Yang Zhao

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Yang Zhao
Yang Zhao headshot.png
Latest company Saudi Aramco
BSc Geophysics and Seismology
MSc Geophysics and Seismology
PhD Exploration Geophysics
BSc university Peking University
MSc university University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PhD university University of California, Berkeley


PhD Applied Geophysics, UC Berkeley, May 2012 MS Geophysics and Seismology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, May 2008 BS Geophysics Science and Seismology, Peking University, July 2006[1]

Best Paper in The Leading Edge Award 2012

Vladimir Grechka and Yang Zhao received the 2012 Best Paper in The Leading Edge Award for their paper Microseismic interferometry.[2]


  1. Yang Zhao's Home Page. University of California, Berkeley, Earth and Planetary Science.[1]
  2. Grechka, V. and Y. Zhao (2012). ”Microseismic interferometry.” Microseismic interferometry, 31(12), 1478-1483. [2]

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