Van Nostrand now chief geophysicist for Societe de Prospection de Exploitation Petroleiere en Alsace and based in France ... Bart W. Sorge elected president of United Geophysical ... Victor W. Graf appointed assistant to president of SSC ... Victor Vacquier, professor of geophysics at New Mexico Tech, moved to Scripps Institution of Oceanography as research geophysicist ... Curtis H. Johnson has returned to California from Europe and opened an office as a consultant ... Ben R. Howard joined Republic Natural Gas in Dallas as chief geophysicist ... SEG President O. C. Clifford named manager of Atlantic Refining's foreign crude oil exploration division ... Frank P. Sonnenberg appointed chief geologist for Chaco Petroleum S.A. in Cochabamba, Bolivia ... Milo M. Backus named chief research geophysicist for GSI ... Roger H. Pemberton appointed senior technical representative to the mining industry for Canadian Aero Service Ltd. in Toronto ... Paul L. Lyons elected president of AGI ... G. M. Knebel appointed senior exploration advisor for Standard Oil Co. (NJ) ... Lester Louder now VP/manager of Geofisicos Asociados Internacionales C.A. in Caracas ... P. C. Sundt transferred to Paris as manager of Electro Tech France, subsidiary of Mandrel Industries. Membership: 5559; Student Members: 192


Individuals or companies wishing to promote SEG's objectives may become Sustaining Members by payment of $100 or more. The first Yearbook was published in December Geophysics; it contained the Annual Report, Geophysical Activities Report for 1956, Index of Wells Shot for Velocity, list of SEG Scholarship Students, the Constitution and Bylaws, and the Membership list. A committee to form an Education Foundation was appointed with Bart W. Sorge serving as chairman. Eduardo J. Guzman of Mexico's Pemex was Spring Distinguished Lecturer for SEG and AAPG. New Mexico Geophysical Society and the Texas A&M Student Section were chartered. 13 students received SEG scholarships in 1957 totaling US$12 125. Fred J. Agnich was general chairman of the 27th Annual Meeting in Dallas where 2024 registered. New Committee: Mining.

Company News: Pan American Petroleum Corp. is new name for Stanolind Oil and Gas ... Seismograph Service Corp. opened a new US$900 000 headquarters in Tulsa in celebration of its 25th anniversary Magnolia Petroleum's new geophysical lab was completed in Dallas ... Southern Geophysical has available for loan a new film on geophysical operations in southern Louisiana.

Personals: After one year at Lamont Geological Observatory, J. C. DeBremaecker returned to the Institute for Scientific Research in Bukavu, Belgian Congo ... R. E. Sheriff named senior geophysicist for California Exploration Co. in San Francisco ... P. H. Garrison now geophysical supervisor for Pan American Petroleum in Tulsa ... Thomas R. Shugart joined D. D. Feldman Oil and Gas as exploration manager ... Rodolfo Martin named manager of GSI's new Mexican division with headquarters in Mexico City ... Robert J. Graebner appointed geophysicist for U.S. and Canadian operations for GSI ... Robert L. Kidd named president of Cities Service Oil ... Gabor Dessau establishing a mining engineering department at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa ... Jack L. Hollis named exploration coordinator for British American Oil Producing Co. Membership: 5426

1956 The first Yearbook was published, and SEG's scholarship program was initiated with $12,125 distributed to thirteen students.

