Maria Angela Capello

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Maria Angela Capello
Maria Angela Capello headshot.png
Membership Life Member
MSc Geophysics
MSc university Colorado School of Mines

María Ángela Capello is senior advisor for the Deputy CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, responsible for the North Kuwait Asset. Capello was previously in charge of the Burgan super-giant, coordinating the Integrated Business. She led a management initiative, for the alignment of all activities of this asset and is a leader and consultant for the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.

Capello has pioneered initiatives in Venezuela and Kuwait related to enhancing liaisons and practical involvement of industry with academia, including production sharing agreements, partnerships, students exchange programs, and enrichment of curricula. She is a leader in global outreach in inclusion and diversity, currently leading as advisor and coordinator of the Professional Women Network of the 8 companies in the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation holding. She is a member of the SEG Women’s Network Committee and was Committee Chair from 2013 to 2015. Capello was SEG Vice-President 2005-2006, SEG Council Member and a SEG Lifetime Membership Award recipient.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

María Ángela Capello received SEG Life Membership for her dedicated work in the Global Affairs Committee (of which she was a cofounder) and her service to the Society as Vice President in 2005–2006. She has served as an officer on the GAC and has served as regional co-coordinator for Latin America.

The following was contributed by Mike Batzle

Energy, dedication. These two words are an excellent description of María Ángela Capello and her work. Her Life Membership is a well-deserved recognition of her efforts to expand SEG’s global outreach and render it a more inclusive organization. Those who know María Ángela will all agree that she possesses enough energy to power a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. Fortunately for mankind, this energy has been focused on opening opportunities for geophysicists and students around the world. María Ángela is also an excellent role model for young women just entering the profession.

I came to know María Ángela and her husband Herminio during her graduate studies at the Colorado School of Mines. She investigated the influence of rock and fluid properties on reservoir monitoring as part of The Reservoir Characterization Project. This awoke her interest in reservoir development and management in general. She has gone on to be an active participant in technical societies, organized meetings, and promoted educational exchanges.

María Ángela has been deeply involved with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for many years: as vice president on the 2005–2006 Executive Committee, committee member, and educational facilitator. Her viewpoint has always been global, and as an active member of the Global Affairs Committee, she has been instrumental in developing SEG into an international organization. In Venezuela, María Ángela worked enthusiastically with the Venezuelan Society of Geophysicists, SOVG, to bring in international participants.

She became deeply involved in education at the Universidad Central de Venezuela soon after her return to Caracas. I was involved with the exchange she arranged for students from UCV to attend the field camp at CSM. It was obvious that all the students benefitted from both the scientific and cultural exchange. She also introduced the 3D interpretation exercise produced by the SEG Geoscience Center to graduate students at UCV. One of her most innovative efforts was her dedication to the development of a joint university-industry training facility (PetroUCV). In this program, a small oil field was turned over to UCV so that students could gain first-hand knowledge on how to collect, reduce, and interpret field data; they then proposed and implemented solutions in a pioneering partnership effort. She is now in Kuwait, and, in this country, she is now applying her efforts in promoting SEG among students and geophysicists.

In conclusion, this life membership award to María Ángela Capello not only recognizes her energy and efforts, but is also an affirmation of the global viewpoint she has fostered at SEG.