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SEG's Honorary Lecturer program is a companion program to SEG's Distinguished Lecturer program with a focus to transfer knowledge within a region. The regional focus strengthens services SEG provides to an expanding global membership. Lectures may be given in English or a language appropriate to the region. The regions are Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, the Pacific South, and South and East Asia.

Selection as an Honorary Lecturer is viewed as an honor and recognition of excellence by the SEG. In addition to recognizing an individual's contributions to the science or application of geophysics, this position is an active effort to promote geophysics, stimulate general scientific and professional interest, expand technical horizons, and provide a connection to SEG activities and practices.

For more information about SEG's Continuing Education program, please contact: ce‐at‐seg.org.

All Honorary Lecturers are listed. A summary of the lecture is included on the lecturer's biography page along with a link to a recording of the lecture, if available.


  • Agatha OnuwajeThe role of geohazards assessment in the evolving energy mix — Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Umair bin WaheedScientific machine learning in geophysical exploration and monitoring — Honorary Lecturer, Middle East
  • Roman PevznerSurface and borehole seismic monitoring of CO2 geological storage – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia
  • Leo EisnerMapping pore pressure with beach balls – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Maxim LebedevDigital rock under stress – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South


  • Carlos Calderón-MacíasNear-surface scattering in seismic data: From signal to noise and noise to signal – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Partha RouthFull wave-field inversion: Journey towards practical applications – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Ariel LellouchApplications of fiber-optic sensing to borehole seismology – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Klaus HolligerUsing near-surface geophysics to estimate soil and rock physical properties – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Mojtaba RajabiPresent-day crustal stress across spatial scales – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Elita LiListening to Singapore: Harvesting urban noise for space, water, and hazard mitigation – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Miguel BoschThe new paradigms in seismic inversion – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Jack DvorkinModern rock physics – Challenges and solutions – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Mark ZobackGeomechanical issues affecting long-term storage of CO2 – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Xiaogui MiaoFrom multi-component imaging to ocean bottom seismic technology-challenges or opportunities? – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Nimisha VedantiUnderstanding seismic wave attenuation mechanisms in porous and non-porous media: Some new insights – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia
  • Adriana Citlali RamírezSeismic technology in northern European waters and the prevalence of multiples – Honorary Lecturer, Europe


  • Saleh Al-DossaryImproving reservoir characterization using four innovative seismic technologies – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Patricia de LugãoEnvironment-friendly exploration using magnetotellurics – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Anna ShaughnessyDeveloping a successful career in geophysics today – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Johan RobertssonGeneralized sampling and gradiometry: Changing the rules of the information game – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Lisa GavinRegional to reservoir stress-induced seismic azimuthal anisotropy – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Xinming WuDeep learning for seismic processing and interpretation – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Heloise LynnAzimuthal P-P seismic measurements: Past, present, and future – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Hesham El-KalioubyInduced polarization effect in time-domain electromagnetic prospecting, noise or signal? – Virtual Honorary Lecturer, Online, Middle East & Africa
  • Gladys GonzalezDe-risking exploration and development with realistic 3D geologic modeling, geophysical seismic simulation, and imaging – Virtual Honorary Lecturer, Online, Latin America
  • Boris GurevichSeismic attenuation, dispersion, and anisotropy in porous rocks: Mechanisms and models – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Subhashis MallickReservoir characterization for the next generation – Virtual Honorary Lecturer, Online, South & East Asia
  • Dirk GajewskiWavefront attributes – A tool for processing, imaging, and model building – Honorary Lecturer, Europe


  • Ruben MartinezHow recent advances in seismic depth imaging can enhance prospect identification and appraisal – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Maria Angela CapelloThe evolving challenges of geophysicists – From amplitude mappers to partners in drilling and water search – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Christine KrohnThe complexity just below our feet and the implications for the fidelity of land seismic data – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Rima ChatterjeeIn-situ stress, pore pressure, and geomechanical modeling: An aid to reservoir exploration and development in the Krishna-Godavari and Upper Assam Basins, India – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia
  • Mazin FaroukiDense sampling in marine seismic: Efficiency in acquisition without compromising data quality – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Ivan VasconcelosFull-wavefield focusing in seismic imaging – Concepts, applications, and examples – Honorary Lecturer, Europe


