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The SEG Wiki is built on Mediawiki, the same platform that Wikipedia is built. Click on the sections below to learn more about adding your knowledge and expertise to the SEG Wiki today!

For a great post on getting starting, including adding a profile, a sandbox, and other concrete steps to get started, visit Ten ways to make a difference. In addition, read this blog post on the four ways the SEG Wiki can benefit you.

General wiki help

  • Wiki basic tutorial: quick tutorial to learn or refresh yourself on how the SEG Wiki operates. Short sections on editing, formatting, citing sources, and how to interact with your other contributors on the SEG Wiki.
  • The Wikipedia Adventure: an interactive tutorial that walks you through all the basics - learn by doing!
  • Wiki cheat sheet: from Agile*, all the most used wiki markups on one sheet.

SEG Wiki help

  • SEG Wiki primer: personalized walk-through of the SEG Wiki to learn your way around and start contributing.
  • Searching the SEG Wiki: brief tutorial on navigating and searching the SEG Wiki to help you find what you want.
  • Adding a Dictionary Term: if you find a term that is missing from Sheriff's Dictionary, learn how to add it here!

Personalized support

  • The SEG Bulletin Board: visit this page to acknowledge, thank, and appreciate fellow SEG Wiki contributors and volunteers. In addition, ask any questions you may have to peers within the SEG Wiki community, for personalized support.
  • For support from the larger Wikipedia community: The Teahouse introduces new editors to Wikipedia culture through a forum for exchanging information, troubleshooting problems, and developing relationships with experienced Wikipedia editors.
  • Leave a message here and SEG staff will personally help answer your question.

Get started!

Making edits, adding new content, and getting comfortable with the SEG Wiki can take some time. We strongly encourage you to just get started!

  • Create your own sandbox and test out your knowledge. To do this, edit your user page by adding Sandbox , then save your page. Click on the red link that appears. You can copy the text on this page or this user page (click the Edit tab on the top) and try out your editing skills.
  • Look over the biographies and fix any spelling errors, spacing errors, typos, etc.
  • Download a data set from our open data and start exploring.