Members of the Southeastern Geophysical Society were hosts to SEG's 26th Annual Meeting in New Orleans; 1553 members and guest registered at the meeting and 46 companies exhibited in 58 booths in the Roosevelt Hotel's International Room. SEG's first two Honorary Members (elected in 1930) died in 1956: Ludger Mintrop passed away on January 1 and Everette L. DeGolyer on December 14. Distinguished Lecturers: Victor Vacquier in January; James Affleck served as SEG/AAPG Lecturer in May. Geophysical Case Histories, Vol. II, Paul L. Lyons, special editor, was published. The Utah Geophysical Society in Salt Lake City and the Georgia Tech Student Geophysical Society were chartered; A&M College of Texas Student Geophysical Society petitioned for affiliation. First prize and US$150 awarded to Thomas V. McEvilly in SEG's second (and last) annual student essay contest. Pacific Coast Sections of SEG/AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, November 8-9. SEG's first two scholarships (US$750 each) were awarded for 1956-57 to Richard F. McReynolds at Colorado School of Mines and R. S. Wright at Rice Institute. The 11th Annual Gulf Coast Regional Meeting held at the Rice Hotel in Houston on May 17-18. Sustaining Membership was approved for a company or individual with an active interest in supporting the objectives of the Society. Election of Representatives at Large to serve on the SEG Council also approved. SEG's 9th Annual Midwest Regional Meeting held in Fort Worth on March 8 and 9; theme of the meeting was Integrated Exploration. SEG's Business Office in Tulsa moved to "spacious" new quarters (1400 sq ft) in the AAPG Building and the Executive Committee appropriated US$65 for a sign for the SEG portion of the building. For your next safety meeting, Atlas Powder would lend you their new 17-minute film, "How to Handle Women and Explosives." Supposed to be a WOW!

Personals: J. E. White now head of the physics section of Ohio Oil Co.'s new research center in Denver where Robert B. Rice is senior research physicist ... John S. Sumner accepted position of manager with McPhar Geophysics in Minneapolis ... Henry C. Cortes elected a VP of Magnolia Petroleum ... Jack L. Mataya named district geophysicist at Stanolind Oil and Gas Co.'s district office in Midland ... Julian Hawes now chief geologist for Crown Central Petroleum ... Paul Farren resigned as VP of National Geophysical Co. to open a consulting office in Houston ... Stefan Von Croy named chief geophysicist for Sunray MidContinent Oil in Tulsa ... E. D. Wilson appointed assistant treasurer of SSC ... Enders A. Robinson joined the staff of Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) ... R. D. Roberts promoted to manager of Sohio Petroleum's office in Calgary ... Woijech Domzalski joined Hunting Geophysics Ltd. as chief geophysicist ... Kazim Ergin now professor of applied geophysics at the Technical University at Istanbul ... John L. Bible, founder and former president of Tidelands Exploration Co., has opened a geophysical consulting office in Houston ... Edmund Stuart Hastings joined Phillips Petroleum Co. in Lafayette ... Neal Clayton is new president of Liberty Exploration Co. in Tulsa. Membership: 5098; Student Members: 265

1955 SEG held its last joint meeting with AAPG, then celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary with a separate meeting in Denver.

SEG had a last joint meeting with AAPG and SEPM in New York City, March 28 31 with Ralph B. Ross as Program Chairman. The Society then celebrated its 25th Anniversary by holding a separate convention in Denver on October 3-6, headquartered at the Shirley Savoy Hotel. Marvin Romberg served as Technical Program chairman; 49 papers were presented; 41 companies exhibited in 48 booths; a total of 1502 attended the meeting with Robert Dyk serving as general chairman. Silver Anniversary Certificates were presented to charter members at the meeting and a special luncheon honored them and all past presidents. New Sections chartered: Jackson and Southwest Louisiana (Lafayette) Geophysical Societies; plus student sections at Pennsylvania State University and Texas Western College (TransPecos Student Section). An official Code of Ethics was adopted. Two Distinguished Lecture tours undertaken by C. B. Officer of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and John S. Adams of Rice Institute. New Standing Committees: Business Office and Research. E. A. Eckhardt elected president of AGI. The 10th Gulf Coast Annual Meeting held May 19 20 in San Antonio with P. E. Narvarte as general chairman; it was sponsored by Houston, South Texas, and Southeastern Geophysical Societies.

Personals: Charles E. Greener joined Texas Petroleum Co. in Caracas ... Lynn D. Ervin now VP of Geophysical Consultants Inc. ... Joseph W. Berg, Jr. now assistant professor at the University of Utah ... Albert L. Barthelmes named executive VP at SSC ... M. King Hubbert elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Membership: 4764

1954 Executive Committee voted to separate the Annual Meeting from the AAPG. First Associate Editors appointed to assist the Editor of GEOPHYSICS.

