2nd Middle East Geoscience Student Symposium

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2nd Middle East Geoscience Student Symposium
Date 26-29 April 2014

Sultan Qaboos University

Muscat, Oman

This event followed on the success of the 1st SEG Student Day and Challenge Bowl to continue inspiring the geoscientists of tomorrow and accelerating their growth. While attending this event, participants advanced their existing knowledge, discussed opportunities, expanded their horizons, and shared their expertise with their peers from different universities and with professionals from industry and academia.

SEG Middle East Challenge Bowl

The 8th Annual Middle East Challenge Bowl invited eight teams of two students each (graduate or undergraduate) from any university or college to go head-to-head on Monday, 28 April 2014.

This offered an excellent opportunity for geosciences students to display their geophysical and geological knowledge in this fun, rapid fire, push-the-buzzer, who-can-answer-first contest. Winners represented the Middle East and received an expenses-paid trip to Denver for SEG's 84th Annual Meeting & Exposition in October 2014.

Challenge Bowl, Oral Presentation, and Poster Presentation Winners

8th SEG Middle East Challenge Bowl Winners

1st Place Winners
Sawaa Khamis Rashid Al-Sawaei, Sultan Qaboos University
Mus’ab Mansoor Khalfan Al Hasani, Sultan Qaboos University

2nd Place Winners
Sheikh Mubin Ashraf, NED University
Asiya Abbasi, NED University

University Oral Presentation Winners

1st Place:
Ibrahim Awadh Al-Sawafi, Sultan Qaboos University

2nd Place:
Nusrat Afrin, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi

University Poster Presentation Winners

1st Place:
Zainab Abdullah Al Rawahi, Sultan Qaboos University

2nd Place:
Maryam Al Hamar & Afra Al Jaberi, United Arab Emirates University

3rd Place:
Nada Said Khalaf Al-Bahri & Amani Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Kharoosi, Sultan Qaboos University

Technical Committee


Said Mahrooqi, PDO
Hesham El-Kaliouby, Sultan Qaboos University


Aiman Bakhorji
Amani Al Abri, Sultan Qaboos University
Ameer Al Amri, CGG
Fuad Somali, Saudi Aramco
Jarrah Al-Jenaie, Kuwait Oil Company
Khalil Hamed Hilal Alyahmadi, Sultan Qaboos University
Mahmoud Ali ElGihani, Schlumberger
Mohammed Bannagi, Saudi Aramco
Raed Al-Nazer, Schlumberger
Saif Messabi, ADNOC


Saudi Aramco
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Petroleum Development Oman

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