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Although multiple lists of Charter and Founding members exist, the history of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a history of the people who created exploration geophysics and the technologies they created intertwined with global events.

Charter members of SEG

The Charter members (29 men and 1 woman) met at the University Club in Houston on 11 March 1930 to form the SEG (originally named the Society of Economic Geophysicists).[1] Donald C. Barton was elected President, E. E. Rosaire Vice President, and John F. Weinzierl Secretary-Treasurer. On 20 May, the Society's Constitution and Bylaws were adopted by the following Charter Members.

Founding members of SEG

An unpublished chronological history of SEG, covering 1930–1991, lists 30 individuals who attended the 11 March meeting as Charter Members. A plaque dedicated to the “Founders” that was unveiled at the dedication of SEG's headquarters building on 25 June 1966 has 46 names. The annually published SEG Yearbook cites 49 people as “Founding Members.”[2]


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