Wang Tiejun

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Wang Tiejun

Dr. Tiejun Wang is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation at the University of Twente.

SEG Presidential Award 2013 [1]

SEG President Dave Monk ended the Honors and Awards Ceremony at the 2013 Annual International Meeting to honor Wang Tiejun with the Presidential Award. This honor is not regularly given at the H and A ceremony but is bestowed at the discretion of the SEG president to "an individual who is recognized as having contributed outstanding service to the Society." Monk said he chose to present the award to Wang in appreciation for the outstanding work he has done for SEG in China.

Wang started his career in seismic field operations and steadily moved through the ranks at BGP, in both domestic and international assignments, until becoming president of BGP Incorporated in 2004. Wang has promoted cooperation between SEG and the Chinese geophysical community for several years. SEG now has more than 220 members within BGP and they will be presenting 25 papers at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Wang has also served as co-chairman of the executive committee of three major SEG conferences in China and it was at his suggestion that CNPC, BGP's parent company, made a major financial contribution at the 2006 Annual Meeting in support of SEG's online education programs.

Wang was unable to attend the meeting and the award was accepted by Hao Huiming, chief geophysicist of BGP who delivered remarks on Wang's behalf.


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