The executive committee approved a resolution to begin holding separate annual meetings after the joint meeting with AAPG and SEPM in 1955. SEG Editor Milton B. Dobrin published (in the January Geophysics) a Style Guide updating a 1945 article by L. L. Nettleton. A Procedures Manual for SEG's Executive and Standing Committees was initiated. E. A. Eckhardt presented 10 shares of Container Corp. of America common stock to the society. SEG's first student essay contest was won by Gerhard E. Lukk of the University of Toronto; he was presented a prize of US$150 during the Annual Meeting in St. Louis, April 12-15; 699 SEG members registered to attend the 35 geophysical technical papers presented at five sessions. The expanding SEG headquarters moved into larger offices in Tulsa. Norman Ricker, Oklahoma University and Fred Bullard, Texas University, served as 1954 Distinguished Lecturers. New Sections were chartered in New Orleans (Southeastern Geophysical Society) and Billings (Montana Geophysical Society). The first Associate Editors (only five) were appointed. 100 000 copies of Careers in Exploration Geophysics were printed for distribution to high schools, individuals, and companies. Life Membership was awarded to O. F. Ritzmann for editing the Patents department in Geophysics. A "permanent" Building Committee was appointed. The Research Committee and the Committee on Standardization of Magnetic Recording of Seismic Signals were established. An updated Cumulative Index 1931-53, Kenneth L. Cook, special editor, was published. SEG policy on Publication of Technical Papers Presented at Society Meeting gave SEG first right to publish.

Company News: Union Oil Co. sold its subsidiary, United Geophysical Co., to officers and area managers of the United organization ... Headquarters for GSI's offshore exploration division, Geomarine Service International, moved from Dallas to New Orleans ... Davis Equipment Co. established in Tulsa by Dallas R. Davis.

Personals: Hamilton M. Johnson received a PhD in geology/geophysics from Oklahoma University and joined Texas Petroleum Co. as a geologist in their Caracas office ... James R. Wait elected president of the newly organized Ottawa Geophysical Discussion Club ... T. O. Hall elected president of General Geophysical Co. ... Wilfred B. Hasbrouck now an instructor at Colorado School of Mines ... B. G. Swan promoted to Oklahoma City regional exploration manager for Continental Oil ... Rodolfo Martin, former chief geophysicist with Argentina's YPF, joined GSI and is located in Salvador, Brazil ... Maurice Ewing of Lamont Geological Observatory has recovered from the effects of injuries suffered during a recent expedition at sea when he was swept of the decks of the Vema near Bermuda. Membership: 4390; Student Members: 206

1953 GEOPHYSICAL PROSPECTING appeared as a quarterly.

Index of Wells Shot for Velocity 1944-53 was published as a booklet and will be updated annually. SEG affiliated with AAAS and EAEG. New Standing Committees: Microcarding Geophysical Literature, Student Essay Contest, and Glossary Committee (to contribute geophysical terms to the Earth Sciences Glossary of the National Science Foundation and AGI). The Geophysical Society of South Texas (San Antonio) and the Casper Geophysical Society were chartered. EAEG published the first (quarterly) Geophysical Prospecting. The Seismological Observatory at Southern Methodist University was dedicated on December 14 it was established through a joint action of SMU and the Dallas Geophysical Society which raised US$11 500 for equipment. New president of AGU: James B. Macelwane, S.J., St. Louis University. Student Sections chartered at the Universities of Toronto and Houston (which included students at both UH and Rice Institute). W. Maurice Ewing, Columbia University, served as joint SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer. The Annual Meeting was held in Houston, March 23-26.

Personals: L. C. Foote, party chief with Geophysical Service Inc., is now located in Salvador, Brazil ... Curtis H. Johnson joined GSI as manager of the new marine division in Dallas ... Marcel Schlumberger died August 20 ... R. A. Broding, former research associate with Magnolia Petroleum Co., joined Century Geophysical Corp. as VP. Membership: 4139

1952 SEG Crest adopted.

A contest for an official SEG crest was won by William W. Butler and, as an award, his dues in the Society were remitted for life. The Canadian SEG was chartered January 24 with L. I. Brockway as president and the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City was formed with 62 charter members. The Annual Meeting was held at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, March 24-27. A Nomograms section was added to departments in Geophysics. The University of Tulsa Student Section requested inactive status. The Permian Basin Geophysical Society held its 1st Annual Meeting. J. Tuzo Wilson of the University of Toronto was SEG's Distinguished Lecturer.

