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The SEG/DMEC Reference Reference Mineral Exploration Data is a set of reference geophysical data sets that can be used by members of the Earth science community for the purpose of research into new geophysical techniques. By providing openly available, fully described and referenced data, we expect that geophysical researchers and developers of new algorithms will be able to exercise new and existing techniques using the same reference data such that methods can be compared. We further expect that, over time, a body of science will build on the reference data and thus provide an invaluable record of progress for our community at large.

The data library aims to:

  1. Be focused primarily on mineral exploration geophysics.
  2. Be made available and digitally accessible to all with open access permission.
  3. Include metadata that sufficiently describes the data for use in geophysical techniques.
  4. Provide both 1) real survey compilation data from well-known economically important mineral occurrences and well-known geologic environments, and 2) useful synthetic physical property models with generated synthetic physical forward model data.


Initiated in 2018 by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Mining Committee, a group of individuals took on the work of establishing this reference data library to benefit the mining exploration community. In addition to the interests of the SEG, this reference data library supports the interests of the Decennial Mineral Exploration Conferences (DMEC), who also seek to further the science of mineral exploration through the integrated application of all Earth science disciplines to mineral exploration. DMEC has also generously provided funding to support the curation of identified data.

The initial 2018 committee members include Robert Hearst, Ian MacLeod, Jenna McKenzie, Taronish Pithawala and Ken Witherly.

List of Reference Data

Title Description Dataset Page
Quest Area Compilation, Quesnel terrane, British Columbia, Canada Collection of airborne geophysical data sets, including magnetic, gravity, VTEM, ZTEM and gamma-ray spectrometry, as well a sample physical properties database. The surveys cover parts of the Quesnel terrane (Quesnellia) in southeastern British Columbia. Quest Area Compilation