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This page outlines the translation workflow for the Spanish project. The page also includes information on reviewing translations, viewing the history of the article, translation support materials, and additional wiki resources.

Translation workflow

  1. Sign in to the SEG Wiki
  2. From the left toolbar, click "Page preparation" under the Translate heading.
  3. In the search bar, type the article you have been assigned and click on the title. For example, if you are translating the "ABC Method" entry of Sheriff's Dictionary, you would type "Dictionary:ABC method"]
  4. Click "Prepare," followed by "Save"
  5. From the left toolbar, click "Pages in translation"
    1. Find your article and click "mark for translation"
    2. Do not make any changes on the next page and click "mark this version for translation"
  6. From the left toolbar, click "Translate"
    1. Near the top right, change "Translate to English" to "Translate to español"
    2. Click the blue "All" term and find your name. Click.
    3. Click the pencil icon on right hand side
      1. There are two views: List and Page, choose whatever one suits you best
        1. List: more suitable for smaller text translations
        2. Page: designed for longer pieces of text like paragraphs of a wiki page
  7. Write your translation
    1. Use any translated sources you have, including the First Edition text that has been translated in its entirety (located in Google Drive folder)
    2. Check translation with the current text - some terms will not have a translation, some terms will have updated texts that do not match the translated version
    3. If you have a question for the team leader, add "Documentation" located on the right side of the translation
    4. Use machine translation as necessary
    5. Add internal links as necessary (see video)
  8. Click "Save translation" - you are done
Each paragraph is translated separately. This translation has three different sections to translate.

The team leader will review your translation (you cannot review since you translated article)

Watch this video for an overview of the translation process (updated 13 January 2017)

Translation materials

Orientation sessions

Along with the SEG Wiki Spanish Team Leaders, SEG hosted two online learning sessions the week of 25 March. We recorded these sessions and they can be viewed below. These sessions went over volunteer expectations and provided a live translation demo. Questions were also asked throughout the presentations.

Recording of the first Wiki Spanish Translation Orientation sessions (26 March). Session led by Raul Cova (Spanish Team Leader) and Andrew Geary (SEG). The live translation demo starts at 13:24.

Recording of the second Wiki Spanish Translation Orientation sessions (27 March). Session led by Brenda Monsalve, Reinaldo Michelena (Spanish Team Leaders) and Andrew Geary (SEG). This session included more questions from volunteers. If you would like to see a live translation demo, please watch the video from 26 March.

Wiki resources

Note: We have recently updated the SEG Wiki and the look of the new site does not match the videos. All of the information is still relevant; however, instead of using the "Edit" tab, click on the "Edit source" tab.

Translation history

To review each edit to the article, follow these instructions.