Eugene Fekete

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Fekete, Jenő (Eugene) (Veszprém, 5 March 1880 - Budapest, 17 March 1942) – Geophysicist. His higher studies were completed in the University of Budapest. He began work as a demonstrator and from 1905 he was on the scholarship of the Semsey foundation. For 15 years he worked with the famous physicist Lóránd Eötvös. In 1915 Fekete was an appointed geophysicist. From 1919 he was research fellow in the Loránd Eötvös Geophysical Institute (Eötvös Loránd Geofizikai Intézet). From 1923 he worked for the Royal Dutch Shell in Mexico, from 1931 have done land surveying with torsion pendulum. In 1934 he returned to Hungary and took over the leadership of the Geophysical Institute. He introduced new research methods (seismic, electric, etc.). Over the area of Hungary he investigated and interpreted large areas. From 1941 he was member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. [1]

He was a Charter Member of the SEG.


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