Editor of Geophysics

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Formerly known as SEG Editor.

A key position within the SEG is Editor of the SEG's premier technical journal, Geophysics.

The past and current editor of Geophysics are listed below.[1]

"SEG Editors 2011-present."

"SEG Editors 2001-2011."

"SEG Editors 1991-2001."

"SEG Editors 1981-1991."

"SEG Editors 1971-1981."

"SEG Editors 1961-1971."

"SEG Editors 1951-1961."

"SEG Editors 1939-1951."

"SEG Editors 1931-1939."


  1. Clark, D. (2010), Out of the past. The Leading Edge," 75(5), 75A263-75A271.