Personals: B. H. Treybig, Jr. has founded Louisiana Exploration Co. with headquarters in New Iberia ... William B. Heroy, Jr., Dallas, elected VP of Geotechnical Service Corp. ... Howard Itten is president of newly formed Empire Geophysical Inc. ... General Geophysical Co., Independent Exploration Co., Robert H. Ray Co., and Seismic Explorations Inc. donated US$25 000 toward establishment of an earthquake seismograph station at Rice Institute. Membership: 3366

1951 EAGE organized. Back issues of Geophysics available on microcards.

The European Association of Exploration Geophysicists was formed (originally as a Section of SEG but response was so great they decided to become an affiliated society). A. Van Weelden is president of the 320 member EAEG with headquarters in The Hague. A total of 1090 registered at the 5th Midwest SEG Meeting held November 19-20 at the Baker Hotel in Dallas; the Geophysical Society of Tulsa acted as host. 30 geophysical papers were presented at the annual joint meeting of SEG/AAPG/SEPM in St. Louis, April 23-26. SEG's Distinguished Lecturer was Sydney Chapman, research associate at Cal Tech on loan from Oxford University. All back issues of Geophysics are now available on microcards. At their last meeting, the Council approved an amendment proposed by the Executive Committee to increase dues 50% in 1951 to US$7.50/year.

Personals: Peter Dehlinger joined Battelle Memorial Institute ... Henry Salvatori, president of Western Geophysical, elected chairman of the Wildcat Committee of the Western Oil & Gas Association in Los Angeles ... Klaas van der Weg now chief geophysicist for General Petroleum Corp. ... R. H. Dana promoted to executive VP of Southern Geophysical ... M. A. Clevenger now party chief for Geophysical Associates of Canada ... W. B. Agocs, professor of physics at Tulsa University, is working on a magnetics program in the eastern U.S. ... John M. Crawford named head of Continental Oil's new geophysical research division in Ponca City ... Neal Clayton joined Century Geophysical as geophysical supervisor ... Cecil H. Green was elected president of GSI and H. B. Peacock is now chairman of the board. Membership: 2836

1950 First Distinguished Lecture Tour organized.

The first Distinguished Lecture Tour was organized: Merle A. Tuve and Howard Tatel presented "Current magnetic and seismic studies of the Carnegie Institution of Washington" during January. Permian Basin Geophysical Society in Midland and the Denver Geophysical Society plus a student section at St. Louis University were established. The Annual Meeting was held April 24-25 in Chicago with George E. Wagner as Program Chairman. The Best Paper Committee s name was changed to the Honors and Awards Committee. New Standing Committee: Membership.

Personals: George Short, Jr., party chief for Seismic Explorations Inc., is in the field in Lovington, New Mexico ... Thomas R. Shugart, former VP of Geotechnical Service Corp., has opened a consulting office in Dallas ... Wallace E. Pratt awarded the Kemp Medal by Columbia University for "distinguished service in geology;" presentation made by Columbia's president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Membership: 2566; Student Members: 285

1940-1949: A Decade of War and Peace


The Annual Meeting was held March 14-17 in St. Louis with Andrew Gilmour as program chairman; 26 papers were presented. Ark La Tex Geophysical Society was chartered March 12 in Shreveport. The Dallas, Fort Worth, Tulsa, and Ark La Tex Geophysical Societies held the first Midwestern Regional Meeting in Dallas, November 17-18; D. Ray Dobyns served as Program Chairman. An updated Index of Wells Shot for Velocity (2nd supplement), B. G. Swan, Special Editor, was published in January Geophysics.

Personals: Norman J. Christie appointed area supervisor of United Geophysical Co. for the Midcontinent and Gulf Coast Division, with headquarters in Tulsa ... J. Brian Eby elected president of the Texas Academy of Science ... Ira H. Cram, former exploration manager for Pure Oil Co., appointed VP and head of exploration for Continental Oil in Ponca City. Membership: 2339

1948 Council created and met in Denver. First Local Sections chartered. Student Sections formed. Best Paper Award first presented.

