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Hendratta Ali
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Notable awards FHSU 2017, Outstanding Graduate Advisor; FHSU 2017, My-Go-To, Outstanding Mentoring to Colleagues award
BSc Earth Sciences, University of Yaounde I (UYI)-Yaounde, Cameroon
MSc Soil Science, University of Yaounde I (UYI)-Yaounde, Cameroon
PhD Geology, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater Oklahoma, USA

Hendratta Ali is associate Professor in the Geosciences Department at the Fort Hays State University[1] and is the coordinator of the Petroleum Geology program and student club advisor / mentor. Dr. Ali established and developed a petroleum geology program in the department of Geosciences at FHSU. She supervises the FHSU geology apprenticeship program for students and mentors students to gain industry experience before they graduate. She typically teaches several courses per year including petroleum geology, geophysics, stratigraphy, well logging and general geology courses. In addition to teaching and supervising apprenticeships, Dr. Ali has a vibrant research group that typically includes several undergraduate students, advices the student chapters of the SEG (Fort Hays State University Geophysical Society) and AAPG petroleum club. She is also the faculty sponsors the Fort Hays State University IBA team. Dr. Ali’s research interests are in magnetic susceptibility and chemo-stratigraphy applied to petroleum systems and the use of stable isotope applied to surface and groundwater systems. She engages the future generation of petroleum geologists to become well rounded industry professionals through teaching, hands-on mentoring, apprenticeship and internship co-supervised with industry mentors.

Hendratta is also very active in SEG, AAPG and other professional organizations. She has served in key leadership roles including serving as president of the Kansas Geophysical Society, chair of the SEG Youth Education committee, and member of several committees. She offers petroleum related short-courses and workshops to working professionals and non-geosciences professionals.

Hendratta is Fluent in English and French. In her spare time she is a recreational soccer coach, likes camping and enjoys dancing.

University awards and recognitions

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Professional society awards and activities

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) 2017 Inspirational Educator Award Recipient


  • Coordinator and host of SEG Women’s Network Committee Webinar series

Professional organizations and affiliations

  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • Geological Society of America
  • Association for Women Geoscientists
  • National Association of Black Geoscientists
  • Kansas Geological Society
  • Geophysical Society of Kansas
  • Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association


  1. Fort Hays State University Department of Geosciences - Faculty & Staff Directory, (2017), https://www.fhsu.edu/geo/Faculty-and-Staff/

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