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Data provided by the New Zealand Crown Minerals is a prestack migrated final volume. The volume is 24 GBytes. All data are migrated. An example plots are below.

Waka3d il.png
Waka3d xl.png
Waka3d tslice.png

How to obtain a copy of the data

The easiest way to obtain a copy of the 3-D volumes is to use the Madagascar processing scripts below or the links below.
You can also request a copy directly from the New Zealand Government web sites.

Terms of use

The New Zealand government collects seismic and well data and releases it to the public after a data confidentiality period of a few years. The purpose of releasing these data to the public is to promote development of New Zealand’s petroleum and mineral resources. These data can be used by students, academics, and industry provided publications and presentations acknowledge New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (NZPM) for providing data.

Madagascar processing scripts

If you have installed the Madagascar development release, you have scripts to download and display the data. You may need to update your copy of the Madagascar installation to ensure you have contents added after March 2015. To update your copy of Madagascar enter this dialog into a terminal window:

cd $RSFSRC/book/data/new-zealand-waka-3d
svn update

To run the processing scripts enter this dialog into a terminal window:

cd $RSFSRC/book/data/new-zealand-waka-3d/fetch
scons view

Download data clicking links or command line wget

Either click on the hypertext links, or paste the wget commands into a unix terminal window:
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/open.source.geoscience/open_data/newzealand/Cantebury_Basin/WAKA-3D/BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.partaa
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/open.source.geoscience/open_data/newzealand/Cantebury_Basin/WAKA-3D/BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.partab
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/open.source.geoscience/open_data/newzealand/Cantebury_Basin/WAKA-3D/BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.partac
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/open.source.geoscience/open_data/newzealand/Cantebury_Basin/WAKA-3D/BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.partad
wget http://s3.amazonaws.com/open.source.geoscience/open_data/newzealand/Cantebury_Basin/WAKA-3D/BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.partae
cat BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy.parta? >BO_WAKA3D-PR3988-FS_3D_Final_Stack.sgy

New Zealand Government web sites

New Zealand GNS web site, http://www.gns.cri.nz/, provides excellent regional geologic studies and maps. Seismic and well data acquired by petroleum explorers and producers is released to the public at: http://data.nzpam.govt.nz/GOLD/system/mainframe.asp.
Both web sites require that users create a log-on id. One can download reports and well data directly from these sites, however there is a cost associated with obtaining large 3D seismic volumes – which are shipped by post.

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