The SEG Council met when Denver hosted the convention 26-29 April with L. L. Nettleton, general chairman. A Mining Geophysics symposium was held for the first time at the meeting. New publications: Cumulative Index 1931-47, M. King Hubbert, Editor; and Geophysical Case Histories, Vol. 1, L. L. Nettleton, Special Editor. SEG became one of 12 sponsor societies of the newly formed American Geological Institute withE. A. Eckhardt and L. L. Nettleton serving as representatives. The following sections were chartered: Tulsa Geophysical Society, R. Clare Coffin, President; Dallas Geophysical Society, A. E. McKay, President; Fort Worth Geophysical Society; Geophysical Society of Houston, W. J. Osterhoudt, President; and Pacific Coast Section, Curtis H. Johnson, President. "Geophysical Activity in the U.S. Oil Industry," E. A. Eckhardt, Chairman, was published in December in Geophysics. Student sections were chartered at the University of Tulsa and at Colorado School of Mines. SEG moved into new offices in Tulsa (two rooms) and a secretary for the business manager was hired. New standing committees: Radio Frequency Allocation (changed to "Radio Facilities Committee" in 1949), Distinguished Lectures, and Safety. The first Best Paper Award was to Raymond Maillot for "Fundamental equations of electrical prospecting," which appeared in the October Geophysics.

Personals: Walter E. Heinrichs resigned from the Bureau of Reclamation to join Newmont Mining Corp. in Golden ... AGU's William Bowie Medal presented to J. B. Macelwane, S.J. ... A. P. Crary now with United Geophysical Co. at Awali, Bahrein Island ... Silvain J. Pirson, former professor of geophysics at Penn State, joined Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. as research reservoir engineer ... Roy F. Bennett named chief geophysicist of Sohio Petroleum ... Alfred J. Hermont is the name legally adopted by Alfred J. Herzenberg, Shell Oil Co. ... Edwin D. Gaby is president of new firm, Delta Exploration Co. ... B. B. Weatherby is serving as general chairman of the International Petroleum Exposition's Hall of Science; Daniel Silverman is chairman of the geophysical committee for the Tulsa conference ... C. Hewitt Dix now associate professor of geophysics at Cal Tech ... Louis B. Slichter joined the Institute of Geophysics at U.C.L.A. ... Charles C. Bates appointed member of the Panel on Geographic Environment, Research & Development Board of the U.S. Dept. of National Defense. Membership: 1822


Early Geophysical Papers was compiled under the direction of L. L. Nettleton, Special Editor. The Constitution and Bylaws were revised to include a council as governing body of the Society and providing for section representatives, representatives at large, and a Code of Ethics. The Geophysical Society of Tulsa was organized with 150 charter members on 4 February and petitioned for affiliation with SEG. The Best Paper Award was approved. The convention was held in Los Angeles, 25-27 March, with Cecil H. Green serving as chairman; 62 papers were presented and 261 delegates attended. The Ladies Entertainment Program offered tickets to a "Queen for a Day" broadcast. New standing committees: Constitution and Bylaws, Public Relations and Publicity, Special Reviews, and Geophysical Activity. The first Eastern Regional Meeting of SEG was held in Pittsburgh on 6 June. The University of Tulsa Student Geophysical Society was formed with Chet Jameson as President.

Personals: Edward G. Schempf, VP/supervisor for United Geophysical, transferred to company headquarters in Pasadena ... Gerald H. Westby, president of Seismograph Service Corp., was elected president of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce ... Theodore Koulomzine is now chairman of the new Committee on Geophysics, Instruments and Equipment of the Geology Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy ... J. Frank Rollins resigned from Geophysical Service Inc. to become a partner in Rayflex Exploration Co. in Dallas. Membership: 1593

1946 SEG Constitution amended to permit establishment of Local Sections.

A business office for SEG was finally established in Tulsa with Colin C. Campbell as business manager, replacing Elisabeth Stiles who had served again as interim business manager. The Constitution was amended to allow for affiliation by local sections. The convention returned to Chicago on 1-4 April with J. J. Jakosky serving as program chairman; the Monday afternoon session was made up of all case histories. SEG purchased a US$6000 savings bond. A one day regional meeting was held 25 April in Houston. The 2nd Annual Pacific Coast SEG/AAPG/SEPM meeting was held 7-8 November in Los Angeles. The Reviews section was added as a regular department in Geophysics. New Committees: Student Membership, Best Paper Award, Geophysical Education, and an editorial committee formed to assist in selection and preparation of papers for the Geophysical Case Histories Volume, Henry C. Cortes, Chairman.

