Best Poster Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting

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The SEG Honors the Best Poster Paper Presented by a Student at the Annual Meeting. Return to SEG Honors and Awards.

  • 2018 “Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) inversion modeling with a local elastic solver,” Elena Jaimes
  • 2010 "Comprehensive petro-elastic modeling aimed at quantitative seismic reservoir characterization and monitoring," Alireza Shahin
  • 2009 "Extrapolation of log properties by integrating fuzzy self-organizing maps and local linear modeling," Mehdi Eftekhari Far
  • 2008 "Adaptive F-X interpolation of curved seismic events via exponentially weighted recursive least squares (EWRLS)," Mostafa Naghizadeh
  • 2007 "Suppression of ambient seismic noise in 2D arrays using multichannel Wiener filter,” Jingbo Wang
  • 2006 "Scattering regimes and the influence of heterogeneity on the seismic detection of mineral exploration targets,” Elizabeth L’Heureux
  • 2005 "Plane-wave attenuation anisotropy in orthorhombic media,” Yaping Zhu
  • 2004 "Effects of porestructure on sonic velocity in carbonates,” Ralf J. Weger
  • 2003 "Passive seismic imaging in the presence of white noise sources: Numerical simulations,” Deyan S. Draganov
  • 2002 "A preliminary study of salt flank illumination at Vinton Dome, Louisiana: Do we need lateral wavefield continuation?” Cory J. Hoelting
  • 2000 "Combined vertical-incidence and wide-angle seismic study of deepwater bright spot reflections,” Christian Müller
  • 1999 "Analysis of seismic wave dynamics by means of integral presentation and method of discontinuities,” Anton A. Duchkov
  • 1997 "A refraction seismic field study to determine the anisotropic parameters of shales,” Jennifer M. Leslie
  • 1996 “Determination of basement depth and Paleozoic thickness using an integrated geophysical approach in the northern Arabian platform, eastern Syria,” Graham E. Brew
  • 1995 "Identifying noise in seismic data from the Gippsland Basin (Australia)," Jarrod C. Dunne