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Xinming Wu
Latest company CIG, University of Science and Technology of China
PhD Geophysics
PhD university Colorado School of Mines

Biography 2016

Xinming Wu is a professor at School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China,[1] where he is leading the Computational Interpretation Group (CIG).

Xinming received an engineering degree (2009) in Geophysics from Central South University, an M.Sc. (2012) in Geophysics from Tongji University, and a Ph.D. (2016) in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines where he was a member working with Dr. Dave Hale at the Center for Wave Phenomena. He interned twice at Transform Software and Services/DrillingInfo during the summer and winter of 2014. Xinming was a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Sergey Fomel at BEG, UT Austin from 2016 to 2019. [2]

Xinming was selected to be the SEG Honorary Lecturer, South and East Asia, 2020[3].

He received the SEG's awards for:

He also received the Shanghai excellent master thesis award in 2013 (Generating 3D seismic Wheeler volumes: methods and applications).[6]

Xinming writes a lot of Java packages [7] for his research on seismic structural and stratigraphic interpretation, deep learning (e.g., FaultSeg), subsurface modeling, joint seismic and well-log interpretation, and geophysical inversion with geologic constraints.

Best Paper in Geophysics 2016

Xinming Wu shares the 2016 Best Paper in Geophysics Award with Dr. David Hale.

Best Poster Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting 2017

Xinming Wu shares the 2017 Best Poster Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting with Sean Bader and Dr. Sergey Fomel.

Honorable Mentions (Best Paper, Annual Meeting) 2018

Xinming Wu shares the 2018 Honorable Mentions (Best Paper, Annual Meeting) with Dr. Sergey Fomel.

SEG Honorary Lecturer, South and East Asia 2020

Xinming Wu shares his research work on deep learning for geophysical data processing, inversion, and interpretation during the lecture tour.

J. Clarence Karcher Award 2020



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