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Rune Hagelund
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SEG Special Commendation 2014 [1]

Our industry depends on the understandable interchange of seismic data. SEG provides the worldwide standards for the format of that data. As the nature of the data continues to evolve, the standards must evolve also. Rune Hagelund, Stewart A. Levin, and Jill C. Lewis are responsible for the continued evolution to the present SEG-D 3.0 Standard.

Biography Citation for SEG Special Commendation 2014

Contributed by Stewart A. Levin

Helpful, enthusiastic, and a thorough IT professional, Rune Hagelund has performed yeoman’s service in the trenches of data acquisition, transmission, formatting, and workflows. With an M.Sc. in cybernetics and robotics, he joined WesternGeco AS in 1995, working first on acquisition system designs for real-time, high-performance data recording and processing on large servers and clusters. From 2005 until he joined Roxar in 2009 as a senior software architect for rms reservoir modeling, Rune worked on seismic survey planning, execution, and control systems running on Windows and Unix. He is now director and principal consultant for the small IT company Daeco AS and is responsible for the current premier SEG-D format checker.

Rune and I joined the SEG Technical Standards Committee at approximately the same time, in 2007, driven by a mutual concern that the existing SEG-D had fallen behind in serving the needs of what had become a petabyte data-acquisition industry that no longer could afford ambiguities and inefficiencies in that widely used recording format.

With Rune’s daily involvement in WesternGeco’s data acquisition and processing, it was natural and inevitable that he would take on leadership roles in the Technical Standards Committee as vice chair and chair while coleading the SEG-D revision effort that resulted in the current version 3.0. In those roles, he proactively bridged to multiple constituencies, within and outside SEG, that have world-class expertise in areas such as location data, fundamental units, and modern magnetic-tape architectures.

For those reasons, I am delighted that the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is awarding Rune Hagelund a special commendation for his extensive contributions to SEG-D and to technical standards in general. I am deeply honored that he has asked me to write the citation for this well-deserved award.


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