Personals: Donald R. Brown, formerly with Shell Oil in Houston, accepted a position as chief geophysicist with Caribbean Petroleum Co. in Caracas ... H. J. Kidder joined Socony Vacuum in Bogota, Colombia ... Albert W. Musgrave RT2/C has been transferred to the Industrial Command Division 12 1, Naval Repair Base in San Diego ... Robert J. Watson, former geophysicist with Carter Oil in Tulsa, is now exploration manager for Standard Oil Co. (Bahamas) Ltd. in Nassau. Membership: 1379


Because of government restrictions on travel, a regular convention was not held in 1945; a one day official 15th Annual Meeting was convened in Tulsa (not with AAPG) with Henry Cortes as General Chairman. Additional one day meetings were held in Houston on 20 April and in Dallas on 3 May. The Pacific Coast Section of SEG sponsored another one day meeting in Los Angeles on 7 November with O. C. Lester as program chairman; more than 200 attended. "Preparation of a manuscript for publication in Geophysics," by L. L. Nettleton, appeared in the July issue.

Personals: J. F. Gallie, former SEG business manager, resigned from Arkansas Oil & Gas Division in El Dorado and joined Cabot Carbon Co. ... Paul M. Tucker is now with Standard Oil of Cuba in Havana ... Major Lynn D. Ervin, after 32 months of overseas duty with the Marines in the Pacific, has returned to Camp Lejeune. Membership: 1263


The first Index of Wells Shot for Velocity, edited by B. G. Swan, was published as a supplement to October Geophysics. 246 attended the 14th Annual Meeting in Dallas, March 21-23; Cecil Green served as Chairman of the Program/Arrangements Committee. St. Louis University organized an Institute of Geophysical Technology with James B. Macelwane, S.J. as dean. The Petroleum Administration for War announced that in September there were 481 geophysical units operating in the US, up 72 since January: 290 seismic, 124 gravimeter, 47 core drill, 17 magnetic, two electrical, and one torsion balance.

Personals: Milton B. Dobrin conducted a 15 week night course in petroleum geophysics at George Washington University, sponsored by the U.S. Office of Education ... Ensign H. J. McCready stationed now at the Naval Training Station at Princeton, N.J. A. A. Hunzicker, party chief with Texas Co., transferred from Mt. Vernon to Nashville, Illinois ... Jack F. Judson, United Geophysical Co., transferred from San Felipe, Venezuela to Caracas ... The business office moved again to El Dorado, Arkansas. Membership: 1135; Student Members: 7


SEG members in the armed services were given "inactive" status to be reinstated upon return to civilian life. The U.S. Dept. of State's Division of Cultural Relations sent microfilm copies of Geophysics and other technical journals to China. The convention was held in Fort Worth at the Hotel Texas, 7-9 April; there were 188 SEG registrants, 31 papers, and L. L. Nettleton served as Program Chairman. O. F. Ritzmann is new editor of the Patents section in Geophysics. E. V. McCollum and Craig Ferris resigned from Mott Smith Corp. and formed E. V. McCollum and Co. to engage in gravity and seismic exploration. Membership: 1004


The business office moved again! This time to Washington, D.C. Denver hosted the Annual Meeting with Frank Goldstone serving as Program Chairman. 130 registered for the convention, 22-24 April; 22 papers were presented in two sessions. SEG purchased a US$2000 war bond. A War Effort Advisory Committee was appointed with B. B. Weatherby serving as chairman.

Personals: Neal J. Smith, California Co., transferred from Houston to New Orleans ... O. B. Manes resigned from Independent Exploration Co. and joined Stanolind Oil & Gas in Beeville, Texas ... Marvin Romberg returned safely from Sumatra and is now with Carter Oil Co. in Tulsa ... Louis C. Pakiser accepted employment as "attached helper" with Carter Oil. Membership: 941


The Business Office of the Society was transferred to Houston. 704 attended the Annual Meeting in Houston; hotel accommodations at 12 hotels (including the Rice, Lamar, and Warwick) were offered at US$2.50 single and US$4 double! H. B. Peacock served as Program Committee Chairman. Authors' biographies and photographs appeared in the July issue of Geophysics for the first time. Some authors in that issue: Francis F. Campbell, L. L. Nettleton, W. T. Born, and Norman Ricker.

