Lev Vernik

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Lev Vernik
Lev Vernik headshot.png
Latest company Marathon Oil
PhD Rock Physics
PhD university All-Union Geological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Honorable Mention (The Leading Edge) 2012

Lev Vernik and Mark Kachanov received 2012 Honorable Mention (The Leading Edge) for their paper "On some controversial issues in rock physics."[1]

Biography 2014

Dr. Lev Vernik is Senior Technical Consultant,Marathon Oil.

Lev acquired his PhD in Rock Physics in 1982 at the All-Union Geological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, while working on rock properties characterization from logs, cores, and seismic for Kola Superdeep Well. He joined Stanford Rock Physics Project in 1987, where he established a solid shale characterization program. Since 1995 Lev has been employed by oil and gas companies like Arco, Vastar, BP, Noble Energy, and Marathon Oil. Lev is currently a Senior Technical Consultant with Marathon. His interests include rock physics, seismic AVO modeling and attribute studies, pore pressure and fracture gradient profile computation from logs.


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