  • Martin TygelMultiparametric traveltimes: Concepts and applications – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Sherif HanafyInverting every type of arrival for near-surface imaging – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Mirko van der BaanHow widespread is human-induced seismicity in the USA and Canada? – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Martin LandrøNew trends in marine seismic acquisition – possibilities and impact on data quality – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Koya SutoA hitchhiker's guide to geophysics – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • J. V. S. S. Narayana MurtyPassive seismic tomography (PST), QC, and application of PST-derived velocity for seismic imaging – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Pedro AlvarezRock-property estimation from seismic and CSEM attributes using a rock-physics framework – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Said MahrooqiLand seismic acquisition – the highs and lows of very high data rates and very low frequencies – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Scott MichellSubsalt imaging: Snapshots in time, reflections, and next steps – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • How-Wei ChenCrossing boundaries among near-surface, energy resource exploration, earthquake, and tectonic studies – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Michael KemperInfusing rock physics into seismic inversion – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Jie ZhangLooking into the near surface imaging technologies and results – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Sergio Chávez-PérezSeismic bandwidth extension and resolution improvement: What works – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Elijah AyolabiNear-surface geophysics: A high-fidelity tool for engineering, environmental, and hydrological problems – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Dan WhitmoreConcepts and applications of imaging with multiples and primaries – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Evgeny LandaPitfalls and challenges of seismic imaging – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Greg BeresfordSome interesting concepts associated with seismic seafloor acquisition – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Naide PanBroadband marine seismic and beyond: With focus on wave-theory and multicomponent streamer-based solutions and applications – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Laurent SirgueFull waveform inversion of seismic data: Investigating the Earth for high-resolution velocities and more – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Mauricio D. SacchiPractical aspects of regularization and interpolation of (5D) seismic data – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Bruce BlakeImproving seismic structural time-map accuracy with better near-surface measurements – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Aria AbubakarJoint inversion of multiphysics data for petrophysical and engineering properties – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Sandeep ChandolaMarine seismic acquisition: Expanding the possibilities! – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Xuri HuangBridging the chasm between geophysics and reservoir engineering – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Marion JegenJoint inversion: The way forward to a comprehensive earth model – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Marco Polo Pereira BuonoraThe use of mCSEM for deep-water hydrocarbon exploration in Brazil – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • George SmithAVO in exploration and dvelopment – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Nick MoldoveanuEvolution of marine acquisition technology after wide azimuth – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • David IslesAeromagnetics – A driver for discovery and development of Earth resources – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • D. P. SinhaEarth velocity estimation: Bridge the gap of interdependency between geology and geophysics – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Ian JonesFrom imaging to inversion – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Eduardo FilpoImage ray time-to-depth conversion and model ray applications – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Rocco Detomo, Jr.4D time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring of African reservoirs – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Shuki RonenOcean-bottom acquisition and processing: Past, present, and future – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Peter HatherlyA role for geophysical methods in meeting the resource requirements of the 21st century – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Sam SunThe cheapest elastic information: How rock physics models and amplitude processing affect prestack PP inversion – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Lucy MacGregorIntegrating well log, seismic, and CSEM data for reservoir characterization – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Julian CabreraThe state and future directions of prestack depth migration – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Tariq AlkhalifahSeismic imaging: Kirchhoff, beam, WEM, RTM, anisotropy, What is Next? – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Tad SmithPractical seismic petrophysics: The effective use of log data for seismic analysis – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Richard LaneBuilding on 3D geological knowledge through gravity and magnetic modeling workflows at regional to local scales – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Jung-Ho KimIncorporating the fourth dimension into geophysical data interpretation – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia


  • Aldo VesnaverTalking and listening to reservoirs: Production monitoring by active and passive seismic – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • Efrain Mendez-HernandezQuantitative seismic analysis and its role in improving reservoir description and exploration results – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Susan WebbDeep gravity—long wavelengths and measured moho – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Mike BatzleIt's the fluids that count – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Ben ClennellElectrical properties of sedimentary rocks from DC to dielectric frequencies – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • Deva Prasad GhoshGeophysical issues and challenges in Southeast Asia with emphasis on Malay Basin – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia
  • Alan GreenMapping active faults using 3D ground-penetrating radar and 2D and 3D high-resolution reflection seismology: Examples from New Zealand – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South


  • Per AvsethMind the gap in seismic reservoir prediction: How rock physics can bridge the gap between qualitative geology and quantitative geophysics – Honorary Lecturer, Europe
  • José M. CarcionePhysics and simulation of waves for exploration and environmental geosciences – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Samir AbdelmoatyMulti-azimuth seismic in the Nile Delta, Egypt – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa
  • Bill GoodwayThe magic of Lamé – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Andrew Samuel LongMulti-azimuth and wide-azimuth seismic: Foundations, challenges, and opportunities – Honorary Lecturer, Pacific South
  • C. H. MehtaSignificance of Fresnel zones in seismic reflection prospecting – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia
  • Bob HardageMulticomponent seismic stratigraphy – Honorary Lecturer, North America


  • Paulo JohannReservoir geophysics: Characterization and monitoring offshore Brazil – Honorary Lecturer, Latin America
  • Richard LindsayForgotten geophysics: A reminder that first-order effects should come first – Honorary Lecturer, North America
  • Shivaji DasguptaReservoir geophysics: Characterization and monitoring offshore Brazil – Honorary Lecturer, Middle East & Africa


  • Steve ChangRecent advances in borehole geophysics applications – Honorary Lecturer, South & East Asia