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National Geophysical Research Institute Geophysical Society, Hyderabad
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University National Geophysical Research Institute
Faculty Advisor Dr. Prasanta K. Patro
Country India
Status Active
Ranking Ridge Level

National Geophysical Research Institute Geophysical Society, Hyderabad was established by Dr. V.P. Dimri just after he took up the charge of the director of the CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute . The promulgation of such a society is based on an idea which conceptualize to promote the science of geophysics, expose it to the masses and thus to provide the students an opportunity to learn the modern geophysical technology with global experts. The society conducts educational activities throughout the year in the institute, and takes part in the events organized by various geophysical organizations.

Chapter's Contact Details

SEG-SPG NGRI Student Chapter, CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Uppal Road, Hyderabad, India-500007,

E-mail : ngristudentchapter‐at‐

Phone: +914027012787

Faculty Advisor

Email: patrobpk‐at‐

Phone: +914023434651

Officer Bearers

  • President: Deepak Kumar

E-mail : dpk42975‐at‐

  • Vice President: Uppala Srinu

E-mail : srinu.uppala92‐at‐

  • Secretary: Sikha Hiloidari

E-mail : sikha.hiloidari88‐at‐

E-mail : ajithabhks‐at‐

Previous Faculty Advisors

Events of 2017

SEG Honorary Lecture

Honorary Lecture 2017
Honorary Lecture 2017

We were blessed with the presence of Dr. J.V.S.S. Narayana Murthy as our SEG Honorary Lecturer, who gave a talk on the topic of "Passive Seismic Tomography (PST), QC and application of PSTderived velocity for seismic imaging". This event took place in the e-classroom of CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad on 9th March 2017. This event was attended by more than 100 personals including Scientists, Students, and Technical officers.

This was a very enriching and valuable experience for all the personals attending such an event.

SEG DISC (Distinguished Instructor Short Course)

DISC 2017
DISC 2017

We were blessed with the presence of Prof. Douglas Oldenberg for taking a two-day workshop on the topic of "Geophysical Electromagnetism: Fundamentals and Application".

This event took place in the CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad on 27th & 28th February 2017, which was attended by 99 Delegates from over 17 different Institute from all over India, including Scientists, Students, and Technical officers.

SEG Most Improved Chapter Award

SEG NGRI student chapter submitted our video entry for the 'Most Improved Chapter Award' and had been ranked among top three videos out of all the entries from all over the world. Our video was also being played during the 87th Annual meeting of SEG. In that video, we showcased the formation of SEG NGRI Student chapter, its ups & downs throughout all these years and finally its exponential growth toward becoming a highly active chapter.

87th Annual meeting of SEG

Participation in 87th Annual meeting of SEG
Participation in 87th Annual meeting of SEG

Two of Students namely, Arun K.P (former President, SEG-NGRI Student Chapter) and Jitender Kumar (former Vice-President, SEG-NGRI Student Chapter) attended the 87th Annual meeting of SEG at Houston, Texas, USA from 24th - 27th September 2017. Their work was selected for the oral presentation. Apart from them, two other abstracts from CSIR-NGRI was selected for the event, who couldn't attend due to lack of funding.

Student Outreach program (Open Day)

There is one significant activity that our chapter performs annually on the foundation day of our institute, which is on 27th September and is called 'Open Day'. On this day, our institute is open to school children and other people, where all the sections and laboratories of our institute show their work and inspire people towards geosciences. We show the importance of geoscience for the society and the promising career prospect of this field. Students from various schools all over the city come in large numbers to see the demonstrations and laboratories managed by the scientific fraternity, here in CSIR-NGRI.

Geo-Manthan (Geoscience Quiz contest)

Quiz 2017
Quiz 2017

On 1st December 2017, NGRI Student Chapter organized our first Geoscience Quiz Contest named 'Geo-Manthan'. Apart from Geoscience, we also had other topics for the quiz. The finale of the quiz contest was held in e-classroom of CSIR-NGRI with five finalist teams. We chose the finalist through prelims Quiz round. We collaborated with other universities like Osmania University and Andra University. The finalist team had one team from Osmania University, one team from Andra University and remaining three teams from NGRI.

There were five rounds to the quiz contest namely:

1. Ice-Breaker

2. Crust

3. Mantle

4. Core

5. Rapid Fire

The winner and runner-up team also received a cash prize. The event was a huge success and we received much positive feedback from audience and student participating. It was like a confluence of knowledge and fun. We are hoping to organize this quiz contest annually and make it even more fun.

CSIR-NET Classes

CSIR-NET Classes
CSIR-NET Classes

Our SEG student chapter has been organizing CSIR-NET classes every year for one month prior to the CSIR-NET exam for the research enthusiasts students appearing for the CSIR-NET exam, under the guidance of our faculty advisor and other eminent scientists. Last year we conducted the classes during the month of May, in which masses of graduate and undergraduate students (interns) of the institute attended the classes. The researchers who had already qualified the CSIR-NET Examination took the responsibility to deliver lectures. Apart from theory, problem-solving sessions were also organized. The speakers also made the students aware of reference books which they need to follow. The lecture sessions were of one-hour duration, every day which covered all the streams which are given in the syllabus.

