Xiang-Yang Li

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Xiang-Yang Li
Li XiangYang.jpg
Latest company University of Edinburgh
BSc Geophysics
MSc Applied Geophysics
PhD Seismology
BSc university Changchun Geological Institute, China
MSc university East China Petroleum Institute (now China University of Petroleum)
PhD university University of Edinburgh


Xiang-Yang Li is the Director of The Edinburgh Anisotropy Project (EAP) in the British Geological Survey, and the Professor of Multicomponent Seismology at the University of Edinburgh. His technical expertise spans anisotropic seismic analysis, fracture characterisation, rock and fluid properties, and multi-component seismics.

He received his BSc(1982) in Geophysics from Changchun Geological Institute, China, an MSc (1984) in applied geophysics from East China Petroleum Institute (now known as the China University of Petroleum), and a PhD (1992) in seismology from the University of Edinburgh. During 1984-1987, he worked as a lecturer with the East China Petroleum Institute. Since 1991, he has been employed by the British Geological Survey. His research interests include seismic anisotropy and multicomponent seismology.[1]


  1. Xiang-Yang Li. British Geological Survey [Staff Profile].[1]

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