Personals: Howard Itten, recent graduate of Colorado School of Mines, has joined Stanolind Oil and Gas Co. in Scott City, Kansas ... Stan W. Wilcox transferred from Jackson, Mississippi to Wichita, Kansas, where he opened a district office for Seismograph Service Corp. ... C. H. Dix moved from New York to Pasadena ... Harry H. Sisson is now with General Geophysical Co. in Houston. Membership: 907

1940 First Cumulative Index of GEOPHYSICS published

Student membership was established at US$3 per year. The first Cumulative Index, R. D. Wyckoff, Editor, appeared in July. SEG's 10th Annual Meeting (together with AAPG and SEPM) in Chicago, 9-11 April, attracted 206 SEG delegates; W. T. Born served as Program Committee Chairman. Three new books on geophysical prospecting by distinguished members of SEG were published almost simultaneously in 1940: Exploration Geophysics, by J. J. Jakosky; Geophysical Exploration, by C. A. Heiland; and Geophysical Prospecting for Oil, by L. L. Nettleton (all were reviewed in Geophysics in January 1941). Donald C. Barton, founding member and first President of SEG, was elected to Honorary Membership posthumously in recognition of his work in founding the Society and in furthering the science of geophysics; he also served as president of AAPG in 1938-39.

Personals: W. B. Perry returned to Shawnee, Oklahoma from Trinidad ... Elmer W. Ellsworth now serving as a geologist with Independent Oil Producers Association of Illinois ... United Geophysical Co. opened a new laboratory in Pasadena ... George M. Bevier moved to San Antonio to do independent geophysical and geological work ... F. H. Agee, party chief with National Geophysical Co. is now located in Cuba. Membership: 892

1930-1939: How It All Began

1939 Patents section first appeared in GEOPHYSICS

SEG headquarters was established in Austin, Texas with J. F. Gallie as business manager. 350 attended the 9th Annual Meeting, 21-23 March in Oklahoma City; 39 papers were presented; F. M. Kannenstine served as Technical Program Chairman. The Midyear Meeting was canceled again. New Committees: Business, Annual Meeting Program, and Committee for Standardization of Terms. The Patents Section first appeared in the October issue of Geophysics.

Personals: Curtis H. Johnson, formerly of Rieber Laboratories, is now associated with General Petroleum Corp . ... H. J. McCready joined Mott Smith Corp. and is based in Santander, Colombia ...R. D. Wyckoff, Gulf R&D, has been transferred from Houston to Pittsburgh ... G. F. Kaufmann, Standard Oil Co. of Venezuela transferred from Caripito to Caracas. Membership: 821


A total of 157 delegates attended the Annual Meeting, 15-17 March, in New Orleans; 26 papers were presented in four geophysical sessions plus one joint session with AAPG. Plans to appoint a permanent business manager fell through and Secretary Treasurer M. Elisabeth Stiles continued to deal with applications for membership plus all business matters of the Society. In addition, E. E. Rosaire (1934-35) served the entire year as advertising manager/salesman for Geophysics. No Midyear Meeting was held as not enough papers were submitted. Membership: 672. Dues: Active US$5, Associate US$4.

1937 SPG becomes the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

SPG's name was changed to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists on 1 January 1 1937. SEG resigned as a division of AAPG and applied for status as an affiliated society.

