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On 4 August 2016, SEG launched its first podcast, Seismic Soundoff, in-depth conversations in applied geophysics, with an episode about women in geophysics. Since then, more than 180 additional podcasts have been published, including interviews with Sven Treitel, Chris Liner, and Bill Abriel. Furthermore, the podcast has highlighted full-waveform inversion, machine learning, and Geoscientists Without Borders®.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is much like a radio show but with portability and flexibility that allows you, the listener, the option to play when and where you prefer. Most podcasts, including Seismic Soundoff, are audio-based conversations. Listeners can stream the podcast from a computer while writing emails. Or, listen with headphones while exercising or preparing meals. Connect to your car’s sound system, and take the show with you for your next road trip. Even listen while on an offshore rig! Anywhere your phone can go, so can Seismic Soundoff.

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What can I expect to hear?

Each episode features interviews with SEG book authors, prominent Society members, past and current SEG officers, board members – simply put: you and your peers. Episodes also address critical topics in the field, the latest research, and more.

How do I listen?

You have two options to listen. First, you can listen to a podcast through a website. Second, you can download a podcast, saving it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer so you can take it with you to listen anytime, even without an internet connection (think field work).

To stream Seismic Soundoff, visit, find the episode you want to listen, and click play. Depending on your smartphone or tablet, you can subscribe and download Seismic Soundoff on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or the podcast app of your choice.

Give us your feedback

If you have show ideas or want to be involved with any of the upcoming episodes, please e-mail podcast‐at‐ If your company would like to learn more about sponsoring the podcast, contact [email protected].

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