Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring in Carbonates

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2009 Development & Production Forum
SEG 2009 D&P Forum
Date 10-15 April 2009
Location Manama, Bahrain

This forum provided an open discussion on carbonate reservoir characterization and monitoring.


By far the largest and most extensive petroleum reservoirs worldwide exist in carbonate reservoirs, chiefly located in the Middle East. As these reservoirs mature it becomes imperative that we apply advanced geophysical and reservoir engineering technology to evaluate, monitor, and ultimately manage these important resources.

This five-day meeting in Bahrain examined the geological and geophysical characteristics of carbonate reservoirs and the role of geophysics in characterizing and managing them.

Technical topics

  • Geological framework and heterogeneity
  • Rock physics and formation evaluation
  • Seismic characteristics, including 3D and 4D and passive seismics
  • Electrical and potential methods in carbonates
  • Fracture characterization
  • Reservoir simulation and modeling

Organizing Committee


Michael Wilt
Ralph Bridle


Maria Angela Capello
Gary Mercado
Abdulfattah Al-Dajani

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Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring in Carbonates
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