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{{#category_index:B|Bouguer correction}} 1. A correction to gravity data because of the attraction of the rock between the station and the elevation of the datum (often sea level) or, in the case of stations below the datum elevation, for rock that is missing between the station and datum. The Bouguer correction is 0.041 92 ρh mGal (4πγρh), where γ is the gravitational constant, ρ is the density of the intervening rock, and h is the difference between the station and datum elevations in meters (or 0.012 78 ρh mGal if h is in feet). See Figure G-7. 2. In surface ship gravity data, the Bouguer correction replaces the sea water with assumed rock density, and ρ in the preceding expression is the difference in densities of the replacement rock and that of sea water. Also called slab correction.

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