Global Single Sensor Acquisition and Processing: Past, Present and Future

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SEG/KOC Joint Workshop
SEG/KOC Joint Workshop
Date 3-6 December 2012

Regency Hotel

Kuwait City, Kuwait

This workshop shared the cross-industry experiences of current practitioners from around the globe and addressed many outstanding questions related to optimum use of single sensor single source technology.


The revolution in acquisition equipment and processing technology has put the industry in a new position to increase sampling and fold to levels previously unimaginable. This raises many questions regarding optimum use of single sensor single source technology for the future.

Attendees enjoyed lively discussions and informed debate on all topics related to this emerging technology. In addition, attendees had the opportunity to visit a 220,000 channel 3D seismic crew operating in north Kuwait.

Technical topics

Sharing experiences; Focusing on 3D single sensor and/or single source production projects from acquisition to reservoir characterization.

  • On-shore case histories – MENA Region
  • Worldwide case histories

Industry trends, new technologies & way forward. Focusing on the near future.

  • Multi-component 3C and new sensors
  • Repeatability – 4D
  • Wires vs radio waves vs memory storage
  • Broad band & full waveform inversion
  • Depth migration

Advances in integrated acquisition & processing technology: Emphasis on enabling technology and solutions they provide.

Acquisition Challenges:

  • Recording systems, sources & sensors
  • Practical survey design & impact on imaging for multiple targets
  • Real time in-field QC

Processing Challenges:

  • Workflows & algorithms with impact on acquisition design
  • QC, automation & data volume management
  • Array forming vs single trace processing

Organizing Committee

Advisory Chairman

Khalid Al-Mulla (KOC)


Ahmad Al-Eidan (KOC)
Jack Bouska (BP)
Adel El-Emam (KOC)
Jerrah Al-Jenaie (KOC)
Saif Ali Al Mesaabi (ADNOC)
Maurice Nessim (WesternGeco)
Peter Pecholcs (Saudi Aramco)
John Jacque Postel (CGGVeritas)
John Quigley (WesternGeco)
Ghassan Rached (KOC)
Daniel Van Hulle (CGGVeritas)

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Global Single Sensor Acquisition and Processing: Past, Present and Future
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