It was a great platform for all levels of students (graduate and undergraduate) to interact with the each other and to develop the problem-solving capacity. This initiative was very successful, as some of our students have qualified the examination and entered into the research world as Junior Research Fellow (JRF). We are looking forward to accentuate more on this co-curricular activity so that more students will be benefited.

Events of 2016

SEG Honorary Lecture

SEG Honorary Lecture 2016 : Jie Zhang
Jie Zhang with Student chapter office bearers

Last year, after a wonderful talk by Prof. Naide Pan in his talk on Broadband marine seismic and beyond: With focus on wave-theory and multicomponent streamer-based solutions and applications, this year our chapter hosted SEG Honorary Lecturer Jie Zhang[1].

Topic of the lecture was: Looking into the near surface imaging technologies and results.

Short course by Dr. V.K. Rao

Dr. V.K. Rao with SEG Student Chapter office bearers
Lecture by Dr. V.K.Rao


The course covered the basics about Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and reservoir characterization parameters. It laid special emphasis to different log responses for bed identification. This course was attended by students of two universities apart from the research community of CSIR-NGRI. This course was a huge success as we received a lot of positive responses from the students as well as scientists. Our chapter is also looking to host a full-on workshop dedicated to unconventional resources.

Geoscience Day

Geoscience Day
Geoscience Day

Theme of the event was "Role of Geoscience in Environmental Sustainability"

Event comprised of competitions such as:

1. Quiz

2. Speech: Topics for speech competition were

a) Consequences of over-exploiting earth resources

b) Role of India in conquering present energy challenges

3. Essay: Topics for essay competition were

a) Role of geoscience studies in environment sustainability

b) Symbiosis between earth and humans

CSIR-NET Interaction classes

CSIR-NET Interaction classes
CSIR-NET Interaction classes

In order to help the students in cracking the prestigious CSIR-NET exam, the student chapter has started an initiative for training the students for this exam. In this programme, we organize an interactive session between CSIR aspirants and those who are experts in their respective fields of geoscience, such as Geophysics, Geochemistry, Oceanography etc. This also helps in increasing the overall knowledge in geoscience rather than just concentrating in only one field. This initiative has witnessed a great success among students. Our chapter will be continuing this interactive session in future as well.

Course work by Dr. Dhananjay Kumar

Photograph after the Course Work
Dhananjay Kumar lecture

Topic: Quantitative Reservoir Properties Prediction

This event was a one day course work divided into two sessions: morning and afternoon session. Morning session was dedicated to the basics of Qualitative Reservoir properties prediction and its workflow. Afternoon session was dedicated to predicting the reservoir properties after geophysical inversion.

Lecture on Lacunarity

Photograph after the Course Work
Ankur roy.jpg

This lecture was given by Dr. Ankur Roy from Stanford University on the topic Lacunarity: Scale-dependent changes in data and other applications.

Open day-2016

Video presentation for students
Poster presentation by one of our volunteers

Every year our institute, celebrates its foundation day during which laboratories of our institute are thrown open to school children so as to rekindle their interest in geophysics and allied sciences. Students from various schools come in large numbers to see the demonstrations and laboratories managed by the scientific fraternity, here in CSIR-NGRI. The SEG student chapter of our institute organized poster session to guide students about the career prospects in earth science.

SLS and SEP-2016

Ajay at SEG Student leadership Program, 2016 held at Texas USA.

Last year Mr. Ajay Malkoti represented our chapter in Student Leadership Symposium held at Dallas, US and Student Education Program held at Poland.

Events of 2015

SEG Honorary Lecture


Our chapter hosted the SEG Honorary Lecture for year 2015 by [2].

Topic: Broadband marine seismic and beyond: With focus on wave-theory and multicomponent streamer-based solutions and applications.

The lecture was followed by an interaction session between students and Pan after the lunch

Earth Day

As per the tradition of the institute, we have celebrated and observed Earth day of the year 2015, on April-22.

Earth Day 2015

Orientation programs for prestigious CSIR-NET exam

Following the previous year's initiative, our chapter organized a series to lecture to help out the students and chapter members in their preparation for the CSIR-NET examination meant for the fellowship for doctoral research.

File Photo

Guest Lecture

Our chapter invited Dr. Frank Lisker to deliver a talk on the topic Principles of Thermochronology.

SLS-2014 & SEP-2015

Our chapter was represented by Mr. Chandra Prakash Dubey in the SLS-2014 held in Denver, and he along with Mr. Shib Sankar Ganguli has also taken part in a student education program held in Prague.

Prakash at SLS 2014
Shib at SEP-2015

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