AAPG approved SEG's application as an affiliated society; their joint convention was held 17-19 March in Los Angeles. Geophysics, a quarterly, published issues in January, March, July, and October. J. P. D. Hull of AAPG, Tulsa, was appointed temporary business manager of SEG with offices transferred from Houston to Tulsa. This was done to relieve new Secretary Treasurer Elisabeth Stiles of excessive work. John H. Wilson, 1936-37 secretary treasurer, ended his annual report as follows: "I give up the office with relief and extend my sympathy to my successor." The Society's 3rd Midyear Meeting was held on 19-20 November at the Rice Hotel in Houston. SEG was incorporated in Colorado on February 24. The agreement was signed by E. E. Rosaire, B. B. Weatherby, and L. W. Blau, former Presidents of SEG. Membership: 481

1936: The first issue of GEOPHYSICS is published

Vol. 1, no. 1 of Geophysics, A Journal of General and Applied Geophysics was published in January 1936, F. M. Kannenstine, Editor. The first article, "Black magic in geophysical prospecting" by L. W. Blau had been presented at the 1935 Dallas midyear meeting. The first issue also included the first Annual Regional Geophysical Activities Report (for 1935). The journal was published quarterly until 1958. The Annual Meeting was held on 19-21 March at the Tulsa Hotel; 35 papers were presented.

Personals: E. E. Rosaire resigned as president of Independent Exploration Co. and organized Subterrex, a company engaged in geophysics and geochemistry. ... L. W. Blau was promoted to head the geophysics and production research divisions of Humble Oil and Refining Co. Membership: 231


The convention was held 21-23 March in Wichita. A Midyear Meeting was held in Dallas on 29 November, with L. W. Blau as program chairman; 80 attended, 13 papers were presented. F. M. Kannenstine was elected first Editor of Geophysics for 1935 37. He edited the three issues in Vol. 1 (1936) and the first issue of Vol. 2. E. E. Rosaire and M. Elisabeth Stiles served as Associate Editors. A mail ballot was established for the election of officers. Membership: 189


Vol. IV, Transactions of the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists was published by AAPG in January. The Annual Meeting was held in Dallas on 24 March. Membership: 166


The third Annual Meeting was in Houston on 24 March. The Society continued to meet with AAPG in conventions through 1955. Membership: 103

1932 SPG became the "Division of Geophysics of the AAPG".

Affiliation was accepted by AAPG and a charter was issued to the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists on 6 April as the official "Division of Geophysics of the AAPG." The convention was held on 25 March in Oklahoma City. Membership: 96

1931 The group's name was changed to Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG).

The name of the Society was changed to the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists. SPG's first convention was held on 21 March in San Antonio together with AAPG. Vol. 1, Transactions of the Society of Petroleum Geophysicists was published in December by AAPG; it contained papers presented at the convention in San Antonio. SPG also met with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the American Physical Society (APS) in New Orleans on 29-30 December. Another officer was added to the Executive Committee: Paul Weaver was elected first editor.

1930: Twenty-nine men and one woman met in Houston at the University Club to found the Society of Economic Geophysicists.

On 11 March 1930 , the Society of Economic Geophysicists was founded by 30 geoscientists at the University Club in Houston. Donald C. Barton was elected president, E. E. Rosaire vice president, and John F. Weinzierl secretary treasurer. The Society's Constitution and Bylaws were adopted on 20 May by the following charter members: D. C. Barton, L. W. Blau, E. E. Blondeau, D. P. Carlton, L. G. Christie, Henry C. Cortes, Helmut Dorsch, J. Brian Eby, D. G. Emrick, Eugene Fekete, Helmer Hedstrom, Christian Iden, A. I. Innes, Fritz Kaselitz, A. D. Kerns, J. E. LaRue, O. C. Lester Jr., W. H. Mannes, Eugen Merten, E. E. Rosaire, Russell F. Ryan, J. P. Schumacher, A. L. Smith, M. Elisabeth Stiles, A. D. Storm, Olaf F. Sundt, Raoul Vajk, John F. Weinzierl, L. H. Williams, and B. O. Winkler. A committee was appointed to study petition of affiliation with AAPG. Honorary Memberships were awarded to Ludger Mintrop and Everette L. DeGolyer. SEG papers 1 and 2 were published in mimeograph form in 1931 as a group of papers presented before the Society in 1930. Paper 1: "A universal slope chart for use with seismic method of geophysical prospecting (refractions)" by O. C. Lester Jr. and S. W. Wilcox. Paper 2: "A suggested method of approach for determination of salt dome overhang" by O. C. Lester Jr. Standing Committees: Nominations and Annual Meeting. Dues US$5.