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Yonghe Sun
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Membership Life Member
PhD university University of Utah

Yonghe Sun was Editor of ''Geophysics'' for the years 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.[1]

SEG Life Membership 2014 [2]

During Yonghe Sun’s term as editor in chief of Geophysics from 2005 until 2007, he improved the review process and shortened the turnaround time for publication of papers. His efforts have contributed largely to the fact that Geophysics ranks very high among international geoscience journals. After his term as editor, Sun became chairman of the Publications Committee, a role which he fulfilled for four years. The new SEG journal Interpretation owes its existence to his continuing efforts and enthusiasm, and he is its founding editor.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership 2014

Contributed by Gerard Schuster

Yonghe Sun has worked tirelessly for the benefit of SEG, first as an associate editor, then an assistant editor, and later editor of Geophysics from 2005 to 2007. His salient contribution as editor is that he reduced review turnaround time by about half. He used statistics from other journals to convince SEG to take the necessary steps to reduce turnaround time and remain the leading journal in applied geophysics.

Other changes he implemented include streamlining the rules for review and acceptance and establishing the current practice of no publication backlog of accepted papers. During his editorship, each of the two SEG Executive Committees had approved budget variances to clear publication backlog. This brought down publication time of accepted papers from over seven months to two-and-a-half months.

After Sun’s editorship, he became chairman of the SEG Publications Committee for SEG books. His contributions included reforming the committee structure; revamping the book procedures; and streamlining book proposal, editing, and approval processes. From my personal experience, Sun is one of the most thorough editors I know. He significantly improved one of my books with his edits.

Perhaps Sun’s most important accomplishment is that he is the founding editor of the new SEG journal Interpretation, a peer-reviewed quarterly published jointly by SEG and AAPG to advance the practice of subsurface interpretation. Time will tell how important this new journal will be, but it is my guess that it will be a valuable addition to SEG publications.

In summary, I believe Yonghe Sun’s contributions to SEG are almost unprecedented in their scope and have significantly improved the impact SEG has on its members.

Biography 2000[3]

Yonghe Sun received a BS (1983) in physics from Anhui University, China, and a PhD (1990) in physics from the University of Utah. He worked at the University of Utah as a post doctoral researcher/research assistant professor from 1990 to 1993. He is currently a senior geophysicist at Amerada Hess Corp. His interests include seismic imaging/inversion, distributed computing, and instrumentation.

Honorable Mention (Geophysics) 2000

Yonghe Sun, Fuhao Qin, Steve Checkles, and Jacques P. Leveille received 2000 Honorable Mention (Geophysics) for their paper 3-D prestack Kirchhoff beam migration for depth imaging.[4]


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