Poission’s ratio from P- and S-wave traveltimes

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Problem 13.7

Find Poisson’s ratio for the five events in Figure 13.7a.


Poisson’s ratio can be obtained from the ratio using equation (10.2) Table 2.2a. Since , , we can get from the traveltimes and then get using equation (10,2) (see Table 2.2a), that is,

Measurements and calculations are listed in Table 13.7a.

Figure 13.7a.  Comparison of P- and S-wave records (courtesy of CGG.) (i) P-wave record; (ii) S-wave record displayed at double the speed to facilitate comparison.
Table 13.7a. Determination of .
1 0.39 0.96 2.46 6.05 0.40
2 0.62 1.50 2.42 5.86 0.40
3 0.74 1.65 2.23 4.97 0.37
4 0.80 1.83 2.29 5.24 0.38
5 0.99 2.16 2.18 4.75 0.37

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Poission’s ratio from P- and S-wave traveltimes
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