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Jill Lewis
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SEG Special Commendation 2014

Our industry depends on the understandable interchange of seismic data. SEG provides the worldwide standards for the format of that data. As the nature of the data continues to evolve, the standards must evolve also. Rune Hagelund, Stewart A. Levin, and Jill C. Lewis are responsible for the continued evolution to the present SEG-D 3.0 Standard.[1]

Biography Citation for SEG Special Commendation 2014

Contributed by Stewart A. Levin

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists, like any large service-oriented society, relies heavily on many volunteers and staff members whose important contributions behind the scenes go mostly unsung. It is therefore exceptionally gratifying that the Society has chosen to honor Jill Lewis with a Special Commendation Award for her critical role in advancing SEG Technical Standards in general and the SEG-D 3.0 field data standard in particular.

Involved in the upstream petroleum industry for more than three decades (although you would be hard pressed to guess that, with her youthful looks and joyful personality), Jill joined the Technical Standards Committee in 1998, recognizing the importance of clear, comprehensive and, lest we forget, useful technical standards for recording, processing, and exchanging geophysical data. During the next decade and a half, she was responsible for the ratification of SEG-Y revision 1, SEG-D 2.1, and SEG-D 3.0 as committee vice chair and chair.

Just as important, Jill has reached out to multiple external data-standards groups such as Energistics and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers to ensure consistent and common use of the same fundamental standards for units of measurement and positioning. In just the first half of 2014, she promoted good practices at eight venues on four continents.

All these vast, mostly behind-the-scenes contributions to SEG have been made in the few spare hours that being CEO of a small software business, Troika International Ltd., afforded Jill. Troika specializes in data management, data-transcription software, data quality, formats, data ingestions, and data and tapes in general.

It is my distinct honor to have written this citation for one of the marvelous colleagues I have worked with in my geophysical career. Congratulations, Jill, on your Special Commendation from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. We look forward to your continued efforts to expand and align SEG Technical Standards.


  1. SEG Honors and Awards Ceremony in Official Program and Exhibitors Directory, SEG Denver 26-31 October 2014 p.36-49.

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