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I am Isaac Farley, digital publications manager at SEG. I have been working with SEG digital publications since my arrival in March 2013. As I journey through the world of wiki, I find Wikipedia's Wiki markup help and cheatsheet endlessly helpful.

Have a question about the SEG Wiki or digital publications? Send me an email here

Companies and professional affiliations

Expertise I can offer

  • SEG digital publications
  • SEG Wiki
  • guacamole recipes

Topics of interest

  • Relevant extensions that improve the SEG Wiki
  • Open data
  • Open access
  • Search engine optimization
  • Semantic enrichment
  • Connecting with our wonderful volunteers, like John W. Stockwell Jr. and Matt Hall
  • other guacamole recipes


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One question from the SEG Wiki

As a contributor, or a potential contributor, what's one thing you like about the SEG Wiki? And, what's thing you would change or expand?

Testing ground

copy, paste, do your own testing
  1. Sandbox
  2. sandbox
  3. Yilmaz
  4. Page extras
  5. AGI Critical Issues
  6. Wiki awards
  7. GWB
  8. biography
  9. home page test
  10. Adopt a page
  11. open data maps
  12. Kakuma
  13. KFUPM-KAUST Red Sea model
  14. Facies classification using Neural Network algorithm
  15. Full-waveform inversion, Part 2: Adjoint modeling